Louisiana State University Admission Requirements

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  Louisiana State University is one of the prominent universities and it has certain admission requirements, in the United States that have received various accolades. Louisiana university has undergone some reconstruction over the years. It was formerly a military academy. 

Louisiana State University Admission Requirements

Louisiana State University

  Louisiana State University and agricultural mechanical college is a 4-year public land research university in Louisiana. 

The University places so much drive on research. It researches various spheres like Agriculture, Energy, Diabetes, and Cancer among others. 

Brief History of how Louisiana State University and the Louisiana agricultural and mechanical college became one

  The Louisiana state university and the Louisiana agricultural and mechanical college were formerly different organizations. The Louisiana State University had to struggle Financially and nearly closed down after the civil war. It had to compete for funding against the Louisiana agricultural and mechanical college which was receiving support from the radical republicans. After so much political wrangling, both academic fields merged to form the Louisiana and agricultural mechanical college based in Baton Rouge. The Louisiana college of agriculture and the college of engineering is among the best in the United States today.

Louisiana State University admission requirements

  Louisiana State University puts into consideration your high school academic performance, extracurricular activities, and letter of recommendation. It is important to know that Louisiana State University only uses Common Applications for its first-year applicants.

  The admission requirements for freshmen at Louisiana State University:

  • Academic records: Louisiana State University and agricultural mechanical college give much attention to students’ academic records while in high school. Louisiana State University requires an applicant’s academic record from all High schools he attended.
  • High School Grades: The high school grades can be submitted using the Self-reported academic record. After submitting your application, you can then access it in your student portal. During the self-reporting process, students must submit a correct score else their admission will be terminated if the school finds out.
  • The test score: The test score can also be submitted through the self-reported academic records. If a student decides not to use the self-reported test scores, they can email their official score report to the admission officials.
  • Transcripts: The transcripts sent by your high school counselor are also important. The applicant just has to list their high school counselor’s information in the common application. The counselor can send your high school transcripts using the common application, by email, through parchment express, or by mail in a sealed envelope to the admission office.
  • Letter of recommendation: Louisiana State University requires at least one letter of recommendation. It might be from your counselor, teacher, or others but it must be from an academic source.

Louisiana State University View on test scores

  For the 2022 application, Louisiana State University is “Test optional”. This simply means that students can indicate if they want their test scores to be included in their admission evaluation process or not.

 If you decide that the university should not use your test scores,  you won’t be viewed negatively by the school. Even if you submitted your test scores previously and then decided that they should not be used, your admission decision will be made without using the test scores you submitted.

  When a student decides on the Common Application that they want their test scores to be considered as part of the application process, the university will work on your admission with the highest score which you submitted. 

Louisiana State University Grade Point Average(GPA)

  Schools set a minimum grade point average for their aspirants. Aspirants that can get above the minimum grade point average have a higher chance of gaining admission. The acceptance rate at Louisiana university is about 75% making it slightly selective.

  The average High School Grade point average is 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

  The average ACT score is between 24 – 28, and the average SAT score is between 1195 – 1300.

Rankings of Louisiana State University 

  One of the ways through which you know a prestigious school is by its ranking. 

  • Louisiana State University has been ranked number 172 among National Universities.
  • Louisiana State University has been ranked number 176 in Best Value Schools.
  • Louisiana State University has been ranked number 108 in Best colleges for veterans.
  • Louisiana State University has been ranked among the top 5 public schools in the United States.

Student Life at Louisiana State University

  There are so many student organizations and clubs at Louisiana university that freshmen can belong to. 

  1. Agribusiness club:

The agribusiness club is devoted to building leaders that will contribute positively to their society. This club aims to prepare its members for a successful career in the agribusiness world.

  1. Student Government:

The student government is an association at Louisiana State University that stands for the student’s voice in various matters happening in the university. The Student government’s function is to foster and manage the activities and interests of the students, giving thoughtful consideration to their concerns.

  1. Fashion Association:

The fashion association is the official student fashion organization at Louisiana University. This organization aims to enable its members who have a deep love for fashion to participate in different fashion-related events and projects.

  1. The Student Newspaper:

The University also has a student newspaper that keeps students updated with everything happening. The student newspaper which is known as Daily Reveille has won a lot of awards in the student publication sector of the United States.

  1. Aqua and fisheries club:

The aqua and fisheries club focuses on aquaculture and fisheries. It teaches the student the necessary skill needed to advance in this career and grants them a better understanding of that field.

  1. Agriculture Students:

The mission of this association is to represent the needs of the students by creating opportunities that foster personal growth and expand networks. It also serves as a voice for the students at the Louisiana State University of agriculture.


  Louisiana State University is an ideal university for students with innovative ideas looking for a college that will make those ideas flourish.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How is admission at Louisiana state university?

Answer: The admission is a bit selective as it has an acceptance rate of about 73%.

  1. Does Louisiana state university charge undergraduate application fees for international students?

Answer: Yes, the university charges a non-refundable application fee for international students.