Washington University transfer Requirements

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The joy of making it to college is always seen in students, especially during their first year. After scaling through the hurdles of getting selected, the student finally gets to breathe a sigh of relief.

Washington University transfer Requirements

Some students discover that the joy of being in school is fading away, after a while, a lot of reasons may be associated with this. A student may decide to transfer to another college or university, thereafter.

Is Transferring Good? 

The reasons a student may opt for transfer include, but not limited to the following:

Financial Constraints – Paying for a university education is not cheap. Sometimes, the tuition gets increased, and this is coupled with some other miscellaneous expenses. This may propel a student to opt for a transfer. This decision may be aggravated when a student feels his tuition does not commensurate with the education being given in the school. He or she may consequently opt for an inexpensive college.

School Recognition and Prestige – That some schools are more prestigious than others cannot be disputed. This may also prompt a student to transfer to another college. A student may get into a school to get the required GPA, and apply for transfer to his school of preference after a year or two. 

Poor Academic Performance – This furthermore constitutes the reason students seek transfer. The student may think that s/he will do better academically in a new environment, with new classes and professors. Although, this is not always the case. Changing Majors – This is something that is prevalent among students. So, it is not a surprise to see a student who is in a school because of a particular major to transfer to another school, in pursuance of another major. 

Community College Transfer – To an extent, this similarly accounts for the reason for students transfer. It is no gainsaying that an ample percentage of transfer students attended community college. Many students who are about graduating from high school and desire earning a bachelor degree also leverage community college. 

Social Isolation – Many students have never left the comfort of their homes, and being away for college or university may affect them adversely. These students, because of being unhappy about this situation, may opt for transfer, in order to be close to their families.

Needless to say that it is important to seek transfer for the right reason; be sure you are making the right decision. This is because some students after all is said and done are not satisfied with their decision, and some may even experience a condition known as “transfer shock.” However, a great percentage of students have a beautiful experience and go on to complete their degree. 

About Washington University

Washington University in St. Louis, a private research institute, is otherwise called WashU or WUSTL. It was founded on February 22, 1853 and was named after George Washington, a former President of the United States of America. Its main campus located in Danforth is mostly split between unincorporated St. Louis County, Missouri, and Clayton, Missouri. The school has 11 colleges: College of Arts & Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Law, College of Art, School of Medicine, College of Architecture, Olin Business School, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, University College, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts.

WUSTL Transfer Requirements

Transfer requirements for washington university is somewhat difficult, as the acceptance rate is 20.19%. Prospective candidates can apply as transfer students to WUSTL when they fulfil the following requirements;

  • They have completed secondary school and some college study
  • They will want to be assessed for admission with advanced standing at Washington University 
  • They are eager to enroll full time in an undergraduate degree program with a distinctive academic focus
  • They have never attended any of Washington University’s full-time, degree awarding schools.

Required GPA and Test Scores For WUSTL

WUSTL also advises prospective candidates who have not been in a formal academic setting for over two years to undertake and complete a one year (30 hours) work at another college before submitting their transfer application. Prospective candidates who are in their first year in college are also expected to present not less than one completed semester of full-time college work with their transfer application. The submission of a completed Mid-semester Progress Report can serve as an alternative. 

Although WUSTL requires a GPA of 3.5/3.6 from a two-year or four-year university in courses across a comprehensive academic curriculum, it is clearly stated on its website that some departments require specific grades. Therefore, you are being smart and wise when you exceed the specified GPA. A current GPA of 4.15 should increase your likelihood of getting admitted. The average SAT score at WUSTL is 1485, hence, you should have this SAT score or even above to boost your chances. Moreover, aim for the equivalent for your ACT score. Most schools accept transfer every semester. 

The deadline for WUSTL for fall and spring are March 1 and January 2 respectively. 

Admission Requirements For WUSTL

The school requires the following admission items for prospective candidates: high school transcript, college transcript, Essay or Personal Statement, standardized test scores, and Statement of Good Standing from the previous Institution. Moreover, WUSTL expects prospective candidates to complete a minimum number of credits to apply for transfer.

The school also expects the submission of TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo for international candidates whose first language is not English. WUSTL expects potential transfer students to pay a nonrefundable $75 application fee, for their application to be completed. However, this would be waived if it poses a financial hardship to the potential student. 

Requirements of Transfer Credits at WUSTL

As a matter of compulsion, WUSTL requires transfer candidates to select one of its five undergraduate divisions, which comprises Architecture, Art, Arts & Sciences, Business, and Engineering. It also states that candidates are expected to remain in this division after being granted admission at Washington University, as the slots for transfer students are limited. An admitted student who desires to pursue a major in another division can however apply for transfer into that division after one full semester in the school, although transferring between divisions in the school is not assured. 

WUSTL also gave contacts of those to speak with regarding transfer for each division on their website:

  • College of Medicine- Associate Dean Carolyn Herman at (314) 935-8076 
  • College of Arts & Sciences- Assistant Dean Warren J. Davis at (314) 935-6806 or Associate Dean Carolyn Herman at (314) 935-8076 
  • Olin Business School- Assistant Dean Lanna Skadden at (314) 935-4758 
  • McKelvey School of Engineering- Assistant Dean Kimberly Cummins at (314) 935-6100 
  • Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts College of Art & College of Architecture – Georgia Binnington, Associate Dean of Students for the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, at (314) 935-6532.

To complete your transfer application, visit:


WUSTL, though highly competitive for students considering transfer, it is not rocket science. With the information above, a prospective candidate can navigate his way and go on to get admission into WUSTL.


Does WUSTL accept transfer?

Yes, a potential student can apply as a transfer student to washington university having met the stipulated requirements. How easy is the transfer to WUSTL?

It is relatively competitive as the acceptance rate is 20.19%