Oklahoma Wesleyan University Acceptance Rate


Oklahoma Wesleyan University is a Christian university located in the state’s northeast. OKWU, as it is commonly abbreviated, is a small university with just about 600 pupils on the Bartlesville campus. An emerging and developing town Bartlesville is only 5 hours away from Dallas and consists of Parks, museums, and even golf courses. OKWU students can choose from approximately 35 programs, and while they are not required to be of the Wesleyan belief to enroll, they must attend chapel services on a regular basis. OKWU is also home to a number of religious student organizations. Summer ministry teams represent the university in encampments all across the country, while the Spiritual Life team leads Church services and worship services. The OKWU Eagles varsity clubs play in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics in the Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference. Let us know ‘Oklahoma Wesleyan University Acceptance Rate’.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University Acceptance Rate

Oklahoma Wesleyan University Acceptance Rate

Oklahoma Wesleyan University is a private Christian university in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. It is a small college with a combined population of 568 undergrads. The acceptance rate at Oklahoma Wesleyan is 83%. Nursing, business, liberal arts, and humanities are popular majors. Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s annual list price for full-time attendance in 2020/2021 is $42,360 for all students, regardless of residency. This fee includes $27,424 in tuition, $8,596 in room and board, $900 in books and supplies, and $1,500 in other fees. Oklahoma Wesleyan University charges the same out-of-state tuition as Oklahoma residents: $27,424. All business majors must complete 44 general education courses, including Christian Formation in the OKWU Community, US Government, and Old Testament Literature. They take 68 credits of business courses, 50 of which are foundation classes like Financial Planning, Management of Information Systems, Business Law, and Business Ethics. They will also take Personal Career Progression, a course that will prepare them for their future careers.

Acceptance Rate

With an acceptance rate of 83%, Oklahoma Wesleyan University admissions are less selective. The GPA of a student really matters to the admission offices and authorities at Oklahoma Wesleyan University and even at other universities. High school rank is also vital in order to get admission to OKWU, as it is one of the metrics through which they measure the credibility of a candidate along with recommendation letters. Hardly 85 aspirants from every 100 are approved. This means the university is not highly selective, and its criteria are relaxed, unlike prestigious institutions. The university will have its anticipated GPA and SAT/ACT requirements. If you fulfill their requirements, you are almost certain to be accepted. However, if you do not satisfy Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s criteria, you don’t have to worry; there are still many other better universities out there. 

Tuition fees

Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s tuition for the 2021/2022 academic year is $27,424. This is 8% less than the average national non-profit private four-year tuition cost of $29,844. The price is 105% higher than the median Oklahoma school fee of $13,347 for four-year colleges. The price stays the same depending on the neighborhood or city you are living in. In addition to tuition, the school charges $1,500 in fees, which brings the total effective in-state school fees to $28,924.

Courses Requirements for HR degree programs

Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher while completing 33 credits of coursework that includes Human Resource Leadership and II, Strategic Planning and Execution, Advanced Leadership Theory I, and Leading Organizational Change. MBA students must have a Grade average of at least 3.0 and a C or greater for each class they take. These students will complete 36 credits of coursework and may also be required to take a seminar course. This class is frequently needed by the university for those with a lower GPA and less professional experience.

Requirements for admission

The essential GPA requirement is the GPA requisite for a legitimate shot at admission. They do this by examining the cumulative Gpa of the university’s current students. Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s average GPA is 3.38, and they also accept students with a GPA of 3.38. To apply to Oklahoma Wesleyan University, you must give either the SAT or the ACT. To have a comprehensive application, you must perform efficiently and smartly. The average SAT composite score for the university is 1040 on a 1600 SAT scale. With these criteria, they have been deemed Casually Competitive for SAT scores. Oklahoma Wesleyan University, like the SAT, is unlikely to have a tough ACT criterion, but your application will be rejected if you score too poorly. Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s average ACT score is 21. Oklahoma Wesleyan University is considered moderately competitive for ACT scores with this score.

Getting Into Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Oklahoma Wesleyan University, as any university, needs an application that includes the necessary things – GPA and a high school transcript, other important information, and an application form. As previously stated, many schools require SAT and ACT results in addition to recommendation letters, application writings, and personal interviews. The criteria for getting into Oklahoma Wesleyan University are a bit relaxed compared to other universities, which means it won’t be a problem for you to get in if you are spending the due time in preparation for your application, tests, and interviews. 


Oklahoma Wesleyan University doesn’t have high acceptance rates like other universities in the United States, such as Ivy Leagues. OKWU has an acceptance rate of 83%, meaning out of  100 students applying at OKWU, 83 get selected and are offered admission. Another good feature of  OKWU is that it doesn’t have hefty tuition fees. The tuition fees of OKWU are only $27,424, which includes other charges for books, stationery, and miscellaneous expenses; meanwhile, the average tuition fee around other universities in the United States is $42,360. Different course requirements are specified for each program, and the students are expected to fulfill them. Since OKWU isn’t highly competitive and selective, you do not require an extraordinarily high or perfect SAT or ACT score. The average score of applicants at Oklahoma Wesleyan University is 1040 and 21 for SAT and ACT, respectively.