Fordham University Admission Requirements and GPA

A high-functioning University with an eclectic mix of courses in the great city of dreams- New York! What more to ask for a college life that you’ll remember for life? Fordham University is located in the Bronx and provides a rigorous education for its students. Let us see the a admission requirements and GPA of Fordham University in this article.

Fordham University Admission Requirements and GPA

They are known for giving their students a harsh environment where they can hone their skills, widen their horizons, develop a better vision for their lives and teach you to be the first to embrace change.

Fordham prides itself on giving its students the ability to walk themselves out of the world’s complex issues and equipping their wards with the practical experience needed to make their professional lives a grand success. At Fordham, students will meet a mixed bag of students from across the globe and shape students to reach for the stars.

Fordham has a rich history, being one of the oldest educational institutions in New York City. 

It was founded in 1841 as St John’s College. The Jesuits had arrived in the mid-40s of the 17th CE, and the college was sold to them- thus beginning its Jesuit influences.

Academics at Fordham

Fordham has four undergraduate and six postgraduate schools, with its academic programs and environment being highly influenced by the Jesuit culture. They also have an ISAP Office (the International and Study Abroad Programs Office); Fordham provides its students with more than a hundred study abroad opportunities- each one lasting for a minimum of six weeks to a maximum of a whole academic year. 

They operate their programs in the UK, Spain, Granada, Pretoria, and South Africa. They also operate in many other countries with the help of their partner institutions.

Admission Requirements and GPA- Getting into Fordham University


Fordham applications are highly competitive for a school not in the Ivy League. Based on their previous admission requirements of Fordham University, the minimum required GPA is 3.64, which is very high. In addition, you’ll have to be above average and maintain scores of As and Bs, with more As than Bs.

If you plan on increasing your GPA, you can also take up an AP or IB class- this won’t just boost your GPA but also make the admissions officer know that you can handle a full-time college class, which could go well in your favor!

If you’ve got a slightly lesser GPA than required, you can also compensate with your standard testing scores.

Other Requirements

Apart from a decent GPA, you’ll also have to satisfy many other requirements that Fordham requires.

Testing Requirements:


If you’re giving the SAT, these are the requirements to satisfy. The average SAT score of an accepted applicant at Fordham is 1380 to 1600. These scores tell you that they are moderately competitive, and they allow you to send in the best score of all your testing attempts. So, what you need to remember here is that if of all the attempts of the SAT you’ve given, the highest score is less than 1380, then it’s about time you reconsider your application to Fordham or retake the SAT after prepping once more. 


Like the SAT, the ACT score requirement for Fordham admission is a minimum of 28 and a maximum of 35. Any score below this band will probably not make for a successful application at all. However, if you’re taking the ACT, you’re in luck- there’s a huge positive. When you send ACT scores to colleges, you’re entirely controlled by which test you send. So you could take maximum attempts and send only the best score. This is an advantage because many SAT accepting institutions require that you send in all your scores from all your attempts. 

Writing Test Requirement: 

Both the SAT and ACT have an optional writing section that Fordham considers optional. So, if you are not planning on taking the writing section for Fordham, that’s fine. But maybe you’ll need it for a different school.

SAT Subject Test Requirements: 

As we have already established, Fordham is a moderately selective school. This would mean that a strong show in academics will guarantee your admission. But as far as SAT subject tests go, Fordham doesn’t ask that you take them up mandatorily, but it indicates a level of increased preference for a candidate who does well in the tests. Subject tests enable you to showcase some of your academic strengths and boost your application, especially if you are applying for a degree in that particular field. For example, if you are applying for a degree in STEM subjects, a strong show in the math and science subject tests will make you look very appealing to an admissions officer.

However, your SAT/ACT and GPA hold a lot more weight than the subject tests- so if your strategy is focusing on SAT/ACT, you’re on the right track- that deserves more preference.

Application Requirements:

Fordham requires that you send in a typical application at the cost of 70 USD. They also need an academic reference from a professor or teacher who has taught for a minimum of a year in your undergraduate degree program or high school, respectively. There is no interview, but you will have to send in a Statement of Purpose compulsorily.

You should have taken up English for four years, math, science, and social studies for three, and language for two years to be eligible to apply for the undergraduate program. There is also an early admission process that you should note.


Anyone can get into Fordham if they have a solid academic record with a minimum GPA of 3.2 and some great stuff going on for them outside of academics to supplement their education. But that’s not to say that they are a lousy school- Fordham is one of the better schools in the country that is a lot more accessible to the student community in terms of admission. So, if you want to go to Fordham, make sure you have all the basics covered. Good luck!