Is Strayer University any good?

Strayer University is an academically well furnished and fully-fledged college or university for students. It is a private educational institute which works as a for-profit educational institute. S. Irving Strayer found the university in 1892. It is headquartered in the Washington United States. The university aims to provide the best education to all its students which could help them build a better future. Here we will see about Is Strayer University any good?

Strayer University is a respectable University in Virginia, United States. It works as a partner with a parent organization named Strategic Education. The university is well recognised and that too institutionally and programmatically. Institutionally, Middle States Commission on Higher Education recognises it for its operations. In turn, the United States Department of Education and Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognise the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Is Strayer University any good?

Strayer University

The university has got a perfect and serene environment of learning for the students. It offers online as well as offline courses for all its students whether residential or non-residential. There are 78 campuses of the university spread throughout 15 states of the United States. The university provides all the degree programs to its adult students. It has got various undergraduate and graduate programs too for learning students. It has a huge and wide range of courses for its students. The authorities have changed the name of the college as the former name of the college was Strayer’s Business College or Strayer College.

The college works following its motto which is “Transformation through Education”. The year of its establishment is 1892 which is around 130 years ago. The name of the president is Brian W. Jones. The university comprises a large number of staff and students faculty. There are 78 campuses in all. 64 are offline campuses and the rest are online campuses. The federation recognised the college for its four year Bachelor of Arts degree in 1969. Since then, the college aims to provide the best education to its students in every possible way.

Academics and programs

The college asks all the students to have at least a high school diploma to get admission to any undergraduate degree program. If any student wants to apply for graduate degree programs the student must show the college their proof of completion of a baccalaureate degree from a recognised college or university. The University works principally to provide higher education to adult students. The academic programs of the University include undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The University offers courses mainly related to business. This means that the courses in the university focus on business. Business administration and Information Technology are its core programs.

The university also offers MBA degrees and executive certificates which cover all the business-related topics. Various other programs include accounting, criminal justice, education, health services administration and public administration. However, the major programs of the university are related to business and finance. The university shows greater interest in boosting the academic performance of the students. In 1996, the university launched Strayer Online which paved the path for the online campus for the students and classes via the internet. The university uses well furnished and all possible pieces of equipment of academic machinery to bring out the best in the students.

How many students does the University enrol?

The college has provided enrolment to the students over 52,000 in number. Out of this 74% of the students are female and 76% of the students are male. The students have an average age of 34. Over 10,400 students enrol every year in the college. 7,100 students are undergraduates and around 3,100 students are graduates of the university. 

What is the acceptance rate of the University?

Strayer University has a 100% acceptance rate because it conducts non-selective exams. Though it is exceptionally difficult to get into the college despite a 100% acceptance rate. You should have a good GPA score and SAT score. 2.50 is the average GPA one should have while trying to get into college. The college has got a good reputation because of its efforts for making the learning easy and fun for the students. 

Does the University provide financial aid?

The university has direct connections with the Federal Student Aid Office of the United States Department of Education which provides direct loans to the students who need to support their education financially. The university also helps international students in supporting their studies by providing scholarship programs. Talking about tuition fees, the in-state and out-state fees for Strayer University are the same which is equal $13,380 annually. This amount lowers to some extent after applying for financial aid and scholarships. International students are to avail same benefits as residential students.


Strayer University is the best place for students who want to learn and grow. Its well and experienced staff allow the students to get the top experience in learning. The university offers several business-focused programs for students. It also offers other degree programs for graduates and undergraduates. The university has a 100% acceptance rate. However, the college is not easy to get into despite a 100% acceptance rate.

Frequently asked questions

  • How many days does it take for the classes to start after the admission process? 

It usually takes 6-8 weeks for classes to start.

  • Do they provide a hostel facility?

No, the students have to avail of housing facilities on their own.

  • Do they offer Bachelor’s courses?

Yes, they have many Bachelor’s courses.