Is Colorado State University Global Campus A Good School?

It’s not a cakewalk to return to college in your mid-30s or 40s. But, if you want to climb up, you must overcome the hurdles. Finding a trustworthy university having excellent online programs with flexible curriculum can be a hard job. This is where Colorado State University – Global Campus comes into the picture. CSU – Global Campus is a fully accredited public online institution which is a part of the Colorado State University offering a variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs to freshmen, non-traditional learners as well as working professionals. Let us find out “Is Colorado State University Global Campus A Good School?”

Is Colorado State University Global Campus A Good School?

Being ranked #10 by U.S. News under the Best Online Bachelor’s Program category – 2022, Colorado State University – Global Campus is undoubtedly a popular university. It also holds the #39 spot for Best Online Master’s Degree In Computer Information Technology. It is #1 among Best Online Colleges In Colorado and #2 among the Fastest Online Degree Programs in the year 2022.

Why Should You Choose Colorado State University – Global Campus?

CFU – Global Campus enables its students to get access to quality education from anywhere in the nation with numerous benefits such as:

Flexible Education

Learn high-end courses at your own pace from any remote location.

Low Tuition Fee Guaranteed

Affordable tuition rates with no hidden charges or costs, unlike other universities.

High Return On Investment

Colorado State University Global Campus graduates experience approximately 5 times the returns in their salary against their investment in a CSU- Global program. 

You Don’t Have To Do It Yourself

Colorado State University – Global Campus has a unique and rich support system to guide you in every way possible. It has experienced faculty, career counsellors and a 24/7 support helpdesk.

Colorado State University – Global Campus, An Accredited University

Colorado State University – Global Campus kick-started in the year 2007, under the administration of Colorado State University, Colorado State University-Pueblo and Colorado State Board of Governors. The institution was granted a loan of $12 million for its creation. It was finally accredited in 2011 as an independent, 100% online university by the Higher Learning Commission (HCL) which is a regional accreditation body. Up till now, Colorado State University Global Campus has rolled out 18,000 proud degree holders.

Colorado State University – Global Campus Is Light On Your Pocket

Higher education is synonymous with higher investment. But does it mean that you should give up on your dreams?

Not at all.

CSU – Global is a budget-friendly option since it is a 100% online university with cost-effective tuition fees for all its programs. For a Bachelor’s program, the tuition fee is $350 for each credit hour whereas, for a Master’s degree it is about $500 for each credit hour. Also, if you are a transfer student or under a scholarship, the tuition fee becomes cheaper.

CSU – Global stands in the top 5 most affordable online colleges in the US. 

Online Learning Experience Like Never Before With CFU – Global

Colorado State University – Global Campus has highly experienced, industry-oriented faculty and instructors who provide interactive training throughout the online program. They create a synchronous between the peers for completing various assignments and projects. Though every program has different requirements, the students can go through sample classes for the real feel of the ambience of an online classroom at Colorado State University – Global Campus. 

It can be said that the net price of studying at Colorado State University – Global Campus is around $14,024 per academic year. A student can be awarded an average financial aid of $4,518 per year. It is surprising to know that about 84% of applicants are granted financial aid which makes CFU – Global a popular university for online courses.

What Is Colorado State University – Global Campus Renowned For?

CSF – Global is the only public online university to have regional accreditation. It is ranked as one of the top-most universities in the US and is known for the career-oriented expertise that it provides.

Here is a list of some of the most opted-for majors, CFU – Global offers:

ProgramNumber Of Graduates
1.Information Technology445
3.Business Management524
4.Human Resources286
5.Criminal Justice And Law Enforcement77
6.Healthcare Management166

What Is The Admission Criteria For Colorado State University – Global Campus? 

Colorado State University – Global Campus is the only completely online university at the regional level in the US. Thus, a lot of freshers and adult learners find it convenient to opt for its online programs. The CFU – Global has an acceptance rate of a whopping 98%.

