Fun facts about East Central University


Located in Ada, Oklahoma, East Central University is a public university that has been providing education to students since its inception in 1909. With its picturesque campus and comprehensive academic programs, it is a highly sought-after institution for students who are interested in pursuing higher education. Apart from its excellent academic programs, East Central University is also known for its rich history, vibrant campus life, and fascinating traditions. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into some of the fun facts about East Central University that make it stand out from other institutions.

Fun facts about East Central University

Fun facts about East Central University

The University was initially a Teachers’ College

East Central University started as a Teachers’ College in 1909, with the primary objective of preparing teachers for Oklahoma’s public schools. The college began with a meager enrollment of just 55 students, but over the years, it has grown exponentially to become one of the most respected universities in the region. Today, the university offers a broad range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in various fields of study, including business, education, nursing, psychology, and more.

The campus is home to a museum that features unique exhibits

The Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center on East Central University’s campus is home to the Harland C. Stonecipher School of Business Museum, which features an array of unique exhibits. The museum showcases a wide range of artifacts and memorabilia, including early computers, accounting machines, and other business-related items. One of the museum’s most popular exhibits is the “Mousetrap Collection,” which is a collection of over 1,500 mousetraps from all over the world. Visitors can also enjoy a range of other exhibits, including antique typewriters, early telegraph machines, and more.

The university is known for its vibrant campus life

East Central University is home to a vibrant and active campus community, with a range of student organizations and clubs that cater to various interests. The university has over 50 student organizations, including academic clubs, social clubs, religious organizations, and more. Students can also participate in a range of events and activities throughout the year, including homecoming, concerts, theater performances, and more. The university’s athletic teams, the Tigers and the Lady Tigers, are also an essential part of campus life, with students showing their support by attending games and cheering on their teams.

The university has a unique tradition that involves a bronze tiger statue

East Central University has a unique tradition that involves a bronze tiger statue located at the center of campus. The statue, which was donated by the Class of 1939, is affectionately known as “Tiger Lily” and is a symbol of the university’s pride and spirit. The statue is adorned with various decorations and clothing throughout the year, including hats, scarves, and even holiday-themed outfits. Students also gather around the statue for various events and celebrations, including pep rallies and tailgates.

The university has a strong commitment to sustainability

East Central University is committed to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and promote eco-friendliness. The university has a recycling program that encourages students, faculty, and staff to recycle paper, plastic, and other materials. The university also has a community garden that promotes sustainable agriculture and provides fresh produce for the university’s food service program. Additionally, the university has implemented a range of energy-saving measures, such as using LED lighting, installing solar panels, and more.

The university has a rich history of producing successful alumni

East Central University has a rich history of producing successful alumni who have made significant contributions in various fields of study. Notable alumni include former Oklahoma Governor George Nigh, who served as governor for eight years and was also a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and U.S. Army General Dennis Via, who was the first Signal Corps officer to become a four-star general, is also an East Central University alum. Other notable alumni include Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ted Gest, former NFL player and coach Jerry Sherk, and Grammy-nominated musician Brian Nhira. East Central University has also produced numerous successful educators, business leaders, and healthcare professionals who have made a positive impact in their respective fields.

The university has a diverse student body

East Central University is home to a diverse student body, with students from various backgrounds and cultures. The university’s commitment to diversity is reflected in its mission statement, which states that it is “dedicated to fostering a learning environment that values diversity and promotes cultural understanding.” The university offers a range of services and programs to support diversity and inclusion, including the Multicultural and International Student Services Office, which provides resources and support for international and multicultural students.

The university has a beautiful campus

East Central University’s campus is one of the most beautiful in the region, with its scenic landscapes and stunning architecture. The university has over 30 buildings on its 140-acre campus, including historic buildings like the Old Science Hall, which was built in 1919, and the Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center, which was built in 1939. The campus also features beautiful green spaces, including the picturesque Wintersmith Park, which is located adjacent to the university’s campus.

The university offers unique academic programs

East Central University offers a range of unique academic programs that set it apart from other institutions. The university’s nursing program, for example, is one of the most respected in the region, with a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for successful careers in healthcare. The university also offers a range of programs in criminal justice, including a forensic science program that provides students with hands-on training in crime scene investigation and analysis. Additionally, the university’s Department of Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability offers a unique program that prepares students for careers in environmental management and sustainability.


East Central University is an excellent institution that provides students with a comprehensive education and a vibrant campus life. From its rich history to its commitment to sustainability, the university has a range of unique features that make it stand out from other institutions. Whether you are interested in pursuing a degree in nursing, business, or any other field, East Central University is a fantastic place to achieve your academic and personal goals.