Loyola University Maryland Admission requirements

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  Loyola University Maryland is one of the best colleges in Maryland. Its goal is to raise students who can positively impact their communities. There are various requirements that students thinking about choosing Loyola university must put into consideration. These considerations will be discussed here, but first of all, it is important to take a lot at Loyola University itself.

Loyola University

Loyola University Maryland is a private 4-year Catholic University in the United States it has certain admission requirements. The University offers various undergraduate, scholarships, and graduate programs. Loyola University accepts the Common application system and has an acceptance rate of about 80%, making the University just a little bit selective. Once you can get above the minimum requirements, you will have a higher chance of getting admitted into the University. If you, however, get below the minimum requirements, you might be unlucky with the admission.

Loyola University Maryland Admission requirements

Admission requirements for Loyola university Maryland

Loyola University has set some requirements for both freshmen undergraduates and international students. 

Admission Requirements for international applicants at Loyola University  

  1. International Aspirants must pay the 60-dollar application fee.
  2. The common application is the accepted application system for first-year applicants.
  3. Two letters of recommendation are required. One from your high school teacher, and the second should be from your high school counselor.
  4. You must submit your official high school transcripts. The transcripts are expected to be in the English language.
  5. You must submit your international student certification in finance at the time of your application.
  6. You must also provide a bank letter or bank statement indicating your balance dated within three(3) months. The bank statement must be submitted in English also.
  7. You must submit your official English score report with scores at or above those stated below.
  • The University accepts a minimum of 80 on TOEFL, i.e., Test of English as a Foreign Language.
  • The University accepts a minimum of 6.5 on IELTS, i.e., the International English language testing system.
  • The University accepts a minimum of 9.0 on the test English as a foreign language essential test.
  • The University accepts a minimum of 105 on the Duolingo English Test(DET).

Admission Requirements for undergraduates aspirants of Loyola University

  The admission requirement for undergraduate aspirants is almost the same as the requirements for international students. There is just a slight additional requirement for international students. Here are the requirements;

  1. Loyola University requires an official high school transcript of aspiring students.
  2. The common application is the accepted application system at Loyola University.
  3. The University requires that aspirants submit a personal statement or an essay.
  4. The University requires that aspirants pay the application fee of 60 dollars.
  5. The University requires letters of recommendation.
  6. The student’s Grade Point average is also a very important academic requirement. 

Grade Point Average Requirement at Loyola University

  Loyola University expects its aspirants to be above average In their class. The minimum Grade Point average at Loyola University is 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

  As for the Standardized test scores, the average SAT score is 1200 on the 1600 scale. The average ACT of aspirants should be between 25 – 29.

Career Plan set by Loyola University for its students

  Academically, Loyola is working on improving its students career-wise. To accomplish this, the University has created various mentorship opportunities and a career phase.

  The career phase adopted by Loyola University is made of four approaches. The Discovery phase, Explore phase, the Preparing phase, and the pursuing phase.

  The First approach phase is to “Discover.” As a student, it is important to understand who you are, what your interests are, and what your talents are. In helping students discover who they are, students get to meet career advisors, attend self-discovery seminars, and also take interest assessments. 

 The Second approach phase is to “Explore.” Loyola University allows its students to gain experience through experiments with various clubs and activities, On-Campus Jobs, Volunteering activities, and interaction with alumni.

  The third approach phase is to ” Prepare.” Loyola University helps Students to prepare for the outside world by helping them refine their resume and CV into something worthy.

 The last approach phase is to “Pursue.” Loyola teaches its students to keep on pursuing their goals until they achieve them. After achieving the set goals, they must not relent but rather continue to gain exposure and discover new things.

Organizations at Loyola University For Freshmen 

  There are various clubs, associations, and organizations at Loyola University that freshmen students can join. Loyola University has over 200 clubs and organizations. Some of these organizations are listed below:

  • Baking Club: The baking club is a social club where freshmen who have an interest in baking can join.
  • Barbell Club: Students who love sports recreation can join this club.
  • Center for Innovation and entrepreneurship: Students who have an interest in leadership, education, gender, and advocacy can join this organization.
  • Data Science Club and the Drones Club: Students who have an interest in technology can join these clubs.
  • Hiking Club or Gearhound Club: Students who love traveling, sports, and adventures can join this club.
  • Operation Smile or Kindness Club: Students who love to help the community can join this club.
  • Loyola film society: Students who love arts can join this club.
  • Loyola for you: Students who want to take part in governance as programming can join this club.
  • Language Club: Students who have a special interest in diverse languages and cultures can join this club. 

Loyola University Rankings

  • Loyola University has been ranked number 4 among the best regional universities in the North.
  • Loyola University has been ranked number 10 most innovative schools.
  • Loyola University has been ranked the best campus in Maryland.

  Loyola University comes with qualitative education and affordability for first-year students. As long as you can fulfill all the admission requirements and get above the minimum scores, considering the University’s acceptance rate will be admitted. 

Frequently asked Questions
  • Is Loyola University Maryland affordable?

Answer: Yes, college is affordable. It is ranked as one on the list of affordable colleges in the United States.

  • Does Loyola University Maryland offer scholarships to transfer students?

Answer: Yes, transfer students and first-year students are eligible to receive merit-based scholarships.