Do Grade 11 Marks Matter For University?

Grade 11 which can also be called the 11th Grade or Junior Year is the eleventh grade of secondary schools and in some countries, it is the final grade. In England, it is Year 12 as well as in Wales. The age range of Grade 11 is mostly between 16-17 years, depending on the student’s date of birth or the country. Let us know about it “Do Grade 11 Marks Matter For University?”

Do Grade 11 Marks Matter For University?

In England, Year 12 is also known as Lower Sixth Form. It can be compared to grade 11 in the United States. It is the next to last stage of secondary education. Students always take the first half of three or four A-Levels during year 12 or subjects that are equivalent to it.

The harshest and most demanding is the 11th grade for students looking to go to different universities.

 All universities are not the same. They all have their processes, and requirements for admitting students. What university and program a student applies to, and the time and year a student applies, are factors that determine courses and marks used to calculate the average for admission and what it depends on.

 Grade 11 does matter for Universities, but one can not know how all universities calculate students’ average.  According to what happens in most cases in different universities, especially in Canada.

In some universities in Canada, 5 Grade 12 courses and some 6 Grade 12 courses are required for admission.  For instance, using the five required courses; so, when a student’s average is being calculated for scholarship and early admission, marks will be used by the university from 5 courses of a student’s mid-year or semester final grade. If a student is unable to complete 5 Grade 12 courses at the end of the first semester, that’s when the grade 11 mark comes in.

Do Grade 11 Marks Matter For University?

How Grade 11 Marks Matter For Universities 

Grade 11 marks will be used as ‘determinants’ for Grade 12 marks by the admission officer of the university because 5 Grade 12 courses can not be completed by the majority of students at the end of the first semester. If eventually, a student can complete 5 Grade 12 in the first semester, they probably won’t be able to meet all the provisions required for their desired program. The program a student applies to will determine the mark the university will use.  

There will be certain Grade 12 courses that are required for the admission degree program like the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and the rest. For instance, Medicine generally requires Biology 12 + 4 other Grade 12 academic courses. 

Let us assume a student applied for Business Administration, to demonstrate how Grade 11 marks come into play. English 12, Commerce 12, Accounting 12, Economics 12, and one other grade 12 course, will be the requirements.

In the first semester of Grade 12, if English 12 and Commerce 12 have been completed by the student, those courses will be used as final Grade 12 marks. 

During their second semester of Grade 12, the student’s Grade 11 marks in these subjects will be used for these required courses as determinants for Grade 12 requirements if the student is taking Accounting and Economics. 

Any other Grade 12 academic course can be another course used in the average. It will not make a difference if it has been completed in Grade 11 or Grade 12.

In the United States, 11th grade does matter. A typical undergraduate 12th Grade student applies to universities. The score of the 11th grade becomes more important since there would not be a standard board report during that period.

Why Is Grade 11 Important?

    A student’s 11th-grade result will entrust students to put together better conclusions about the path they will like to take after they complete high school. 

Grade 11 prepares a student for Grade 12. If a student’s performance is good enough in Grade 11, it will certainly increase the student’s enthusiasm and confidence for his or her final year in high school, and that is the reason students should take it with so much seriousness.

A student 11th Grade report can be used to apply to the university, but there is limited space for that. The earlier a student applies the higher the chance of being accepted because it’s based on students’ Grade 11 results that universities accept their application temporarily.

Students can evaluate several options after matriculation to make better decisions about what they would like to take after he/she is through high school. The overall performance and the 11th grade would entrust them to make decisions that will determine what course to apply for, and where the student would want to apply. 

Grade 11 gives students a chance to implement a study plan; university education is quite expensive, and hereby it is not all that will be able to afford its cost. There are scholarship awards that are being put in place by some companies, and for students to qualify, they do not only consider 12th Grade results but also students’ 11th Grade results. So, a student who would not be able to afford the cost of going for higher learning at the university level can do well in his or her 11th grade, as well as 12th grade if he or she wants to be qualified for a scholarship from these companies.

Daily revision helps students prepare well and do better in exams. It is significant to revise what has been learned after the school period is over.

Studying effectively helps in achieving good grades. Creating a study plan will help one to know when to study and when to take a break to avoid losing focus, interest, or getting tired and rather relax the brain.


Concluding, Grade 11 is as important as Grade 12 to get into university. Grade 11 matters for both scholarship and admission. 11th Grade also matters depending on how universities calculate their own students’ average scores. Studying effectively and having good marks will also help and give a high chance for universities to use grade 11.