Here are a few important things to know:

  • The application fee is $25. 
  • Applicant’s SAT score should be in the range of 920-1170
  • Applicant’s ACT scores should be in the range of 16-25. 
  • The high school GPA of a student must be provided to gain admission.

Learn With The Help of Great Technology And Support

Colorado State University – Global Campus has gained popularity among full-time applicants as well as those applicants who wish to get a degree along with a full-time job. The courses offered at CFU – Global work are based on credit hours and hence, there is no fixed time for attending any of the classes.

To pull off something like this, the Colorado State University – Global Campus has made the utmost use of technology to make it easier for each student to move closer to academic success.

CSU – Global uses things such as

  • Recorded Audio
  • Live Streaming Audio
  • Recorded Video
  • Live Streaming Video
  • Software For Readers
  • Application For Tablet
  • Application For Smartphone
  • Online Labs
  • Simulations
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Chat Support

Other than this, the online campus also provides other forms of services to support its applicants such as

  • Placement and Career Orientation Assistant
  • Online Bookstore
  • Local Networking Assistance
  • Mentorship
  • Financial Aid Service
  • Admission Counselling
  • Resume Building Service
  • Quick Support Over Phone Calls by Live Assistant, 24/7

What Do The Students Say About The Academic Backbone Of CFU – Global Campus?

One of the key reasons for CSU – Global Campus’s popularity among students seeking to pursue a degree online, is its strong academics. 

According to a recent survey, 

  1. 71% of applicants say that the faculty works very hard towards teaching the curriculum. 
  1. 77% of applicants say that the process of choosing a class they would like to enter is very easy.
  1. 57% of students agree that the time-management is easy according to the curriculum.
  1. 95% of CFU – Global graduates agree that these programs help them to gain success in their professional life.
  1. 61% of Bachelor’s Degree holders of CFU – Global reportedly earn better pay than their peers.
  1. 94% of CFU – Global students agree that their degree provides them with positive personality enhancement.

The student-professor ratio in Colorado State University – Global Campus is 19:1.

Which Honor Societies are associated with CFU – Global?

Since, Colorado State University – Global Campus is a completely online university, its students come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, it is important to group like-minded students based on their academic skills, leadership qualities and other interests. Honour Societies do just the same.

Colorado State University – Global Campus is associated with Honor Societies like:

Golden Key Honor Society

CSU – Global is a part of the International Golden Key Honor Society which has more than 2 million members across 200 countries globally. Membership can be gained through invitation only.

Delta Mu Delta Honor Society

This society recognises and promotes any achievements in business. Students pursuing undergraduate courses in Business Management, Marketing, Accounting, etc. can be eligible for membership.

Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society

This group gives recognition and promotion to achievement in education. Students enrolled in Teaching Programs are eligible for membership.


Colorado State University – Global Campus is the first and the only 100% online university which has regional accreditation. All online programs have recorded and archived classes which can be accessed by the student without being on a rigorous schedule. Achieving a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree from the comfort of your home or along with your full-time job is now a dream come true.

  1. What GPA is required to get admission to Colorado State University – Global Campus?

Unlike other universities and colleges, CFU – Global has declared a GPA of 2.8 or more for freshers or first-year students. CFU – Global has a very high acceptance rate which means that the selection procedure is not very stressful. 

  1. Are there any benefits for Military Personnel?

Colorado State University – Global Campus provides special tuition assistance and special tuition fee for military personnel. A 10% discount on the tuition fee applies for US Military members having an on-duty status the same applies to veterans having proof of honourable discharge from duty. 

  1. Are financial aids encouraged in Colorado State University – Global Campus?

Colorado State University – Global Campus always encourages financial aid in the form of grants, loans, and scholarships. The university urges the applicant to fill out the FAFSA form which would determine if the applicant were eligible for any financial aid such as:

  • Career Enhancement Scholarship
  • CSU Global Mission Scholarship
  • Alumni Continuing Education Scholarship
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship