Is University of South Carolina Expensive?

University of South Carolina is attracting fame in the country. The main campus of the university covers around 359 acres of land with around 7 campuses in the state. The university is commits itself to research and innovation. Various technical research programs are also available here. The University is certainly prestigious, yet it is affordable for the public.  Here we will see about Is University of South Carolina Expensive?

Their cost ranges from program to program and has been fixed as per housing and food for the students who want to occupy hostel rooms. All the costs are included in one single amount. However, the average cost of education at the University of South Carolina is $12,688 for in-state and $33,928 for out-state tuition. The in-state cost is more expensive at the University of South Carolina.

Is University of South Carolina Expensive?

The University

The former names of the university which the authorities gave it are South Carolina College, University of South Carolina, and South Carolina College of agriculture and mechanics. The University has a single motto which saya,” Emollit mores nec sinit esse feros”. This motto in English, it says,” Learning humanizes character and does not permit it to be cruel”. It is a research university and the authorities led the path for its development on 2nd February 1801 which is around 221 years ago. University of South Carolina System is the parent institution which operates the university.

The college receives a good endowment to fulfil all the necessities and requirements for the smooth functioning of the university. The university uses the endowment amount to provide help to the students by offering scholarship programs in the university and fixing the financial aid. The well-qualified learned staff worlds passionately to help the children grow and evolve. The main campus extends up to 359 acres of land and it is urban. The students and the professors have provided it with the nickname “Gamecock”. The college provides the best facilities to help the students understand their responsibilities and goals or dreams


People know South Carolina University because of its academic excellence. The university uses best practices, methods and techniques to make the concepts truly clear to all its students. The college does not force the programs on the students. The students have their own choices for the programs and the professors help them in their chosen programs. For convenience the university has many major programs for its students like:

  • Finance and Financial management 
  • Research psychology 
  • Experimental psychology 
  • Biology general 
  • Public relation
  •  Advertising Registered nursing 
  • Applied communication 
  • Nursing research 
  • Communication sciences 

A few degree programs include: 

  • Bachelor’s 
  • Master’s 
  • Doctorate 
  • Graduate 
  • Certificate 

And all these in Literature and computer science and engineering programs. The university has more than 300 majors and other academic programs which have been ranked nationally. The university provides the best first-year experience to all its students. 

How many students enroll every year?

Around 27,066 undergraduates study at the University of South Carolina. A total of 34,731 students are studying in the University. Around 6,oo0 students apply every year to get into the University. There are 8,000 students on Columbia Campus and 53% of students are from the state of South Carolina.

How many colleges are affiliated with the University of South Carolina?

The university operates around 12 colleges under it. It recognises 12 colleges and their undergraduate degrees. It confers the undergraduate degrees from those colleges under its name. A few colleges are: 

  • College of Charleston 
  • Coastal Carolina University 
  • Winthrop University 
  • Furman University 
  • Wofford college 
  • Citadel Military College of South Carolina 
  • Presbyterian College 
  • Charleston Southern University 
  • South Carolina State University 
  • Benedict College 
  • Newberry College 
  • Lander University 
  • Francis Marion University 
  • Converse College 
  • Claflin University
  •  Limestone University 
  • Voorhees College 
  • Erskine College 
  • Medical University of South Carolina 
  • Southern Wesleyan University 
  • Coker University 
  • North Greenville University 
  • Columbia College 

How much endowment does the university receive?

The university receives around $989 from the state and federal governments as endowment amount. The university uses this endowment amount to introduce new programs, pay salaries, organise seminars and pieces of training, maintain the campus, offer scholarship programs and financial aid, etc. the university also holds training sessions for the teachers to design new teaching methods for the students. 


The University of South Carolina focuses on the academic excellence and academic performance of its students. They devise methods to keep their students intact with learning. The college focuses on average students the most. They take up extra classes and sessions for average students to discuss the concepts again. The University of South Carolina is best for students who learn and grow. 

Frequently asked questions 

  • How many days do classes start after admissions? 

Classes usually start after the admissions are over which usually takes 6-8 weeks. 

  • Is it important to be regular here?

 The university focuses on academic excellence and hence expects its students to be regular to the college. 

  • How many professors are teaching in the university? 

In the university, around 2,024 professors are teaching different programs to the students.