University Of Kentucky Acceptance Rate And Admission Statistics

The University of Kentucky is a public exploration university. Founded in 1865 by John Bowman as the rural and instinctive College of Kentucky, the university is one of the  best state assignment universities and is appointed as a sea-grant institution. The university has an enlistment of over 24,000 capacity and staff and employs 2,000. Let us read about “University Of Kentucky Acceptance Rate And Admission Statistics”

University Of Kentucky Acceptance Rate And Admission Statistics

University Of Kentucky Acceptance Rate And Admission Statistics

The University of Kentucky has an obtaining rate of 79%. For every 100 competitors, 79 are confessed. This means the university has a judicious admissions strategy. The university’s admission requirements are based on a student’s grades and test scores. The middle 50 of accepted students have an average SAT scores in the mid-1300s and ACT scores around 27.

Acceptance Rate

The UK has 20,078 undergraduate enrollments, with a 2: 52 ratio of male students and female students. The majority of students in the UK, about 78 percent, receive some type of need-based financial aid. The average combined need-based scholarship or grant award is $5,460. There are non-need-based scholarships for those who qualify in the UK.

The school’s acceptance rate is 87, making this school quite accessible to interested prospective students. Competition for admissions to popular programs may be high.

SAT Scores and Requirements

This composite SAT score puts Kentucky University students above average on the national scale. Picking out 1230 points on SAT puts Kentucky University students well below average among applicants nationally.

You need a mix of A’s and B’s, with most A’s rather than most B’s. You can make up for a lower GPA with more challenging classes, such as AP or IB classes.

ACT Scores and Requirements

The median score on the ACT by incoming University of Kentucky students is between 24 and 27, and the fifth percentile rank is 23. Academic requirements to qualify for admission into the University of Kentucky begin with a minimum GPA of 2.0 and an ACT score of 18. The UK does not count The English part of the ACT for admission to the University of Kentucky, though an English composition is essential for graduation.

Of the 100 applicants, 63 students will be admitted to this college. This demonstrates that the University of Kentucky is highly selective in student enrollment and that aspects such as test scores and grades should be rewarded to be admitted. Currently, the University of Kentucky has an undergraduate population of around 28,000, with around 19,000 of these individuals being undergraduates.


Increasing my probability of being accepted by the University of Kentucky, will help me to have a good GPA. The admissions committee will review several factors when creating their decisions, but your GPA is one of the most significant.

If you need to be accepted to the University of Kentucky, concentrate on getting good grades and keeping a high GPA. It’s also important to become active in extracurricular activities and ensure your application stands out from the rest of the field. By putting forth the effort and putting in long hours, you can increase your odds of being accepted to this wonderful college.

Admissions Chances

As the state’s flagship university, it is regarded as one of the top 30 public universities in the United States. The University of Arkansas doesn’t publicize specific admissions odds, but the average SAT score for our freshmen in 2017 was 1290 out of 1600, and the average ACT score was 29 out of 36. Students with impressive scholastic performance and standardized test scores likely have a good chance of being accepted.

Admissions Information

The University of Kentucky’s admissions department is competitive, with an acceptance rate of 78 for undergraduate programs. The admission average SAT score is 1290, and the admission average ACT score is 27. The university does not request letters of recommendation or essays for admissions, nor does it require them.

The applicant’s completed admission form, examination scores from the SAT or ACT, and high school transcripts must be submitted for the University of Kentucky to consider the application. International applicants must also certify their English proficiency.

Admission Statistics

The University of Kentucky is a very selective school. In 2019, we were granted around 32,000 applications for a new class of around 4,000 students. Prospective students with a strong academic background and a strong interest in attending the University of Kentucky may want to pursue A’s and B’s in difficult subjects.

The University of Kentucky has a long-standing history of academic excellence. Founded in 1865, the university is home to 17 colleges and schools that offer more than 200 undergraduate programs and 170 graduate-level programs.

Application Requirements

The University of Kentucky’s choices to fulfill admission requirements differ depending on the admission type. If you’re a first-time student, the school requires you to have an SAT score of 1060 or an ACT score of 18 for admission. If you’re a transfer student, you must have earned at least 24 college credits with a GPA of 2.5 in high school, or a college-level minimum mark of GPA B. If you’re an international student, the school requires a minimum SAT score of 1060 or an ACT score of 18 for admission.

Transfer students must have a minimum high school/college GPA of 2.5 and submit a college transcript. They may also need to submit a high school transcript and ACT/SAT test scores if they have fewer than 30 college credit hours. They must also submit transcripts from all previously attended schools.


In conclusion, We have learnt about “University Of Kentucky Acceptance Rate And Admission Statistics”, the University of Kentucky is a great option for students who want a high-quality level of education. With an acceptance rate of under 50 percent, it is selective but not impossible to get in. The university emphasizes on research and education and provides numerous degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


1. What is the acceptance rate for the University of Kentucky?

The obtaining rate at the University of Kentucky is around 60%. It means that out of every hundred students who apply, sixty will be accepted to the college.

2. How many students were admitted to the University of Kentucky in the last year?

For students participating in the University of Kentucky’s academic calendar in the 2019-2020 academic year, a total of 27,038 students enrolled. Of them, 20,767 were undergraduates and 6,271 were graduate students.

3. What are the admission statistics for the University of Kentucky?

The University of Kentucky has an acceptance rate of over 80 for applications for the class of 2023, with a total number of 27,256 applications received and an acceptable number of 21,406 students accepted. The GPA of accepted students for the class of 2023 is 3.75, and the average ACT score is 28.