Delaware State University Admission Requirements

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Delaware State University is one of the historically Black universities (HBCU) that is most respected in the United States. The school was established to offer educational opportunities to diverse people in the state, this is done by purposefully integrating the highest standard of excellence in teaching, research, and service in both their undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. All you need to know about securing admission to the prestigious university will be discussed in this article.

 Delaware State University Admission Requirements

Delaware State University General Overview

Delaware state university also known as Del State or (DSU) is a public historically black land-grant research university located in Dover, Delaware. It was founded on May 15, 1891, as a Delaware college for colored students by the state general assembly, but on July 1, 1993, the university changed its name to the well-known one today.  Due to the vast growth of the school, Del state has two satellite campuses, one is in Wilmington and the other in Georgetown. In 2022, U.S News and World Report ranked Delaware state university tenth position among the historically black universities in the country, and also in 2018, the school’s college of business was named by Princeton Review as one of the best Business schools for ten consecutive years (2009/2018).

DSU consists of four colleges which are the College of Agricultural Science and Technology, the College of Humanities, Education and Social Science, the College of Business, and the 4College of Health and Behavioral science. The school offers 46 undergraduate degrees, 21 master’s degree programs, and also Six (6) doctorate programs in a ratio of 13:1 students/ faculty ratio. Del state’s athletic program participates in the National Collegiate Athletic Association(NCAA) Division-1, and their athletic team is called the Hornets.

Delaware state university admission requirements and GPA

Every school has its unique admission requirements, it is the admission requirement that will allow you to know if you are qualified for the school or not, and it also lets you know the schools you can process with your result. Delaware State University is one of the institutions whose admission requirements are a bit on the moderate side. People love to think that the greater the difficulty in entering, the higher the value you will receive in that institution. let us take a look at Del state admission requirements below:

  • Acceptance/admission rate

The school has an average acceptance rate of 39%, which indicate that the school admission standard is extremely easy, and the applicant competition Is a bit high (last year, the school admitted 4,452 students out of 11,317 applicants), This is because Of the school’s motive for the diversification of its students. Delaware State University is known to admit students from all over the world as long as they meet the school admission standard, some schools have an early decision acceptance rate but for Del state, the early acceptance rate is 0% meaning no favorites.

  • Delaware State University GPA requirement

Delaware state university has an average cumulative GPA of 3.16, this illustrated that the institution admits students that are on the B average scale with a little bit of A’s mixed in the middle, but for C’s or D’s it is better to beware of them because it will give the admission officers some doubts about whether you are capable of handling the stress and any other thing that comes in alignment with the higher education program. To those that have a GPA that is lesser than the average GPA requirements, you can improve your overall percentage of gaining admission with a  high score on your SAT or ACT score range.

  • SAT or ACT score requirements for Delaware state university applicant

Delaware state university is one of the few schools that is test-blind, this means that your test score isn’t considered vital information when grading or admitting students, but this does not indicate that your test score should not be submitted. It is better to be safe than sorry, so I will advise you to submit your test score along with your other admission requirements because the test score is known to boost your GPA.

To submit a decisive application, you must do well in your test score, and this leads us to the average SAT score composite required in del state which is 910 on the 1600 SAT scale. The school test score is broken down into the 25th percentile and the 75th percentile which are 820 and 990 respectively. Though Del state, like other schools, talks about not having a minimum test score range for the school, anyone with a lesser test score than the average score will have a  difficult time getting in unless you have provided something exceptional in your submitted application. The average ACT score required is 19 and this is considered competitive. Any student that has less score than the average will also find it hard to gain admission to that university, the 25th and 75th ACT score percentile are 17 and 21 respectively.

Delaware State University’s other admission requirements

  1.  An application fee: The school requires an application fee of $35 yearly before you can be privileged to collect the application form.

  2.   Official high school or previous college transcripts: You will be told to submit your high school transcripts with your other documents before you can consider finishing your admission process

  3.  A letter of recommendation: Two letters of recommendation will be asked of you, it will help them determine the kind of personality they are considering and what value can the school benefits from you. In other terms, it means that you can’t just be making use of their resources without you adding additional value.

  4.  An essay letter: A typed 400-600 that explains fully the reason you prefer the school should be submitted with your other documents

  5.  Extracurricular activities: certificates or awards given to you for performing extracurricular or leadership activities are other documents that are being requested.


Delaware State University is known as one of the best Historically black universities, and this ranking doesn’t affect the school admission requirements because it is considered a moderately selective school. Therefore, those whose course of study is in good alignment with the school should not hesitate to apply.