What Is Radford University Tuition?

Radford University is one of the most sought and applied universities among students. Although Radford University is a public university in the United States, still many of the students aspire to get admission to Radford University. There are many students and applicants who apply to Radford university but do not know the exact tuition.

What Is Radford University Tuition?

About Radford University

Radford University is one of the most prestigious and renowned colleges in Radford, Virginia. It is one of the most important and state-recognized doctorate-granting public universities. The students are offered more than 108 undergraduate courses and many renowned PG courses and fields like M.B.A, M.F.A, M. A., M.S., M.S.W., etc. moreover specialized doctorate programs in health professionals. The university was established 112 years ago. There are more than 10000 students who learn and grow from this university. The university has reached the position of 14th top public school in the US.

Radford University Tuition In-General

For the academic year 2021-2022, the estimated tuition cost for students pursuing undergraduate degrees costs around 12000 dollars which belongs to the Virginia state itself. Radford University offers its students many opportunities and a variety of choices—one of which is the choice of becoming an active part of their campus community. Their focus is on their students. For the students who reside or belong from other states, the tuition fees for undergraduate degrees are more than 24000 dollars. The tuition fees of students change every year and differ from degree to program. For example, the tuition fees for undergraduate degrees cost around 12000 dollars but for postgraduate degrees, the cost is approximately 10000 dollars for in-state students. The aspirants aspire to get the admission to the university in the fall, spring, and winter at different levels.

The students’ fees vary and the students can attain scholarships as well. 

What are the fees of different courses at Radford university?

The tuition and fees cover some part of a student’s life but the students also need to cover insurance, accommodation, living expenses, books supplies, other charges, etc. for a year. The tuition fees of courses like M.S. Music are approximately 18000 Dollars/per annum. The university covers a wide range of cultural, ethical, and academic work. The students who apply for the graduation, as well as post-graduation courses, have to pay the comprehensive fees, miscellaneous fees, room and board fees, etc. The courses like B.sc in health education and health promotion, B.Sc in Physical and Health Education, B.Sc in Sports Administration Engineering and environmental geoscience, etc. have fees between 17000 to 18000 dollars. The courses like M.B.A., M.A. in Psychology, M.Sc Literature, M.Sc in Education, etc. have fees of between 9000 to 10000 dollars. 

The students who are pursuing the doctoral programs have a huge variation of fees as the students get scholarships and various amenities on the basis of their research and applications depending on their work. The research is most of the time funded by the university. The fees of doctoral candidates are 90 percent covered by the university itself due to GPA, the candidature, work profile, etc. Many candidates of doctoral programs research under renowned scientists and researchers to find their theories. Though the fees of the doctorate students vary and differ between 4000-6000 dollars after the scholarship. There are also the students who get fully funded scholarships and can study at Radford University without tuition fees. 


Radford University is ones of the most prestigious and renowned colleges but the fees or a typical fee budget in this public university includes many things. Tuition and Fees, Room and Board, Books and Supplies, Personal expenses, and Transportation for On and Off-campus students vary from 17000 dollars to 22000 dollars. The university charges the fees from students under appropriate applications and informs the students beforehand only. There are many deposits like security deposits, meal deposits, lab deposits, Enrollment deposits, etc. which the students need to pay.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q-What is the average fees for undergraduate courses at Radford University?

Answer – The average fees of students for undergraduate courses vary between 10000 dollars for tuition, 30 dollars for mandatory technology fees, 1500 dollars for mandatory comprehensive fees, and 200 dollars for out-of-state capital fees approximately the total amount a student pays can vary between 17000-18000 dollars.

Q-Can you take a student loan to pay the fees of the university?

Answer – yes the students can take student loans to pay the fees of the university and cover their costs. Though the students also have the facilities of grants and scholarships in which they can apply and get the amount to cover their needed costs and tuition fees.

Q-How many semesters does the student need to pay the fee?

Answer – The students need to pay the fees per semester. In a year there are 2 semesters. The fees depend on the length and duration of the course chosen by the student. It can be 2 years long or 4 years long as well.