GPA Required For Loyola University Chicago (USA)

Loyola is a private university in the USA founded in 1870 by the “Society of Jesus Group”. It is counted as one of the largest Catholic Universities in the USA. Competition  here in Loyola is so high that one with a GPA of (3.68) may be eligible for admission. One can go there with a lower GPA by attending harder classes such as AP or BP. Let’s talk about the GPA Required For Loyola University Chicago (USA).

GPA Required For Loyola University Chicago (USA)

If your senior secondary GPA is low than required then one can try to clear the SAT (Scholastic Academic Test) or ACT (American College Testing) examination to get into Loyola University Chicago (USA). 

Score Required in SAT  to be in Loyola University:

 If you are going with the SAT then least score for admission in  Loyola is 1120 out of 1600 approx. on SAT scale which is a competitive score and can further be divided as:

For Average : SECTION           SCORE

                         Math                      600

                   Reading and                  620

                 Writing Skills

                               Total                  1220

So, 1220 is an average SAT score for Loyola.

For Above Average :   SECTION                  SCORE

                                       Math                          650

                                       Reading and                  660

                               Writing Skills

                                            Total                        1310

Here, You can easily understand that 1310 is above average score for Loyola  University. One can get admitted there with this high score.

SAT Examination fees and link to apply :

SAT examination fees is 104 USD without any essay and with essay It’s fee rate is 117 USD which is approx. (9065 INR.)

Link to apply for SAT Examination :

SAT Examination Pattern :

Subject                Content                                                          Pattern

Math               this section includes questions                     Duration 80 min                                 

                             on problem-solving, 

                          data analysis, algebra, and advanced math.

Reading         This section includes questions on                              Duration 65 min

                     Sentence Completion, Tests understanding of passages

                                  from the US and world Literature, 

                                   History/Social Studies, and Sciences.

Writing           This section includes questions on,                           Duration 35 min

                                        expression of ideas and standard

                        English conventions through passages related to Careers,

                                History/Social Studies, Humanities, and Sciences.

Total there are 154 Questions in the test whereas 

58 questions are from Math with score of (200-800)

52 from Reading with score of  (200-800)

44 Questions are from Writing and Language with a score of (200-800)

Score Required in ACT to be in Loyola University:

It’s not too hard but nor too easy by ACT  for one to be admitted in Loyola. If your score is below the average, Your application is just trash.

The Average score Of ACT in Loyola is 28 whereas the highest score in ACT is 36 and as compare to SAT, ACT has an advantage that one can take this test as many time and you are eligible to send only your highest score which increases your chance to be in Loyola.

Average ACT score for Loyola is

Section                                                   Score

Math                                                      29

English                                                    28

Science                                                    29

Reading                                                26

Composite                                             28

So, one can think to be in Loyola with this score and above this score there is above average which can increase your chance.

ACT Examination fees and link to apply :

Its basic exam fee for without writing is 150 USD and with writing It is around 166.50 USD which is 12900 INR approx. and there is a late fee of 50 USD and some other fees also for students.

ACT Exam Pattern:

Subject        Duration          Sub Sections                    No. of Questions

English         45 Min             Usage/Mechanics,                                      15


                                                               grammar and usage,

                                                            sentence structure,

                                                                       Skill strategy,

Math          60 Min                Pre-algebra                                        60 MCQ

                                                               Elementary algebra

                                                         Intermediate algebra

                                                               Coordinate geometry

                                                            Plane geometry


Reading       35 Min                       Four passages are given,                  40 Ques.

                                                     each passage from different sections

                                    like social studies, natural science, fiction, and humanities.

Science       35 min                Data representation like graphs and tables       40 Q .                                                              

                                                                Research summaries

                                                              Conflicting viewpoints

Ranking of Loyola University :

The rank of Loyola University in world wide rank list is *861 nearly this ranking is based on its performance,reviews and indicator of excellence.

Chicago’s Urban Forests and Wetlands make it perfect for study in natural conditions with a free mind that’s how Loyola is ranked as *103 among National Universities in the USA.

The Placement Record of Loyola University is very good and  here is a placement assessment also for the student to be best in there carriers.

It’s (Loyola University) is the choice of thousands of students for most of their further studies.

Fee Details of Loyola University for Different courses :

There is a different fee for different and each type of course in Loyola University Chicago which can be classified as follow :

Course Type            Duration                      Tuition fee (per year)

MS                     {16Months}                      23240 $ approx.

MIM                   {18-14 Months}                53860 $ approx.

BBA                    {4 Years}                        42720 $ approx.

B.Tech                    {4 Years}                        43720 $ approx.

Bsc                         {3-4 Years}                  42720 $ approx.

Which make it one of the costly universities but in (US) Government provides scholarship for the students which covers almost all students and left students have to pay full fee if they are not eligible for the scholarship

There are many programs also prescribed by the University and Foundations for the help  of students and Loyola is very known for this.

Choice other than Loyola :

There are many Universities which are far better than Loyola in both structure and quality and I would also like to tell You about those Universities. Although Loyola is a dream University and very valuable for all students, But these are those Universities which are better in ranking than Loyola University and better as compared to it.

  1. University of California : It’s world wide rank is *40 and it’s very difficult to take admission here but it’s less costly and public university and it is in Los Angeles, So it’s far more enjoyable also.
  2. New York University : It’s Rank in the world is *42 and It is in the United States.
  3. Brown University : It’s worldwide rank is *60 and it is one of the world’s  best universities in the United States.
  4. University of Texas : At present time it’s worldwide ranking is *67 and it’s in the economy capital of the USA.
  5. University of Pennsylvania : It is the world’s *96 ranked University and present in USA.

There are many Universities which are far better than Loyola and far weaker than Loyola. The choice is yours, which one you want to be in and how much you struggle.