Cornell Acceptance Rate

Cornell University, Ithaca is one of the eight Ivy League Schools and perhaps the least competitive one. When compared to the other Ivy’s, Cornell has a comparatively higher acceptance rate of 10.6%. For the Class of 2023, a total of 49,118 students applied and around 5,183 students were offered admission to the University. According to the admission trends, the statistics have decreased by 4.3% from the previous year. Let’s learn about ‘What are the Cornell Acceptance Rate’.

Cornell Acceptance Rate

Cornell Acceptance Rate

These figures may give off a negative impression but stay assured because it does not impact the impeccable curriculum of the University. Cornell offers more than 30 campus dining facilities, 20 libraries and the 10 largest academic research libraries in the U.S. There are 1200+ student organisations which only fuels the diverse culture of the University. 

Cornell University: Admission to undergraduate programs

One can apply to Cornell University by filling out the early-decision application, regular-decision application and transfer application. If Cornell University is your first choice, you should fill out the early-decision application. Remember that the early decisions are binding and you would have to withdraw the applications sent to other colleges. If your application is not selected for the early decision, it will be postponed to the regular decision. Some crucial deadlines for the admission application are as follows:

EventsImportant Dates
Early decision application submission1st Nov 2022
Early-decision: Financial aid application materials (International students)1st Nov 2022
Early-decision: Financial aid application materials (U.S. students)21st Nov 2022
Early-decision: Announcement of decisions and financial aid awards Mid-Dec.
Regular decision applications submission2nd Jan 2022
Regular decision: Financial aid application materials (International students)2nd Jan 2022
Regular decision: Financial aid application materials (U.S. students)15th Feb 2022
Regular decision: Announcement of decisions and financial aid awards Early April

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Cornell Admissions requirement for the Undergraduate Students

Cornell University has a highly selective admission process. The students must not only be academically strong but in extracurriculars too. Students looking forward to applying for Cornell University admissions must fill out an online application form. The Application must be submitted through the Common Application. Next, they need to attach all the required documents, write supplements, answer the questions and submit them to the University. There are no standardized scores required for the UG class of 2022, 2023 and 2024. Students applying for the architecture program must attend an interview. Other essential requirements include:

  • Submitting the official academic transcripts. International students with transcripts in their native language must translate them into English.
  • There must be 2 LORs from teachers and a LOR from the school counsellor or college advisor. 
  • School counsellor must send the school report and mid-year report to the university at the earliest. 
  • Students must submit the Cornell questions and writing supplement to the University. 
  • International students must submit their English proficiency tests such as TOEFL iBT (100), IELTS (7.5), Duolingo (120) or PTE (70).
Undergraduate Application PortalCommon Application
Undergraduate Application Fee80 USD

Cornell University: Admission to undergraduate programs

ProgramsAdmission Deadline 
M.S. Computer ScienceFall Deadline: 1st Feb 2022Spring Deadline:1st Nov 2022
M.S. Applied Economics and ManagementFall Deadline: 15 Dec 2021
M.S. Biological and Environmental EngineeringFall Deadline: 1st Dec 2021
M.S. Applied PhysicsFall Deadline: 15th May 2022
M.B.A.Round 1: 22nd Sep 2022Round 2: 10th Jan 2023Round 3: 11th Apr 2023
E.M.B.A. AmericasFall Deadline: 15 Mar 2022
M. Eng Engineering PhysicsFall Deadline: 5th Jan 2022
M. Eng. Electrical and Computer EngineeringFall Deadline: 15th Jan 2023
M. Eng. Material Science and EngineeringFall Deadline: 15th Jan 2023Spring Deadline: 15th Oct 2022
M. Eng. Biological and Environmental EngineeringFall Deadline: 1st Mar 2022Spring Deadline: 1st Oct 2022
M. Eng. Geological SciencesFall Deadline: 1st Jan 2022Spring Deadline: 15th Sep 2022
M. Eng. Chemical EngineeringFall Deadline: 10th Jun 2022
M. Eng. Engineering ManagementFall Deadline: 15th Feb 2022Spring Deadline: 15th Oct 2021
M. Eng. Engineering MechanicsFall Deadline: 1st Feb 2022Spring Deadline: 15th Oct 2022
M. Eng/M.B.A.May Intake: 1st May 2022
M. Eng. Systems EngineeringFall Deadline: 31st May 2022Spring Deadline: 15th Nov 2021

(Source: CollegeDunia)

Cornell Admissions requirement for the Graduate Students

Cornell University has an acceptance rate of 10.6% which makes the admission process highly competitive. The students must be experts in their fields and have impeccable academic and extra-curricular records. Students applying to graduate programs must fill out the application form through the online application portal and choose their field of interest. For the STEM programs, students with research experience have an upper hand. The basic requirments for graduate students are as follows:

  • Academic transcripts of the secondary school. International students must translate their official documents into English.
  • The Students also need to show the academic and professional letter of recommendation (LOR).
  • Four-year Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college.
  • English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL iBT (77) and IELTS (7.0)
  • GRE/GMAT with an average GRE quant score of 160 and average GRE verbal score of 153. The GMAT score must range between 650 to 750.
Undergraduate Application PortalApply web Account
Undergraduate Application Fee105 USD

Student Visa Application Process

Once the University accepts your admission application, you must attach all the necessary documents and apply for a student visa to study in the US. Documents needed to apply for the visa process are as follows:

  • A valid passport
  • Successful admission letter from Cornell University
  • DS-160 confirmation page with student’s application ID
  • I-20 (F-1) or DS-2019 (J-1) form
  • Fee receipt from SEVIS
  • Income proof or proof of financial support 
  • Additional documents required by the US Embassy

Steps to apply for the Student Visa

The steps to apply for the student Visa are as follows:

  • Step 1: Apply for the student status at Cornell University 
  • Step 2: Obtain your I-20 or DS-201 form
  • Step 3: Pay the SEVIS fee
  • Step 4: Complete the DS-160 visa application for non-immigrants
  • Step 5: Fix your visa appointment
  • Step 6: Gather the necessary documents
  • Step 7: Attend the interview to obtain visa
  • Step 8: Receive the entry visa in your passport


Cornell is a prestigious university with an acceptance rate of 10.6%. It is highly competitive for both US and International students. Students should not just focus on academics but they should also focus on extracurriculars because the admission committee at Cornell has a holistic approach. Combining academic excellence with leadership is the key to securing successful admission at Cornell University.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I study at Cornell University for free?

Cornell University is not free for international students. However, students can apply for financial aid, scholarships and grants to cover their study and living expenses in the US.

  1. How much GPA is required to enter Cornell University?

There is no minimum GPA requirement specified by the universities. However, the average GPA of students studying at Cornell University is 4.07 on a scale of 4.0. 

  1. How much are the Cornell University application fees?

The application fee for the undergraduate at Cornell University is 80 USD. The application for the graduate programs is 105 USD, except for the MBA program which costs 200 USD.