Clayton State University Admission Requirements

To know about the admission requirements of Clayton state on this article..!

Clayton State University was founded in 1969, in Morrow, Georgia.what are the admission requirements ? It was first named “Clayton Junior College” and it was renamed many times by the Georgia Board of Regents. This institute is a public fast-growing university which is offering many undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

This university is a selective Senior Unit of the University System of Georgia that serves Metro Atlanta. Layton State University has been authorized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on College to provide associate, undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees. Dr. T. Ramon Stuart was elected as Clayton State’s first African-American president in 2021.

Clayton State University Admission Requirements

Educational Programs:

It is made up of four colleges and a single school such as; Arts and Sciences College, Colleges of Business, Health Sciences, and Information and Mathematical Sciences, and Graduate School of Education. It has 9 master’s degree programs and 40 undergraduate majors. Its fields of study include Liberal arts and sciences, Community psychology, Health services, Office management and supervision, Logistics and supply chain management, Accounting, Biology, Registered nursing, Information science, Legal assistant, Cinematography and film production, and Legal assistant/paralegal.

It has a total enrollment of 7,052 students (fall 2021), with 29% male and 71% female gender distribution.

Clayton State University admission requirements and GPA:

Every institute looks for a variety of criteria before admitting students, thus this one is moderately selective as well. It looks for you to match its GPA and other test score requirements, such as SAT / ACT.

To get into Clayton State University, you need to concentrate on the following important factors:

  • Minimum GPA requirements
  • SAT and ACT testing requirements
  • Application requirements

Minimum GPA requirements:

Your GPA is the most significant factor in getting into any college or university. Clayton applicants must have a 3.02 out of 4.0 GPA in high school. It is okay to be a B-average student, with a mix of A’s in it. If you’re GPA is below average, your SAT or ACT score will need raise. You may also have reservations about obtaining admission because it implies that you will be unable to cope with the stress of your impending academic activities.

SAT and ACT testing requirements:

To be admitted to this university, you must take either SAT or ACT to be considered well. SAT score ranges from 850-to 1020 while the average SAT score is 951 on the 1600 SAT scale. And ACT score ranges from 18 to 22 while the average ACT scores is 20. If you take the ACT rather than SAT, you will have a big advantage in terms of how your scores are communicated, which will have a substantial impact on your testing strategy. It also features a Writing portion that is optional and may or may not be taken into account throughout the admissions process.

Application requirements:

Every institute requires an application, as well as some supporting documents such as a common application, a letter of recommendation, and other fundamental information. Clayton University demands Electronic applications (which can be completed in two ways i.e. Apply online via GA Futures or download a paper application), College transcripts, High school transcripts, Essays or personal statements, Letters of Recommendation, and interviews.

Mission and Benefits of Clayton State University: 

Clayton State University fosters an environment of active community service and involvement, expertise learning that prepares students of all ages and backgrounds to thrive in their lives and professions. 

It has the following benefits:

  • Creating an atmosphere of accessibility, cooperation, teamwork, and mutuality at the University.
  • It enhances overall institution performance, expanding and distributing funds efficiently according to mission and values.
  • It creates an exceptional educational experience that encourages independent thought, logical analysis, and creativity.
  • It supports its students, professors, alumni, and community involvement in learning.
  • It also delivers an equal and inclusive campus community for its students, instructors, and staff.

Educational life at Clark:

The acceptance rate of Clayton State is nearly 48%. It means that for every 100 applicants, 48 are admitted to it. Its students are mostly from the Atlanta metro area. The rest hail from other parts of Georgia, and more than 40 other nations. The application fee is $40.

Other services:

Clayton provides scholarships, financial aid, internships, and career linking guides to its students. Its internships combine classroom theoretical concepts with hands-on experience and developing skills in a formal context. It allows students to get significant practical experience and develop contacts in professional domains they are interested in pursuing as a career path, as well as employers to coach and analyze skills. Its monitoring program directors collaborate to ensure that you complete the courses required for your degree. It also provides online career assessments, job search methods, resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing, and dressing success.

What will you need to apply for Clayton State University?

The university has a 48% acceptance rate. It means that this institute is moderately falls in the selective category is accepting applications. On your high school transcript, you’ll need a 3.02 out of a possible 4.0. And you either need to submit you’re SAT or ACT score.

Does Clayton require an essay for admission?

Clayton State University considers the SAT Essay / ACT Writing element to be voluntary and may not be taken into account during the admissions process.

How hard is it to get admission to Clayton University?

This university is quite selective. The acceptance rate is only 48%. Although they are more lenient than other universities, it wants you to meet their requirements, and you have a strong chance of being accepted.


Clayton State University is ranked #104-#137 by Regional Universities South, based on its performance on a set of commonly accepted excellence indicators. It concentrates on nurturing unique characteristics among members and the university’s community. Applicants must have a 3.02 GPA in high school and a mix of A’s and B’s in it. Furthermore, an SAT score ranges from 850 to 1020 while an ACT score ranges from 18 to 22. In terms of how your scores are transmitted, you have a huge edge, which has a significant impact on your testing strategy. It also features an optional Writing portion and it may or may not be properly considered throughout the admissions process. It also requires an electronic application (which can be done in two ways: online via GA Futures or on a paper application), college transcripts, high school transcripts, an essay or personal statement, letters of recommendation, and an interview.