California State University Long Beach or Fullerton

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Both California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) are part of the comprehensive system of California State Universities. There are 23 California State university campuses located throughout California, United States.

Both universities are well-reputed in their leagues. They differ based on admission difficulties, enrollment stats, tuition/ fees, campus administrations, and offered degree programs. Both of these institutions carry specific regulations and privileges as per people’s preferences. 

California State University Long Beach or Fullerton

California state University Long beach or Fullerton

California State University, Long Beach:

In 1949, CSULB was established by Californian Governor as a public university. Since then it has grown and later became part of the California State University system. It is the second-largest University in California by enrollment. It is one of the best-valued universities in the nation with low tuition fees and high academic values. It has earned several rankings in 2021:

  • #1 for Best Bang for the Buck College 2021 (By Washington monthly)
  • #2 Top Public School in the West (by U.S News & World Records)
  • #4 Producer of Bachelor’s degrees for minority students

California State University, Fullerton:

CSUF was established in 1957, its former name was Orange Country State College. Now, it is the leading campus in the California University state system. It is basically known as the cultural center for Southern California, and a driver of business & economic development in the States.  

In 2021, a few notable achievements of CSUF is listed:

  • #5 Most Innovative School: West (by US News & World Reports)
  • #9 Best College for Bussiness majors (by Money Magzine)

Cal State University, Long Beach or Cal State University, Fullerton

Enrollment Stats: 

Enrollment stats will help you determine the future of any institute. These stats help in deciding better, which institute will be going to perform well in the coming years.

There exists no obvious disparity in the enrollment stats of both Universities. 

Cal State University, Fullerton: 42,051

Cal State University, Long Beach: 40,069

Fullerton has also earned the name of the Biggest student body, and CSULB is the second largest in the CSU systems.

Degree Programs offered:

If you are specific about your field, then go for the best field-specific university. CSULB and CSUF both offer Bachelor’s, Post Bachelor’s, Masters, and doctorate professional programs. 

These universities discriminate based on their best majors. Analyze your preferences and choose your university based on its best majors. 

Cal State University, Fullerton’s best majors are Business, Communications, and Psychology. 

The is also known for its arts and dance theatre programs.

Cal State University, Long Beach’s best majors are Business, Family studies, and Consumer Sciences

Admission criteria:

It is wise to relate your average aggregate to universities’ admission criteria. It will help you to determine your admission success. 

The GPA requirement for both universities is the same. They require an average of 3.68 for admission. 

However, CSULB requires higher scores on standardized tests. 

SAT scoresACT points
CSULB1020 – 124020 – 26 
CSUF1000 – 118018 – 23
Acceptance rate:

The universities’ acceptance rate lies between 45% – 70%. As the general public prefers these universities because of their transcendent educational values and inexpensive dues, the acceptance competition is quite high. 

CSUF (with 67%) has a high acceptance rate than CSULB (42%). CSULB admission standards are relatively high.  

Retention Rate:

Life at CSULB is quite tough when compared with CSUF. This indicates that CSULB follows eminence standards and ethical behavior. The average retention rate for CSULB is 87%.

Graduation Rate:

The Graduation rate of CSULB is higher than CSUF. CSULB graduation rate is 73%, and CSUF is 69%.

Employment Rate:

The employment rate of university graduates determines the college’s potential. The college is responsible for preparing newbies. The overall training and teaching methods affect students’ accomplishments. 

There exists little difference in the median earnings of both universities’ graduates. CSULB graduates earn relatively more than CSUF.  

The median earnings stats (after 10 years) for graduates are

Cal State University, Long Beach: $51,100

Cal State University, Fullerton: $49,000

Tuition fees & Expenses:

As both universities belong to the same organization, there exists no difference in their tuition fees. However, the study expenses like travel, boring, meals, and books differ based on their locations.

The CSULB is located in a large city so its net price is higher than SCUF which is located in a midsize city.  

How Cal State University, Long Beach is good?

Based on the mentioned stats, universities prefer quality over quantity. Their student-faculty ratio is 1:24 which is good at the university level. If you’re looking to do a major in business or human resources, CSULB is the best choice. Its stars have shown positive results in students’ achievements. It is included in the top 10 nationwide colleges. In 2021, It has been ranked well for promoting social mobility, and for accepting a diversified community system. 

How Cal State University, Fullerton is good?

When compared with other universities in the country, Cal State University Fullerton is producing the best-performing students. It’s a place to get a quality education with cheap tuition fees. The resources here are impressive and the teachers are friendly and accessible.

If you are looking for arts degree programs, then CsUF is for you. It offers graduate and post-graduate degree programs in drama, theater, and dance with 30 units in master’s and 6 in graduate. 

When you are studying among the best students, that automatically enhances your cognitive abilities. The university is ranked by Forbes among ‘America Top Colleges’. It ranks #19 in Regional Universities West and #41 in best value schools. 

Cal State University, Long Beach, and Cal State University, Fullerton both are the best performing universities in the country. They have earned numerous rankings nationally and internationally. When it comes to admission standards, CSULB is more strict and prefers high scores on standardized tests. On the contrary, CSUF admission standards are low. 

CSUF has earned a name for being the best college of Business and Arts among California state university systems. This college has also been preparing students well for their future. First, analyze your interest, and admission aggregate then relate it to the universities. Then, apply where you best fit.  


The article gives all the aspects of differences between both the colleges, and no doubt both the colleges are excellent in their own sphere. At the end the article also mentions why to choose the college by giving some vital characteristics about the college.