What are the Requirements to join University Georgia?

To know what are the requirements to join university of west georgia and GPA …read on this article..

The University of West Georgia was established in 1906, in Carrolton under the banner of the university system of Georgia. The university offers degrees like undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral. The university is based on various campuses for select classes and Museum studies classes.

The acceptance rate at the University of West Georgia as mentioned on the college simply webpage is 77.6% which ranks the university at 37th place in the list of colleges with a low acceptance rate. According to the acceptance rate, the requirements that are supposed to join university of georgia to be fulfilled are GPA requirements, test scores, and the application process.

What are the Requirements to join University Georgia?

GPA Requirements to join university Georgia

  • For a strong stand in the application process, students should have an average GPA of 3.22 or above.
  • As for high school grades, grades above B are considered relatively competitive for the University of West Georgia.
  • A GPA below 3.00 is considered quite low for admission to the University of West Georgia.

SAT Requirements

  • The number of students who submit their SATs to the university is around 71%.
  • Students having SAT scores between 900-1090 have a high chance to be admitted to the University of West Georgia.
  • The SAT score of 800 or below makes it difficult for the applicants to be accepted.

ACT Requirements

  • Around 50% of students provide their ACT scores during admission.
  • For a strong grip during the admission process, students are advised to have an ACT score within 17-22.
  • As according to the record, students who have been successful in getting admitted to the university had a test score in the top 69%.
  • An ACT below 17 needs to be improved to be admitted to the University of West Georgia.

Rankings of University

The University of West Georgia has managed to earn the following places at different forums:

  • As according to stats put forward by the https://news.uga.edu University of West Georgia has been placed at 16th place in the US News and world report 2022 ranking of the best public university.
  • As claimed by worldtrips.com, University ranks 8th spot on the list of US colleges offering the most affordable tuition to international students.
  • Ranks at number 5 as the best outdoor schools in America (Source: bestcollegereviews.com )
  • Placed at 8th number for top school for online doctor of education program.

Dual Degree Programs at University of West Georgia

The University of West Georgia, in collaboration with Kennesaw State University, has initiated this program titled as “3+2” Dual Degree in which students can earn the degree of Bachelor of Science in physics from the University of West Georgia and an engineering degree from Kennesaw University. 

Students devote around 2 years to Kennesaw University and 3 years to the University of West Georgia. After graduating from both of these institutions, they’ll get a combined degree for both courses.

Admission Statistics

The total number of students admitted to the university is around 13,419 students out of which 10,331 students belong to the undergraduate category. The ratio of domestic students to international students is 95% to 5%. 

The university comprises 65% females and 35% males. 28% of undergraduate students avail the facility of housing accommodation provided by the institute. There are 171 student organizations within the university. Amongst the 15% graduates in 4 years out of which 28% belong to the state of USA. 

The university provides need base aid and around 48% of students facilitate with it. And the number of students availing of loans is 65%. These stats are presented by the report on Cappex.

Admission Requirements for International Students

For international students, they need to take of the following things to be admitted to the university of west Georgia.

  • Students should have a high school GPA of around 2.7 or above.
  • As for grades, they should have achieved at least a B grade or 70% equivalency.
  • An English test such as IELTS or TOEFL is a mandatory requirement for students whose national language is not English.
  • Sone additional documents and transcripts are also needed according to the major selected by students.

Financial Aid

The University of West Georgia provides financial aid to its students in these ways:

  • General scholarship: These are specific scholarships for the students and they need to apply for these and go through the whole process to get them.
  • Tuition wavier: Tuition wavier is another approach for students to lessen their college expenses.
  • Private scholarships: These scholarships are typically for international students and are granted on the bases of results and further process that follows.

The University of West Georgia is one of the largest public universities which is offering a double degrees based on undergraduate and graduate programs. With a moderate acceptance rate, the university provides various facilities to its students.

The university also has a decent record that graduates from here get good opportunities in the market with a salary of an estimate $41,000 or above. So the student should maintain a notable profile to match the requirements of the University of West Georgia.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is the best major offered at the University of West Georgia?

By 2019, the major of psychology had the highest number of graduates which was 8.9%. In the second place, was business administration and management having 8.1% of graduates.

  1.  Does this university focuses on sports?

In 2017, the university was ranked by Forbes 17th place on the list of top college that excels in academics and sports. This gives a clear explanation that there is a focus on both areas.

  1. Is the University of West Georgia a 4-year degree?

As published by https://www.cappex.com/, the University of West Georgia is a research institute that offers a 4-year R3 doctoral degree. The institution has around 85 courses and is also considered an Honors college.