University Manitoba Acceptance Rate

The University of Manitoba is situated in Fort Garry neighborhood of southern Winnipeg. It is called the first western university in Canada. Many students want to study here and this is the reason why universities make acceptance rate compulsory before admission. Let us see about the acceptance rate of University Manitoba.

University Manitoba Acceptance Rate

Why do Students choose the University of Manitoba?

  1. Among the best universities in Canada.
  2. Best services for the students
  3. Resource center 
  4. Architectural and engineering services
  5. Student counseling sessions
  6. University budget
  7. On campus Accommodation by which students choose their housing options with a comfortable stay.
  8. Transport facilities for students residing in Canada
  9. Number of opportunities
  10. Research opportunities that help students to build strong academics.
  11. Internship opportunity
  12. Placements 90%-95% of students are hired according to the data. 

The University of Manitoba has two pathways for admission. The first one is direct entry and the other one is an advanced entry.Both have different eligibility criteria- direct entry is for high graduates who have not completed up to 24 credit hours of post-time level study.The Advanced entry needs 24 credit hours of post vsital level education. This way is better for students pursuing a second degree.

What is the meaning of Acceptance Rate?

Acceptance Rate of the University is the ratio of the number of students who offered admission out of the total number of applicants.For example- if the University receives 100 applications and offers admission to 50 students, the Acceptance Rate is 50%.If the University Acceptance Rate is 92% or more, it guarantees admission to a higher number of students depending upon their GPA and scores.

What is the University of Manitoba Acceptance Rate?

University of Manitoba is considered more by the students because of their mild admission requirements.The tuition fees of all the students are different from each other and non-English speaking students are advised to take English courses before taking admission in the university.Acceptance rate is 62% for international students which is more compared to engineering students.Engineering students have to fulfill 53% Acceptance Rate.Overall Acceptance Rate of University is 50-52%.

What are the tuition courses offered by the University of Manitoba?

The University of Manitoba provides various courses such as MS, B.E/B.Tech, MBA MediaID, MIM, BA, B.Sc., Masters in Architecture and M.A.Apart from tuition courses, It also provides various Scholarships to the students.

MS – 8 courses.Master of science in Computer Science Master of Science in Civil Engineering Master of Science in Pharmacy Master of Science in Electrical and Computer EngineeringMaster of Science in Mechanical Engineering Master of Science in Biological Services Master of Science in ChemistryMaster of Science in Biomedical Engineering. 
B.E/B.Tech -4 coursesBachelor of Computer Science HonorsBachelor of Science in Computer EngineeringBachelor of Science in Mechanical EngineeringBachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. 
MBA/PGDM – 1 courseMaster of Business Administration
MIM- 2 coursesMaster of Finance, Master of Arts in Economics
BBA – 4 coursesBachelor of Commerce Honors in BusinessBachelor of Commerce Honors MarketingBachelor of commerce Honors in Management Information SystemsBachelor of Commerce Honor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
B.Sc. – 4 coursesBachelor of Science, Honors in Biological SciencesBachelor of Science, Honors Physics and AstronomyBachelor of Science, Honors in ChemistryBachelor of Science, Honors in Mathematics
M.Arch -1 courseMaster of Architecture
M.A. – 1 courseMaster of Fine Art

Scholarship Programs

International undergraduate student entrance scholarship3,000 to 6000 CAD
International undergraduate student scholarshipVaries
International Baccalaureates entrance scholarships 1100 to 3500 CAD
President’s award for mentoring international leadership excellence.20,000 CAD
UMSU International student Award1000 CAD
International undergraduate student bursary2,40,000 CAD

What are the requirements for the tuition courses?

  1. IELTS- International English Language Testing System
  2. TOEFL- Test of English as a foreign language
  3. PTE- Pearson test of English
  4. GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test
MSIELTS- 6.5 & aboveTOEFL- 86.0 & abovePTE- 61.0 & above
B.E/B.TechIELTS- 6.5 & aboveTOEFL- 86.0 & abovePTE– 58.0 & above
MBA/PGDMGMAT- 500.0 & aboveIELTS- 7.0 & aboveTOEFL- 100 & above
MIMIELTS- 6.5 & aboveTOEFL- 86.0 & abovePTE- 61.0 & above
BBAIELTS- 6.5 & aboveTOEFL- 86.0 & abovePTE—58.0 & above
B.Sc.IELTS- 6.5 & aboveTOEFL- 86.0 & abovePTE- 58.0 & above
M.ArchIELTS- – 6.5 & aboveTOEFL– 86.0 & abovePTE– 61.0 & above
M.A.IELTS- – 6.5 & aboveTOEFL- – 86.0 & abovePTE- 61.0 & above

The University of Manitoba offers more than 100 undergraduates, master’s and doctoral programs and provides exposure to various types of disciplines.University of Manitoba becomes a shelter for 2500 nations, including more than 250 undergraduates.

It focuses on the areas like Arctic System Science, Climate Change, Global Health, Immunity, Inflammation and infectious diseases which are committed to building a better world and foster growth and innovation.

  • How much does it cost to live while studying in Manitoba?

The average cost can be anywhere between 15,000 CAD-20,000 CAD depending upon lifestyle and preferences.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for admission in Manitoba?

Students need a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and also require documents like photocopies of mark sheets and certificates, National Is proof and so on.

  • How many ways are there to pay tuition fees in the University of Manitoba?

There are many ways like online mobile banking, debit card, check, bank draft, credit card etc. Mostly there are all ways to pay fees.

  • Who is eligible for a scholarship at the University of Manitoba?

Scholarships are offered to the basics of academic achievement and course load, students have to enroll according to the guidelines provided by the university.