What Makes The University Of Miami Unique?

The University of Miami, a private research university located in coral gables, Florida was founded in the year of 1925. George E. Merrick, the founder of coral gables, gave 160 acres to the university. First-class of 372 students started their learning at University in the fall of 1926. Since then university has attracted students all across the globe. Starting with 372 students, the university currently offers 134 undergraduate,148 master’s, and 67 doctoral degree programs. University currently has 16,479 faculty and staff (as of 2021). University is currently the third-largest employer in Miami Dade County. Let us know more detail about ‘What Makes The University Of Miami Unique?’.

What Makes The University Of Miami Unique?

What Makes The University Of Miami Unique?

University Rankings

The University of Miami ranks #49 in US College Rankings 2022, 201-250 in World University Rankings 2022, and 201-300 in Impact Rankings 2022.

Undergraduate Admissions

GPA Scores

The average GPA for acceptance at the University of Miami is 3.6 which means students willing to take admission to the University of Miami should work harder in their schools and look to score <3.6 GPA.

SAT Scores

As per University of Miami admission requirements, applicants should look to score anything above 1355 as it is the average score. Applicants scoring below 1280 on SAT usually find it hard to get admission to the University of Miami.

ACT Scores

Similar to SAT score, the Average ACT score for acceptance to the University of Miami is 31. Applicants with scores below find it hard to make a clear decision in getting admissions.

What makes the University of Miami Unique?

The University of Miami is often stated as one of the most Unique universities in the US. But what makes it so unique? Let’s find the answers 

Weather and Location

Weather in Southern Florida remains warm throughout the year unlike the rest of the US. You need not think much about snowfall and winter clothes. Such weather attracts students not only from the US but from all over the world. The University of Miami is located near the Sea, adding to its unique features.


University of Miami’s main campus spans 239 acres in coral gables, immediately south of downtown Miami. Lake Osceola, a manmade freshwater lake built in the late 1940s is located in the center of the campus. Students pass by the lake whenever they go to take classes. The campus is built keeping in mind the greenery, Thus the pathways are surrounded by Palm trees where students even could sit back and relax.


The University of Miami is unique as it has student diversity. Students not only from different parts of the US but from different parts of the world come here to study.

School Spirit

Students of the University of Miami show high school spirit. No matter what, everyone supports the Hurricane whenever it plays. Hurricane is an athletic team of the University and has won many awards in NCAA Championships. Their supporters are known as ‘Canes’.

High-Quality Education

Despite being located in the party town of Miami, The quality of education provided is excellent and of the highest quality. Faculties are highly educated and they have immense knowledge in their subject field. They are ever so helpful and always support the students. The student-to-faculty ratio of the University is 12:1.

Small Class Size

About 50% of the undergraduate courses have students ranging from 20-30 per class. Less number of students per class helps in building faculty-student relationships. You could reach out to your Faculties easily and instantly get rid of any doubts. In small class sizes, even the faculties could pay more personalized attention.

Toppel Career Center

One of the best features the university started recently is the Toppel Career Centre which helps students in getting internships and part-time jobs during college and even after college.

Alumni Support

As soon as a student gets admitted to the college he is welcomed and helped with every aspect by the alumni. You are only new until you reach the campus after that you would never feel like a fresher. Alumni support remains active throughout the year.

Canes for Canes 

Canes for Canes is an organization within the university to help students no matter how big or small the problem is  “once a cane always a cane”. Canes help each other anytime.

Extracurricular Activities 

If you love doing off-campus activities, then Miami University might be the best pick for you. University provides students with many off-campus and even on-campus extracurricular activities. It even provides Scuba Diving as an extracurricular activity. So, underwater enthusiasts, what else could you have asked for.

Research Programme

The University of Miami is a research university and it provides extra research opportunities not only on a yearly basis but even as a summer research program.

Attractive Students

Many people think that attractive students are also one of the reasons for the Uniqueness of the university. Warm and awesome weather acts as an attractive feature for many attractive students across the globe.

Neverending Entertainment

The entertainment never ends at the University of Miami. Activities and Entertainment keep going all year round which adds to the unique features of the university.


The school culture spirit, the next to none extracurricular activities adds on to the uniqueness of University of Miami. But, the features which make it stand out from the rest would be small class sizes, Toppel Career Centre and the diversity of the university.


1-Is the University of Miami hard to get into?

Last year the acceptance rate of the university was around 33% which makes it a moderately selective school. Out of 40,131 applicants received by the University of Miami in the 2019-20 cycle, 13,280 were accepted.

2- Is the University of Miami a dry campus?

The University of Miami declares itself as an Alcohol and Drug-Free Campus.

3- How Far away is the University of Miami from the beach?

The University of Miami is 13 miles drive away from the beach of Miami. It takes approximately 23 mins to drive from Miami Beach to the University of Miami.

4- Is the University of Miami a nice neighborhood?

The University of Miami is located in the suburban community of Coral Gables, which is also one of the best communities in the county due to its low crime rates, peaceful and quiet surroundings, and tree-lined streets.