Trinity University Transfer Requirements

Like every other university has its admission requirements, there are also transfer requirements, that is, students who are moving from one school to another. Trinity University also has its requirements for students to wish to transfer from their school to Trinity University. Students transfer from one university or school to another based on different reasons. In this article, we will look into Trinity University transfer requirements and why students transfer from one school to another.

Trinity University Transfer Requirements

Transfer Requirements at Trinity University

To be successfully admitted into Trinity University as a transfer student, you must meet up with the following requirements.

  1. Applicants must have a minimum college transfer cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and above in full-time or part-time course work.
  2. You must submit or have an official high school transcript or post-secondary institution transcript you have previously attended.
  3. Students who have been out of high school for more than five years do not need to present an SAT or ACT score.
  4. You will have to present a statement of purpose or an essay that is excellently written by you.
  5. Letters of recommendation from your high school officials or instructors are important requirements.
  6. If you are processing your application online, there are no charges applicable, but if you are applying on paper, there is a $50 application fee to be paid to process the application.
  7. You are not required to do a personal interview.
  8. Your course description that you would take at Trinity University and would like to receive credit on, are to be submitted.
  9. Grades of ‘C’ and above will be accepted in transfers.
  10. If you have failed courses previously, you must repeat them at Trinity University.
  11. Transfer students must complete 18 credit hours and above of common curriculum coursework.

Steps to Take Before Transferring to Trinity University

For every student who wants to transfer to Trinity University, here are some vital steps to take;

  1. Visit the school academic counselor to guide and prepare your mind for the process ahead.
  2. Have a university tour to examine the school environment?
  3. Reach out to your course director to know about the course requirements you wish to study.
  4. Participate and enjoy every extracurricular activity that is offered in your high school.
  5. You need to begin your transfer application as early as possible.
  6. Ensure you have high grades on all related subjects to the course you wish to study.

About Trinity University

Trinity University was established in 1869 located in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States. The university is a private university that offers 49 majors and 61 minors in six-degree programs. The president of the university is Danny J. Anderson. The university possesses and gives the values of liberal arts and education values.

Establishment of Trinity University 

The university was established by the Cumberland Presbyterians from a small Cumberland Presbyterian college. 

Trinity University Values

The university is focused on building its profile for academic excellence, as well as enhancing students’ intellectual engagements and awareness. It also aims at equipping its students with the right knowledge and skills needed for career development and academic success.

Its academic library has drastically improved for high-profile research activities. It was recognized that the library is great at delivering exemplary services and resources to further the educational mission of the institution.

Trinity University Programs

Although the university is not as large as expected, it is a highly residential university that has more enrolment from undergraduates. Its graduate programs include accounting, teaching, school administration, school psychology, and health care administration. It is important to note that Trinity University is the only university in San Antonio that offers a minor in creative writing. The university encourages close interactions between students and faculty members. Also, the common curriculum of the university provides the liberal art foundation for all its undergraduate degrees awarded.

What to Consider Before Transferring to Trinity University?

Any student wishing to transfer to trinity university needs to consider the following.

  1. Is the institution a good fit for you?
  2. Are your grades up to the requirements needed to transfer?
  3. Will your application clearly state the reasons you want to transfer?
  4. Have you done proper research about the institution?
  5. Will the institution provide the skills and resources needed for career success and allow you to explore your knowledge?
  6. Will you be dedicated and committed to the school’s extracurricular activities that will aid academic success?

Reasons Why Students Transfer

For every decision taken by an individual, student, or organization, there are always reasons behind their decisions. Below are some of the reasons for student transfers.

  • General academic achievements are one of the reasons students transfer to another school. If they are not performing very well in their present school, they may opt to transfer to another school that will challenge them to be better and also have career and academic success.
  • Another reason why students transfer is the cost of academics in their present school. As time passes, some students are faced with financial challenges, especially those who do not have family or friends to support in their academics and living expenses. Instead of borrowing and running into debt, they prefer to transfer to a school they can easily afford.
  • Students option for transfer when the school location isn’t what they wanted. Some students prefer going to university or college because of what they term an ‘ideal environment’.
  • Changing a major program can also make students transfer.
  • A poor social scene and extracurricular activities can make students transfer from one school to another.
  • Some students also transfer to another school because of the high recognition and prestige of the school.


As earlier said, students who transfer from one university or school to another have reasons for doing so. However, various institutions have requirements to be met by students transferring to the school. It is important to state that, while transferring as a student, your reasons need to be realistic and genuine to achieve a positive result.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Trinity University a Safe Institution?

Trinity University is a safe institution to live in and study in. Aside from security provided by the state, the university has a security management system.

  1. Is Trinity University Expensive?

Trinity University is quite affordable. It also provides an opportunity for students to apply for scholarships and aid.