Baldwin Wallace University Admission Requirements- Know More

Baldwin Wallace University is a private university that is located in the state of Berea, Ohio in the United States. It was established in 1845 by John Baldwin. Thus, the university is famous for its education, business, neuroscience, and music programs. Every year more than 4000 students get enrolled in this University. Here we will see about Baldwin Wallace University admission requirements.

Baldwin Wallace University admission requirements

At present, Baldwin University has two main campuses,

  • The main campus at Berea.
  • Corporate College East in Warrensville.

Courses/programs offered at Baldwin Wallace University

The University of Baldwin Wallace offered different major programs and courses to its students. It has a unique different course structure i.e,

Courses offered for undergraduate programs

The university has offered 80 major programs for undergraduate programs including cooperative and pre-professional programs.

The Baldwin Wallace University also provides 12 major and 6 certificate programs in the evening and weekend time.

Courses offered for graduate programs

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of science and education
  • Bachelor of music
  • Bachelor of  music in education
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Besides, the University also offered 16 master’s programs and online courses.

Admission requirement and GPA at Baldwin Wallace University.

At Baldwin University, the admission committee decides the acceptance of each student based on the following criteria:-

Acceptance rate: – The University acceptance rate is 74% out of 100 every year for all the courses. 

SAT Requirement: – The Baldwin Wallace University requirement for SAT is optional. However, in some departments, Students have to get a minimum score of 1139 out of the 1600 SAT scale.

ACT requirements: – Like SAT, the University also required an average ACT score of 24 out of 40 from students.

GPA requirement:- To get admission, the students should also have to score a minimum score of 3.25.

Thus, to get admission at Baldwin University, the applied students have to fulfill these 4 requirements.

What is GPA?

Grading Point Average (GPA) is a digit that indicates the student’s overall performance in his academic course. It shows how good students have excelled in the course.

What is an SAT?

SAT is an entrance exam that is been conducted during the time of admission by the college or University to test the knowledge of the students. Thus, the universities admission is decided based on this score. The full form of SAT stands for the Scholastic assessment test.

What is ACT?

The ACT is an academic skill test that is conducted by the college in the United States during the admission time based on 4 subjects, i.e, English, mathematics, reading, and scientific reasoning. The full form of ACT stands for America College Testing.

Is it very difficult to get admission to the University of Baldwin Wallace?

No! The selection process is not very difficult, compared to other universities as the acceptance rate is higher. It depends on the student’s performance on how well he had secured on the SAT, ACT and GPA exam as the entire procedure of the selection entirely depends on the marks obtained from the exam.

What are the documents required at Baldwin Wallace University at the time of admission?

 Like every institution, the Baldwin Wallace University has also required the following documents for admission:-

  • High School transcripts
  • Completed Application.
  • Recommendation letter from the previous school.
  • Educational Testimonials 
  • Test Scores of SAT/ACT and GPA.

However, the SAT and ACT scores are required only by some departments for regular courses. Besides, the regular course, the University also offered home school courses to their students.

Documents required for Home school programs.

Baldwin University has also offered home based- school programs in its course.

  • High school transcript
  • Letter of recommendation from the previous school
  • Educational testimonials
  • ACT and SAT scores are required in all the departments.
  • Submit the School report form along with the online application form and describe the score and grade in the application.

Steps to apply at Baldwin Wallace University

To apply at Baldwin Wallace University, there are two steps the students have to apply before the admission:-

  • Submit an online application through the University portal.
  • Or apply through the Common Application form.

Does Baldwin Wallace University offer scholarships to their Students?

Yes! The Baldwin Wallace University offered scholarships to its students in three forms:-

  • Need-based grants
  • Merit-based scholarships
  • Student loans.

However, these scholarships are determined based on the GPA grade scored by the students in their previous school. And these scholarships are decided at the time of admission. Although Baldwin University is a private University, it has offered scholarships to many students and every year 95% of the students are awarded  scholarships.

How much are the tuition fees at Baldwin for different courses?

 The tuition fees at Baldwin Wallace University have different course structures.

Fees per semester for Undergraduate course

Baldwin University charges $16,765 per semester for undergraduate courses.

Fees per credit hour for a graduate course

For graduate course the university charge, $721 per hour.

Fees per credit hour for Master’s degree course

For Master’s programs, the University charge, $1,042 for day classes and $720 for evening classes.


Thus, Baldwin Wallace University is one of the best universities in the Midwest in the United States that has offered quality education at a very cheaper rate than any other private Institute. Besides this, the university also provides many scholarship opportunities to their students and 95% of their students received free education under this scholarship. Thus, it has given equal opportunity to all students in terms of educational development and growth. The admission requirements at Baldwin University are also not critically determined like the other university in the United States.


  1. Is Baldwin Wallace University an expensive University?

Ans: – No, It is not an expensive University as the fees are cheaper and most of the student’s fees are also covered under the scholarship schemes.

   2. Is an international student applying for a scholarship opportunity offered by the University?

Ans: – Yes! The scholarship opportunities apply to both international and national students.

  1. Is it mandatory for students to have SAT/ ACT scores for admission?

 Ans:- For home school, it is mandatory to have SAT/ACT scores however, for Campus scores it is required only by some departments.