Is It Hard To Get Into Santa Clara University?

Santa Clara University, also abbreviated as SCU, is a private university located in Santa Clara itself in the state of California. The university is a private university which has got a reputation in the education world as it ranks as one of the top universities for its academic achievements and quality education system. Students and alumni who have completed their studies in the university have been placed in good companies and benefited a lot from the university.

Santa Clara University is one of those universities in the United States that is quite difficult to get into. Excellent students would have a high chance of getting in since the university would look for such students to maintain their reputation, which they have built over the past couple of decades. 

But, how difficult would it be to get into this University? Well, the acceptance rate of the university is pretty fair, but not all can get into the university. This means competition among individuals is high during the admission process, and one needs to cope with the challenges.

Is It Hard To Get Into Santa Clara University?

Santa Clara University Acceptance Rate

Santa Clara University has got an acceptance rate of 50.7% and this is why almost half of the applicants that the universities receives gets rejected before they are even considered. For the class of 2025, the university had received around 16,488 students and among them only 8,362 students were accepted into the university with an acceptance rate of about 51%.

If an individual is an international student from a different country, it would be difficult if the student gets rejected. But, if you are eligible and possess all the necessary academic and as well as extracurricular achievements then the individual would have an even chance of getting into the university.

Santa Clara University Admission Requirements

The university’s official website would be able to provide you with enough detail about the admission process and its requirements. If an individual is from within the United States, then he/she may have different needs than an international student. It would also be convenient for the student to keep themselves updated with the admission process and its requirements for it.

  • An individual would need around a 3.68 GPA to get into Santa Clara University
  • Average SAT score required (1360)
  • International students must require several documents to be submitted to the concerned authorities/department
  • An application fee from international students would have to be paid ($70), which is non-refundable.

Santa Clara University Known For Its Excellent Business Studies

Many individuals look to study medicine or law after they complete their junior school and middle-level school. But, here at Santa Clara University, the university has gained quite the fame for offering education in business and management studies. If an individual is a commerce student and is looking for further studies in the same field, then Santa Clara University would be the perfect university to complete their undergraduate or post-graduate program.

The university constantly ranks top in university rankings from all over the world and as well as from the country within itself. Therefore, it is a university worth considering if a student is looking for studies in business and management. However, the university does offer a wide range of courses and programmes that interested students can enrol themselves in.

Is It Worth Studying At Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University may not be as competitive and challenging as Stanford or the Oxford Universities, but they have got a reputation in the world. The university’s acceptance rate is even, and there may be a chance that an individual’s application may even get rejected because the university would be looking for exceptionally well students.

However, if a student possesses reputable and impressive academic achievements, then it may be easy for him/her to get into the university. 

The university may grant them permission and then he/she will ultimately get the offer letter from the admission department. But, the competition among students will always remain high even after getting accepted.

All in all, it can be justified to say that the university is worth considering and if a student gets into the university, it would be worth the experience.


Santa Clara is a great one, but the acceptance rate is almost 50%. Students may not even get into the university, which may cause a problematic situation for international students. However, it would be a wise decision to apply to colleges and universities in more than one apart from Santa Clara University so that if one fails, there are others a student can choose from to get into. The university is a private university with a reputation in the education world as it ranks as one of the top universities for its academic achievements and quality education system.