How Much Is Tuition At DePaul?

DePaul University is a great school if you’re looking for a career in business or marketing. Not only are their programs top-notch, but the campus and community are welcoming and enjoyable to be around. They provide opportunities for professional development and networking which facilitate success after graduation. Let’s see How Much Is Tuition At DePaul?

The average tuition and fees for a full-time student at Depaul University for one semester are $9,400. This amount includes both mandatory fees ( such as registration and orientation) and variable expenses (such as textbooks, lab materials, and technology upgrades).

How Much Is Tuition At DePaul?

Why Depaul University? 

Depaul University is a private Roman Catholic university in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was founded by Saint Paul Pro-Varsity Chapel Inc. in 1944 and became coeducational in 1969. Depaul’s main focus is on teaching students how to think critically, problem-solve, and conduct themselves ethically both inside and outside the classroom.

Depaul University presents a variety of degree programs that are affordable for students. Depaul provides over 150 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as professional studies programs. Some of them include:

  • Arts and Sciences; 
  • Business Administration; 
  • Education; 
  • Nursing & Health Professions. 

The school has a strong emphasis on community service which helps to prepare its students for careers that involve working with others towards common goals. Depaul University is regarded as one of the best Christian Universities with strong academics.

How Much Is The Expenditure At Depaul?

The amount of expenditure that a student at Depaul experiences can vary greatly depending on their individual needs and circumstances. However, based on data from The Princeton Review’s 2018 Best Colleges rankings, Depaul ranks in the top 15 universities for spending by incoming freshmen. 

This means that students will likely be spending a substantial amount of money each year while attending school here. Some students are estimated to spend up to $60,000 per year. Many services and amenities that are available on campus (including meals) are not available off-campus. This adds up quickly when trying to maintain a low budget.

At Depaul, tuition and fees vary based on the type of degree you’re pursuing. For example, full-time undergraduates at our Chicago campus pay $41,000 per year in tuition and mandatory fees. Graduate students at our Chicago campus pay an additional $9,750 annually in tuition and fees. This is farther from being affordable.

Does Depaul Provide Housing?

Yes, Depaul provides housing for students. Many of the alumni come from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life, which makes it easy for them to find their place. The ample amount of on-campus housing options makes it easy to connect with your classmates and get the most out of your undergraduate experience.

In addition to traditional bedroom-style living areas, Depaullises enjoy spacious apartments that come complete with stunning views. If you ever need extra space or have a family member who will be joining you in town soon, they provide co-living arrangements that let you live together while still maintaining independence. 

The cost of Depaul Provide Housing varies depending on your academic level and the type of housing you choose. Rent for off-campus apartments ranges from $650-$1,500 per month while room and board may require payment up to $4,000 annually.

How Do I Apply To Depaul University?

If you’re interested in attending Depaul University, the first thing you need to do is determine your eligibility. This can be done through a combination of grades and test scores. 

Next, visit to find out more about our admissions process and how to apply online. You will want to create an account on our website so that you can track your application status and review previous applications for comparison purposes.

Once you have completed the web-based applications, it is important to submit supplemental materials such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and essays. You should schedule a personal information session with one of the university’s counselors in order not to oversimplify or misrepresent your qualifications during the admissions process.


Although the tuition is a bit more than some other universities, Depaul University is worth the money and time. With good academics, Christian values, and a great location, Depaul University is one of the best choices among the several Christian Universities available. This is a great choice for someone who is looking for a University with great academics and values.


How much GPA should I have to get into Depaul University?
Depaul University will usually accept applicants having a GPA of at least 3.7.

Is Depaul University strict?
Depaul University though a Christian University, promises its scholars complete freedom of speech and expression regardless of being unreligious.

Is Depaul University conservative?
No, Depaul University is not conservative, and the majority of the staff and sholars are liberal and diverse.

Does Depaul University pass as a party school?

Depaul University, with tons of fraternities, college bars, and sororities, is a party school and is one of the highest-ranked party schools nationally.