Fun Facts About Calvary University


Calvary University is a small, private, Christian university located in Kansas City, Missouri. It was founded in 1932 as the Kansas City Bible Institute and has since expanded to offer degree programs in various fields of study. Despite its small size, Calvary University has a rich history and unique features that make it stand out. In this blog post, we will explore some fun facts about Calvary University that you may not have known before.

Fun Facts About Calvary University

1. History and Founding

Calvary University was founded in 1932 by Pastor John A. VanGelderen as the Kansas City Bible Institute. Its original purpose was to provide biblical education to ministers and laypeople in the local community. In the early years, the institute offered only a one-year program, but it quickly expanded to include a four-year bachelor’s degree program. In 1976, the institute changed its name to Calvary Bible College to reflect its expanded offerings. In 2016, the college became Calvary University to better reflect its diverse programs in various fields of study.

2. Unique Location

Calvary University’s location in Kansas City, Missouri, provides unique opportunities for students to engage in the city’s vibrant culture and community. Kansas City is known for its jazz music, barbecue, and sports teams, making it a great place for students to explore and experience. Additionally, the university is located just a few miles from the historic Independence Square, home of the Truman Presidential Library and Museum.

3. Aviation Program

Calvary University’s Aviation program is one of its unique features. The university offers a Bachelor of Science in Aviation degree, which prepares students for careers in aviation. The program includes flight training and courses in aviation safety, aerodynamics, and aviation technology. The program also includes opportunities for students to obtain their pilot’s license and work as flight instructors while completing their degree.

4. Athletics

Calvary University is a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) and competes in various sports. The university’s athletic teams are called the Warriors and include men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, and volleyball. In addition to its intercollegiate sports, Calvary University also offers intramural sports, such as flag football and dodgeball, for students to participate in.

5. Student Life

Calvary University has a small student body, with around 400 students enrolled each year. Despite its size, the university offers a variety of clubs and organizations for students to get involved in, such as the Student Government Association, drama club, and worship band. The university also has a strong emphasis on community and encourages students to participate in service projects and mission trips throughout the year.

6. Online Programs

Calvary University offers various degree programs online, making it a great option for non-traditional students who cannot attend classes on campus. Online degree programs include Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Biblical Counseling. The university also offers an online Master of Science in Education and an online Master of Science in Organizational Development.

7. Financial Aid

Calvary University is committed to making its education accessible and affordable to all students. The university offers various forms of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, and loans. In addition, the university participates in the Federal Work-Study program, which provides part-time employment opportunities to eligible students to help offset the cost of their education.


In conclusion, Calvary University may be small, but it has many unique features that make it stand out. From its rich history and unique location to its aviation program and online degree offerings, Calvary University provides a well-rounded education for students. Whether you are looking to pursue a career in aviation, business, or ministry, Calvary University may be the right choice for you.