Hofstra University or Stony Brook University

Hofstra University is a private commercial institution located in Hempstead, New York, and occupies the longest island in New York, while stony brook is a public university in suburban New York. Next to the university, stony brook is a research center covering 1,545 acres of land.

Hofstra University or Stony Brook University

Academic requirements 

Hofstra University GPA grade for applicants is 3.67 to 4, with an average grade from high school in the GPA combination. At Hofstra University, you need a mix of best grades to exceed Bs; if the GPA grade is below 3.67, an applicant has to undertake SAT or ACT tests for upgraded performance compensation. 

While in stony brook university, an applicant is required to have finalized high school studies and performed exemplary to pursue courses like natural science research and mathematics. 

If you choose to apply to stony brook university from another university, you are required to apply for a transfer studentship. With a minimum GPA grade of 3.0 and at least 24 credits in various subjects. An applicant must have shown exemplary performance in English tests as outlined below 

  1. IELTS exams with a minimum score of 6.5
  2. Duolingo exam with a minimum of 105.
  3. TOEFL is internet-based, with a minimum score of 80.

Acceptance rate of stony brook university & Hofstra university

Hofstra University has a moderate selection mode with a high guarantee of admissions. SAT is undertaken to also guarantee a direct entry to the university. An applicant scoring below 1160 on SAT is deemed to be unlucky in joining the university. Acceptance to Hofstra university depends on various aspects like difficult coursework, SAT/ACT scores, extracurriculars, letters of recommendation, and other referee documents. This gives an acceptance rate of 69.1% 

While, stony brook university, which is a public university, has a limited acceptance rate compared to Hofstra University. It admits students yearly for undergraduate studies with a popularity of 18,010. The admissions here are more selective, and students are accepted at the rate of 49%, where almost half of the applicants are tested on SATs.

Application requirements 

Every university has admission requirements for an applicant to be shortlisted as a successful one. That of Hofstra university is as follows:

  1. Applicant fee of USD 70.
  2. Make an application electronically.
  3. Write essays describing their personality.
  4. And finally, do a letter of recommendation at least 2 describing their conduct.

Additionally, students do sit for SATs with optional essays. There are more per subject requirements for language subjects. English with 4 points, mathematics with at least 3, and science with 3 points.

And in stony brook university, students do apply in two forms.

  1. Freshmen applicants from high school final studies.
  2. Transfer applicants who have transferred from other universities.

An applicant requires a visa in case they are international students. Applications are made online using apps provided on the web, and English tests are carried out with written assays and referees.

For transfer students, the applicants should produce strong and well-performed academic testimonials and have at least 24 credits with a least GPA of 2.8. Additionally, English proficiency tests are also required.

Campus lifestyle 

Hofstra University is a pool of adventures and opportunities. There are a variety of tasks undertaken beyond classwork, a range of sports, events, leisure tours, museums, parks, and team building, and students are involved in community services, fitness activities, clubs, engagement programs, and swimming. 

In stony brook, students are at liberty to engage themselves in various constructive activities as well as clubs, student organizations, intramural, art music, and sports. Students have been involved in theater programs, master concerts, and the biggest movie shows. 

Campus residence 

Hofstra University has outside campus rented houses for students at cheap costs and convenience. 

While at stony brook university, students reside in communities within the university, and various basic niceties are available for students’ usage. The dormitories within the school guarantee students’ services such as laundry and refreshing areas, tv showrooms, fitness centers, computing and information center, mailrooms, and also a work order center plus quarantine places.

Demographic distribution 

Hofstra university admissions cover all ethnic races. On average, each year, the authorities receive around 24,062 undergraduate applying student applicants, where the accepted population is 16,630. The total population of enrolled students in the university for undergraduate students covers 10,444 with full-time studies. It is highly dominated by the whites who have 53% of the campus population, 12 % represent the Latino, 11% and 9% represent the black or African Americans, while in stony brook university, 37 and 083 are the total applicants and the accepted are 18, and 138. Again the white dominate with 35%, followed by Asians with 12% and Latino at 7%. finally, African Americans, at 3%

Courses offered 

Stony Brook is a learning and research institution that basically conducts research in different fields. It has all courses in the field of science, engineering, environmental studies, arts, math, and many more, while Hofstra is more on computing, chemistry, engineering, geography, healthy languages, sports, and writing courses

Fee requirement

Considering these two universities, one is more of a profit-making institution while the other is a government research center.

Stony brook’s fee varies depending on the level of studies. That is, undergraduate students pay USD 50 and USD 100 for advanced studies.  The Hofstra fee is USD 70 for all levels.


The two universities are international institutions set for students from all parts of the world, but a few key regions are important to enable a quick overview for a learner who wishes to join one of these universities. Stony brook is the best case when you consider its cheap fee rates, GPA grades, and research-based courses. 

Frequently asked questions 
  • Which is the best university of choice between stony brook and Hofstra in terms of fee considerations?

Well, having checked fee requirements, stony brook is an ideal even in all other aspects 

  • Which university provides the best accommodation services?

Brook university is the best, having considered the amenities available in the university’s residence.

  • Which university is the best in science-related courses?

Stony Brook University suits science and research-related courses.