James Madison University Or Liberty University

About James Madison University

James Madison University is a public university, especially for research work basis. Let us know James Madison University Or Liberty University.

James Madison University Or Liberty University

 This university was founded in 1908 by The Virginia General Assembly, which is the Legislative body for the Commonwealth of Virginia and consists of two bodies the Senate and the House of Delegates. 

This College is situated in Harrisonburg, Virginia State United States of America but is located in the College Town.  

This College was formerly made only for providing higher education to the girls in the state and was named as State Normal and Industrial School for Women.

 In 1924, the college’s name was changed to State Teacher’s Training College of Harrisonburg and in 1938, the college was opened for all gender since then the name was changed to Madison College to honor the college’s first president Sir James Madison. In the year 1977, the college’s name was officially changed to James Madison University.

 James Madison University is affiliated with SURA, also known as South-eastern Universities Research Association which has its headquarters in Washington D.C. in Canada, and SCHEV also known as State Council for Higher Education in Virginia which has its headquarters in Richmond in the state of Virginia.

In this college, students are accepted both from America and also internationally. 

The college is accredited by SACS also known as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. This branch takes care of all the educational institutions of America from the preschool level to the college and university level. This is a non-governmental organization. 

The students of JMU are popularly known as Dukes, this name is given in honor of their second college President – Samuel page Duke. This name is given especially to recognize their Intercollegiate Athletic team. 

Their athletic team consists of football and often participates in football championships at the subdivision levels.

The official uniform color of JMU is purple and gold. 

Their Mascot is Duke Dog, a royal bulldog.

The admission process to James Madison University

For home students

  • Apply through the online application form which costs $70. 
  • An official document of the high school transfer certificate and the course schedule.
  • Proof showing whether you have double enrolment or have attended any online classes.
  • The documents should be sent as an e-script or provided by your school through email or by postal mail.
  • After applying the student is requested to regularly check their e-mail. The college will provide a JMU –ID which the student should use to check their application status.
  • Admission at JMU does not require any SAT or ACT exam score. The college only scrutinizes the overall academic performance of the student throughout the past middle and high school levels.
  • The college gives special attention to the scores in English, foreign language, social studies, mathematics, and lab sciences.

 For international students

  • Students with excellent class rank are only allowed to take admitted to this university and the application is to be done through an online medium and its cost is $70.
  • Students who come from non-English speaking countries should have a test score proof and this should be done by sending the original proof from the testing center to JMU.
  • The student must score a minimum of 6.5 in IELTS, 1210 in GTEC CBT, 105 in Duolingo English Test, 81 in TOEFL, and 500 in SAT exam, especially in the reading and writing portion.
  • Possession of a bachelor’s degree or any other equivalent degree from a country where English is their native language.
  • The students should apply to the international year program at JMU’s International Study Centre.
  • The tuition cost for studying at JMU is very high at $45000.

The acceptance rate for home students in JMU IS 76.8% and for International students, it is as low as 2% the university accepts students in three phases that are in summer, spring, and fall. The university offers 76 undergraduate degrees, 53 postgraduate degrees, and 8 doctorate degrees.

About Libertry University

Liberty University is a private university.

This university is an evangelical university or explained in simple words follows Protestantism which beliefs in the rebirth that is the deceased soul is born again.

This university is situated in the Lynchburg district in the state of Virginia in the United States of America.

One of the largest Christian universities in the world and one of the largest private non-profit universities in America.

Founded in 1971 by, Jerry Farwell the Senior and Elmer L. Towns.

Affiliated with NAICU (National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities).

Their official uniform color is navy blue, red, and white.

The students are often called liberty flames and lady flames.

Their mascot is Sparky the eagle.

There are around 700 programs offered by the university which include bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

The tuition cost of Liberty University is quite high. It is around $ 24000per semester

The college has about 40 sports clubs.

The students are bound to attend community service a minimum of 20 hours per semester.

The campus is around 7000acres.

Admission process

For home students

  • The acceptance rate is around 50%
  • For American residents, the students should apply in their second semester of high school.
  • The students have to fill up the application form for $ 50.
  • Need to open a liberty account to claim your registration ID.
  • Submit an essay on yourself.
  • Submit a transcript request form.
  • Submit SAT, ACT, or CLT scores.
  • Submit proof of your financial support.

For international students

  • Fill up the application form for international students for $50.
  • The rate of international student acceptance is around 7%.
  • For enrolment in undergraduate courses, the university does not require SAT OR ACT scores but for postgraduate and further GRE or GMAT score is required.
  • Proof of TOEFL or IELTS is required with a minimum of 61 and 6.1 for undergraduate admission and 80 and 6.5 for postgraduate programs.
  • Submit an essay on self-declaration.
  •  Submit the request transcripts.
  • Pay the confirmation deposit of $250.

To conclude both the universities are good in their way. Both have a very good faculty of teachers and lots of courses to choose from based on your merit and taste.