Denison University Admission Requirements

To know what are the admission requirements for Dension University on this article..

Like every other school, Denison University admission requirements for students to have good grades upon application to enroll in their programs. In addition to having a good GPA, your SAT scores and sometimes your ACT scores are factors that determine if you will be a good fit for the university.

Denison University Admissions Requirements

Admission requirements for Dension university

In this article, you will get to know the specific requirements for admission into Denison University.

Things to consider before applying to Denison University are the school’s acceptance rate, GPA requirements, SAT & ACT requirements and other application requirements

School’s Acceptance Rate

Every year, over 80% of students graduating high school will attempt to apply to a renowned university. At the same time, schools will have to go through a large number of applicants to filter out the unwanted ones. These filters are often based on specific criteria, including GPA and SAT scores. By the time this is done, the schools are left with several students and only a percentage which they are willing to accept.

For Denison University, the average rate of acceptance is only about 34%.

This means that in a pool of 100 applicants, the school will only be admitting 34 students.

From this data, it is easy to tell how competitive the application process will be.

GPA Requirements

Although certain universities may not announce that there is a required GPA needed to apply, they will often request that applicants have a specific minimum required GPA to be able to apply.

Oftentimes, this minimum required GPA is barely enough to make participants into the ideal candidate.

Since the process is very competitive, students are required to have more than the given minimum requirement to be considered. The GPA requirement for Denison University is a 3.74 out of 4.0 GPA. This means that by junior year of high school, applicants must already have an above-average ranking.

Note: If GPA is lower than 3.74, applicants might be able to increase their chances by combining it with a very high SAT score.

SAT & ACT Requirements 

Not all departments at Denison University insist on students having SAT/ACT scores.

But for applicants willing to enroll, it is advisable to have either of the two or both tests when applying. A good SAT or ACT score would most likely increase your chances of getting an acceptance.

The average SAT cutoff for Denison University is 1300. Students are expected to at the very least place between the 25th percentile (1210) score, and the 75th percentile (1380) score to be considered for admission.

For ACT, the requirements are almost similar to that of SAT. The test is not a major necessity, but a low ACT score will reduce your chances of being considered all the same.

The average ACT score cut off for Denison University is 30. Just like the SATs, students applying need to place between the 25th percentile (28) score and the 75th percentile (31) score to be considered.

One unique difference between the ACT testing and SAT is that students have the opportunity to retake the ACT as much as 10 ten times till they get the required score necessary to be considered for an application.

Other Application Requirements 

Apart from having a good GPA and SAT/ACT scores, other academic and non-academic requirements determine a student’s position in Denison University’s application.

The major requirements include your high school transcripts and recommendation letters.

Further Requirements include;

  • Personal Statement/University Essay
  • Recommendation letters from 2 authorized individuals
  • Application fee (solely for foreign applicants)
  • SAT Essay or ACT Writing (which can be optional)
  • Proof of after school activities
  • Requirements for course work include; studying English for four years, studying Math for four years, studying science for four years, having studied foreign languages for three years, social studies for two years, History for one year, and at least one year of other electives.

Tips that Could Help with Your Application Process

  1. Being a member of a school team, or participating in an extracurricular activity at school, with high affiliations or relating to Denison University. E.g., music bands.
  2. Partaking in volunteering work. Do something for the community you live in. This will give you an edge above other candidates like no other.
  3. Spend your school breaks wisely, engaging in pastimes that promote who you are and what you believe in.
  4. Let your statement or essay be worthy of remembrance. Another thing that could ensure you are not considered is a badly written statement. Your statement plays a big role in your admission process because it’s the one way the university can get a feel of the kind of individual they would be admitting.
  5. Apply early. Don’t wait until the last minute to apply.

To summarize, the following are what you should know before applying to Denison University. The acceptance rate is about 34%, they have a GPA requirement of 3.74/4.0, the minimum SAT score required is 1210. The minimum ACT requirement is 28 and there are other basic academic requirements  which include a high school transcript, personal statement, two recommendation letters, and coursework requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an SAT score of 1200, so do I still have a shot at Denison University?

A low SAT score could very well be a negative when applying to Denison University. Since the university is highly competitive, the chances of being considered with a low SAT score are very slim. Unless you rank high in your class, you would be unlikely to get an acceptance with an SAT score below 1210.

Does my rank in high school determine if I get placement in the university?

Although it is not a major factor for admission requirements, a high rank is recommended when applying to Denison University.

Is an application fee required to submit applications?

Domestic applicants do not have to pay an application fee, but for foreign applicants, it is necessary to do so.

Where is Denison University located?

Denison University is located in Granville, Ohio.

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