Alfred University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Transferring to another university or college is common for students. There could be many reasons behind their transfer. They might not like the environment of their college or university and wanted to go somewhere else. The Transfer process is not always that easy. Let us know about ‘Alfred University Transfer Acceptance Rate’.

Alfred University Transfer Acceptance Rate

If you want to transfer to Alfred University, the one thing you have to look for is its transfer acceptance rate. Alfred University is considered one of the best and most selected universities in the United States. If you wonder what’s the transfer acceptance rate of Alfred University to transfer here, you might be at the right place. 

The transfer acceptance rate of Alfred University is 78.41%. For a student who wants to transfer here, this is a highly competitive transfer acceptance rate. Alfred’s transfer acceptance rate is among the highest in the country, and the school has a long history of providing excellent opportunities for students to transfer and complete their degrees. Many intelligent students get the benefit of studying in this university in their practical life also, as it is a well-known university located in the dream place of students, the New York state of the United States. 

Transfer Acceptance Rate 

South of Rochester and southeast of Buffalo, in Allegany County in Western New York, USA, is where Alfred University is located. It is a small, comprehensive university. Around 2,000 students are undergraduates at Alfred. There are five colleges and schools in the organization. 

Alfred University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs and 60 different liberal arts and professional studies degrees, minors, and concentrations are available at Alfred University, which is a lively, inviting community. 

The 78.41% transfer acceptance rate of Alfred University is not easy to get. It seems difficult because this rate is high and competitive. As it is a small university with less population of students, the applications it receives for transfer are also fewer. And the applicants that got admission here are also numbered. So the acceptance rate and especially the transfer acceptance rate is an important factor to consider when deciding if Alfred University is the right college for you. 

Requirements for Getting Transfer 

As we know all universities have their terms and conditions that students have to complete to get admission to that university. Alfred University does not have any difference. It also mentions some of the requirements, you have to fulfill if you want to study here. These requirements and conditions are listed below.

  • GPA 

The first thing a university demands from you is a good high school GPA. Alfred University requires at least a 2.5 GPA from you to apply here. Of course, if you have more than a 2.5 GPA, you will be a priority by the university. 

  • Transcripts 

A certified copy of your high school transcript or your General Equivalency Diploma results (G.E.D). all previously attended colleges and universities’ authentic and sealed transcripts are needed. You have to complete these documents with your application to meet this condition of the university. 

  • Score on SAT 

If you haven’t finished more than two semesters of college, you should send your College Board test results, if they are available. Though these test scores are not required, it will be a good option if you have good scores. 

  • Recommendations

A minimum of 1 recommendation letter is necessary with the submission of the application. This letter should be from a recent faculty member as it is a requirement of the university. 

  • Application Essay 

You should have to write an essay with your application. In this essay, you have to describe your personal experiences and activities you have done in high school. Also, you can describe the reasons or interests due to which you are transferring to Alfred University. 

  • Application Fee

The transfer application will cost you $50. After applying with the required fee, you will get an AU Application Fee Waiver certificate if you want to visit the campus. 

  • Credits

University demands some credits from you also. You have to AU Application Fee Waiver certificate. This amount of credits if you want to become a transfer student at Alfred University. This minimum amount of credits is 75 which you have to complete. 

  • Portfolio 

If you are applying to the art and design department, then a portfolio is needed. 

Furthermore, University doesn’t demand interviews but if you do, it will be appreciated. Also, it is a benefit that no associate degree is required here. So you will have to meet all these conditions if you want to get admission to this university. 

Deadlines to Apply for Transfer 

All the universities set some deadlines for the applicants so that they can have all the applications before the due date. Alfred’s university is not unlike others. This University also has some deadline dates before which you have to submit your applications. Also, Alfred University has separate deadlines for fall and spring for different departments. 

  • March 15 is the reported deadline date for the International Student Fall Applications. 
  • March 1 is the reported deadline date for the Fall Art & Design Applications
  • August 1 is the reported deadline date for the Fall Application for all other programs. 
  • October 15 is the reported deadline for the International Spring Applications. 
  • November 15 is the reported deadline for the Art & Design Spring Applications.
  • December 15 is the reported deadline date for the Spring Applications for all other programs. 

There are also deadlines for submitting financial aid applications for the students so that they can have some aid from the university. So these are the deadline dates. You have to submit your applications before these dates if you want the university to consider your application. 

Aids and Scholarships 

Though Alfred University is a small university it provides its students with financial aid and scholarships. For transfer students, Alfred University provides a lot of help in the form of both merit-based scholarships and financial help. Scholarships awarded based on merit cost between $9,000 and $15,000. It is a huge amount and students that can qualify for it don’t have to worry about their tuition fees during their studies. Also, it has different tuition fees and financial aid for different majors and departments. 


Let’s summarise what we’ve learned. You can go to the university’s official website to have more knowledge. Transfer applications are accepted by Alfred University in 78.41% of cases, which is a high rate. You should also have to fulfill all the requirements they provide and the documentation they demand so that your application doesn’t have any flaws and comes into consideration. So if you want to have all the information about transferring to Alfred University, we suggest you read our article once so that you can have a better understanding of everything. 


1. Is transferring to a college or university easier? 

Transferring to a university or college is somehow easy because the transfer acceptance rate of the universities is lower than the acceptance rate for fresh students. So it is to become a transfer student rather than a freshman. 

2. What is the acceptance rate of Alfred University for freshmen? 

The acceptance rate of Alfred University for freshmen is 62.7%. It is more competitive than the transfer acceptance rate of this university which is 78.41%.