Is The University Of Alberta Hard?


Since the University of Alberta is a top university in Canada, people of different nationalities submit applications to gain admission into one of the departments. But they often find it hard to gain admission into the institute because the available space is always less than the number of applicants. Hence measures have been put in place to give entry to only the best students. The admission staffs of departments rigidly follow these measures at the university. This article gives you information about is the University of Alberta hard.

This article gives you information about is the University of Alberta hard.


With roughly 38,000 undergraduates, the University of Alberta is a high heat college. The major campus, which is located in Edmonton, Alberta’s capital, spans over 200 hectares! Most students like the municipal trail, as well as holiday events and entertaining businesses in Edmonton. If you don’t mind the cold, you’ll discover a lovely spot all year. You’ll discover the appropriate match for you among the school sites available.

Is The University Of Alberta Hard?

Gaining admission into the University of Alberta is very competitive and subject to the available spaces. This competitiveness results from thousands of students around Canada and beyond looking to come into the school. Therefore, making it hard for a student to get into the school.

The Admission Process 

As a result of the number of people looking to gain admission into U of A and the percentages, you will need to attain to get into the school. It starts at 70% depending on the course you plan to go for, and post-secondary students looking for admission should have a GPA of at least 2.0.

Here is a breakdown of their course and the GPA you will need to get in for high school and post-secondary school students seeking admission into the school.

1. Faculty of Engineering

This is one of the top engineering schools all over Canada because it has coupled highly specialized equipment.

If you want to gain admission into engineering, the school will admit you for a qualifying first year of engineering. When you have completed this first-year program, you will be able to enter into the program and specialize in a particular engineering field. You have to be good at English since you will receive lectures using the language.

For post-secondary students, all prospective applicants must have a good result from the University of Alberta or a higher mark by the university, having a minimum GPA of 3.0 from the school sections. Because the grading system is different from school to school, the University of Alberta scrutinizes the content of the courses completed by other institutions.

2. Faculty of Education

Like all other schools, the requirements to meet before you can be admitted. You will first be required to take the Casper test if you come in from high school. 

The Casper test is a situational discernment test that will last for 60 – 90 minutes. It is an online examination of your non-cognitive skills, character, values, and priorities that they believe to be important for their students.

Since more applicants want to study education at the university are more than the available spaces, the faculty uses enrollment management for the admission process of this undergraduate program. The minimum admission average for high school is 70%, while that of post-secondary school is a 2.0 GPA.

For those applying from places where the English language is not the primary language spoken, the institution will test their fluency in English.

3. Faculty of medicine and dentistry

There is no direct admission into the school of medicine. Applicants must have a citizen of Canada or permanent residents of the country. 

To register, applicants must have a minimum of 3.30 GPA if they are a resident of Alberta or a 3.50 GPA if they are not a resident of Alberta.  

All prospective applicants must take the Medical College Admission Test(MCAT). You must score a minimum of 124 in all categories of the MCAT test if you are an Alberta resident. For non-residents of Alberta, you must achieve a minimum of 128 in CARS and 124 in PSBB, BBFL, and CPBS.

Every applicant must complete the secondary medicine application, including a reference letter, and other things.

All successful applicants who meet all the minimum requirements will after this test, choose competitive students to come for an interview for admission into the university.

4. Faculty of law

The faculty considers two types of applicants: the regular and indigenous applicants. Their requirement is as follows:

For the regular applicants, admission anchors upon the pre-law academic record and the Law School Admission Test(LSAT) test.

For indigenous applicants, admission is on the applicant’s pre-law academic record and LSAT test score and some special consideration to help address the under-representation of the local people in the legal system.

5. Faculty of Physical Science

Just like the faculty of medicine, the faculty of physical sciences does not allow admission from high school directly.

Anyone wishing to study at the faculty of physical sciences at the University of Alberta must have a three or four-year degree from an accredited post-secondary institution. Before getting admission into the faculty, you must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA or equivalent on your most rest academic session. 

You will also take the Casper test.


In conclusion, studies have shown that the acceptance rate for those seeking admission into the University of Alberta is around 51%. That is to say, nearly half of the students seeking entry into the school do not get admitted. However, you ought to have a certain GPA to be admitted.

Frequent Asked Questions

What average do I require to get into the University of Alberta?

The minimum average for high school applicants is 70%, while that of a post-secondary applicant is a 2.0 GPA.

What percentage is an A in Alberta?

At the University of Alberta, the percentage mark of an A is 80%.

Is Alberta a prestigious university?

The University of Alberta is recognized for its world-class research and discoveries. It is the mist of the top 5 schools in Canada, and it is home to over 500 graduate programs and 200 undergraduate programs.