Fun facts about Carolina University

Carolina University, formerly known as Piedmont International University, is a private, Christian university located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in a variety of fields, including business, ministry, education, and music. Carolina University has a rich history and unique features that make it stand out among other universities in the area. In this blog post, we will explore some fun facts about Carolina University.

Fun facts about Carolina University

Carolina University has a unique origin story

Carolina University’s origin story is quite unique. The university was founded in 1945 as Piedmont Bible Institute by a group of five men who wanted to provide religious education to returning World War II veterans. The school was located in a former furniture store in downtown Winston-Salem and had only 25 students in its first year. In 1950, the school changed its name to Piedmont Bible College and moved to a larger facility on the outskirts of the city. In 1983, the school changed its name again to Piedmont Baptist College to reflect its Baptist affiliation. Finally, in 2019, the school changed its name to Carolina University to reflect its expanding academic programs and growing student body.

Carolina University has an impressive music program

Carolina University has a strong reputation for its music program, which includes both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The university’s music program offers a variety of degrees in music education, music ministry, and performance. The university’s music department has state-of-the-art facilities, including a music library, practice rooms, and a recording studio. The university also hosts numerous concerts and events throughout the year, including the annual Christmas Gala, which features performances by the university’s choir, orchestra, and other ensembles.

Carolina University is home to the Museum of American Culture

Carolina University is home to the Museum of American Culture, a unique museum that showcases artifacts and exhibits related to American history and culture. The museum was founded in 1971 and has since amassed a collection of over 5,000 objects, including antique firearms, Native American artifacts, and Civil War memorabilia. The museum is open to the public and offers guided tours and educational programs for school groups.

Carolina University has a diverse student body

Carolina University has a diverse student body, with students from over 30 countries and a variety of cultural backgrounds. The university’s Office of Global Education works to provide support and resources to international students, including English language classes, cultural events, and assistance with immigration and visa issues. The university also offers a variety of international study programs, including semester-long programs in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Carolina University is committed to community service

Carolina University is committed to community service and has a number of initiatives that allow students to give back to the local community. The university’s Office of Community Relations works to connect students with local organizations and volunteer opportunities, including food banks, homeless shelters, and after-school programs. The university also hosts an annual Day of Service, where students, faculty, and staff work together on service projects throughout the city.

Carolina University has a unique mascot

Carolina University’s mascot is the lion, but not just any lion. The university’s lion mascot is named Roary and is a friendly and approachable figure on campus. Roary can often be seen at athletic events, campus activities, and even the annual Christmas Parade in downtown Winston-Salem. Roary is beloved by students, alumni, and the community at large.


As we’ve seen, Carolina University is a vibrant and dynamic institution with a rich history and a bright future. From its scenic location to its outstanding faculty and impressive academic programs, it’s no wonder that students from around the world are drawn to this prestigious university.

Whether you’re an aspiring undergraduate or graduate student, Carolina University offers something for everyone. Its commitment to excellence, diversity, and innovation ensures that every student can find their place and achieve their academic and personal goals.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of the fun facts and unique aspects of Carolina University. If you’re considering applying, we encourage you to take the next step and explore all that this exceptional institution has to offer.