What are the Admission Requirements for Baylor?

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With a graduation rate of approximately 80 percent, Baylor private research university located in Waco, Texas, has been recognized as one of the Top National institutions (ranked no. 76). This school is also known as one of the oldest universities in the United States west of the Mississippi River. 

What are the Admission Requirements for Baylor?

Only top achievers are guaranteed admission requirements into Baylor university as it is one of the most prestigious universities of the United States. 

Despite the vigorous admission requirements and the school’s high admissions rate (68.5 percent), getting an admission to the school can be quite challenging due to the tremendous level of competition. 

Baylor university urges the candidates to surpass the specified GPA and SAT/ACT standards to secure a chance for admission.

Surpassing the requirements and having a strong application is the only way of ensuring a spot in any university, especially Baylor university because of its competitive selection process. 

Baylor University Acceptance Rate

The University is very highly selective in terms of selecting its students. Regardless of the moderately high percentage of acceptance (6.5%), Baylor requires strong applicants because their admission committee is meticulous and very choosy during the admission selection process. 

After fulfilling the prospective student’s application is reviewed and all necessary documentation is sent t the school, the admission committee would issue an acceptance letter for the student.

Baylor SAT or ACT Test Score and GPA Requirements 

With an average SAT score of 1295 on the new 1600 SAT scale, Baylor University is noted for its competitive SAT scores. Applicants must maintain above-average test results as having a score of 1210 on the New SAT scale analysis would put the applicant below average. 

Thus prospective students are encouraged to reach a score of 1370 on their SAT results as this would put the student above average.

To meet Baylor’s ACT scoring criteria, students must have an ACT score of 32 or higher. Any student with an ACT score of 26 and below would be considered unfit as per the academic substandard when compared to other ACT scores. 

Taking on extracurricular activities may boost low ACT scores, on the other hand, the student may also consider more difficult coursework or other remarkable academic accomplishments.

With a minimum GPA requirement of 3.72, Baylor University provides students with the opportunity to achieve an above-average academic record. At Baylor and other higher education institutions, students who demonstrate hard work by earning a mix of A’s and B’s in their academic performance are given first preference.

What if your GPA Score is low?

However, getting a low GPA score is not the end of the world, as it can be compensated for by taking on extracurricular activities and/or taking more challenging classes such as IB or AP. As this would positively contribute to the student’s self-improvement and strengthen their application for it serves as evidence of the student’s ability to handle more rigorous academics. 

Nonetheless, positively altering the GPA test score in time for university and college applications may be impossible. Therefore it would be of use to compensate for a lower GPA score by obtaining a higher SAT or CAT test score. 

Admission Process

The applicants are urged to go through the application procedure, submit required documentation, and ensure to fulfill the requirements stipulated in the application procedure to get admission. The admission process and details are on a list below.

There are several standard requirements needed to secure admission into Baylor University undergraduate or graduate programs. 

A list of Application Requirements for Baylor University includes:

1. High school transcript

2. GPA

3. Letters of recommendation 

4. ACT or SAT scores

5. Application form (common application/ electronic application)

6. Personal statement or Applications Essay

7. Application fee (Unrequired for domestic applicants)

Undergraduate Admission Process

To ensure every student meets the deadline for the application, the school allows them to choose a deadline and method of application they prefer from the three available modes of applying. 

These methods include, the common application, Baylor electronic application, or Apply texas. The applicant then must use the school’s website to create a Go Baylor account, where they can actively track their application status. 

Also, this platform would be used as means of communicating with the applicant about what’s needed to complete their application and also to further guide accepted students during the enrollment process. 

Applicants are urged to thoroughly review the application checklist to ensure the submission of all needed documentation as stipulated on the list of requirements above. 

Admission Procedure for Post Graduates

The prospective must respect the deadline and submit all required documentation and test results before time. Some programs have several additional documentation requirements and strict submission deadlines, therefore high marking due dates for your preferred programs is important. As program may have a different deadline.

General Deadline for Graduate Schools:

• Spring semester entry (January) has a deadline of December 1  

• Summer session entry (June) has a deadline of May 1  

• Fall semester entry (August) has a deadline of February 15

The students are expected to apply for the programs by completing the application online, after that an application fee must be paid for the application to be reviewed by the Baylor University admission Committee. The required test scores must be submitted and this includes tests like GMAT or GRE. Informal score results are acceptable for the application process. 

However, the formal or official academic transcript must be sent to the school before classes commence. As the transcripts are needed by the school’s admission committee to validate the student’s admission credentials. 

Applicants that qualify for admission into Baylor University would be contacted by the school’s admission committee through the means of contact provided on their application and the school’s Go Baylor website. Therefore it is of great importance to ensure your login details to the website are easy to remember or that your contact details provided on the application are correct.


Baylor University has a moderately selective admission policy, however, only students of high academic stature are encouraged to apply. Solely because the competition is vigorous regardless of the university’s admission requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

• What is the ranking of Baylor university worldwide?

Ranked 376 amongst the best global universities 

• Where is Baylor university located?

Waco, Texas. 

• Is Baylor university religious?

Yes (Christian)