Admission criteria and eligibility at Gonzaga University

Education, a pillar that defines one’s life has to be shaped in a manner that guides and leads the learner to glory. With multiple options in hand, it becomes hard for young teens to choose what suits them best to explore their talent. So, here comes the role of a mentor. The leadership at Gonzaga University believes that there are no failed students. It is only their lack of interest in a particular field that takes them away from reality. So it becomes important to choose what is right and get enrolled in an environment that talks about reality. In his article we shall learn about the Admission criteria and eligibility at Gonzaga University.

Gonzaga University spread across 150 acres is situated in Spokane, USA. It offers a wide range of courses from undergraduate to graduate to online graduate programs, and this includes financial aid.

It offers 15 undergraduate degrees through 52 majors, 54 minors, and 37 concentrations whereas it offers 23 master’s degrees and 4 doctorate degrees in respective fields that range from arts, science, and law, to nursing, and is open to international students alongside domestic learners.

The university takes a broader approach while offering admission in respective fields. A student applying for a UG course will not require SAT or ACT score, but those with less than 30 semesters at the time of applying will have to submit SAT and ACT scores. A student applying for a graduate program will have to have a baccalaureate degree. International students must sit for an English proficiency test.

The university has an acceptance rate of 61.7%, whereas 112.7% of meritorious students receive scholarships which costs $16,064 per year from the university’s exchequer, excluding those receiving financial aid due to various reasons.

The university has an 11:1 student to faculty ratio, and has 7295 students including 4852 undergraduate students, whereas the faculty number stands at 450, with 853 supporting staff members.

The university claims to provide placement to all its students within 3 months of their graduation at top firms.

Admission criteria and eligibility at Gonzaga University

Admission Criteria

An aspiring student must pass out from a recognized high school with a college preparatory program while showcasing proof of ability to complete the applied degree course.

The University does not have a minimum test score but offers an optional test. Students failing to score the basic minimum requirement will have to undergo an interview.

Completion of all pending common curriculum from the passing out institute including academics.

Students must pay the application fees after applying for the required program.

Graduate and Undergraduate Requirements:

For undergraduate, completion of a minimum of 128-semester credits. A minimum overall grade point of 2 is required.

For Postgraduate, a transcript from the previous university of undergraduate course alongside the degree obtained. 2 confidential recommendations sent to the persons. A resume or CV is called.


GPA is calculated by the combined results of examination, assignments, class attendance, and general evidence. It is further calculated by dividing the total points obtained by the total credits graded.

Here’s a brief guide to the GPA:

A, A-, and B+ come under the ‘excellent’ category with 4.0, 3.7, and 3.3 as quality points respectively. B, B-, and C+ come under the ‘good’ category. F is awarded to students failing to obtain course targets.

Students can receive their mid-semester grade reports by logging into their university accounts.

International Students:

For international students, copy of passport along with education details. Submission of a TOEFL of 88ibt, 580 words, or an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher, which depicts proficiency in the exam. Students find it hard to crack the proficiency test, but self believes in one’s ability can approach the counselor.


In closure, Gonzaga University with all its reputation and offerings to new-age students can become your dream university. The lush green campus alongside a hi-tech modern setup is a boon to students who breathe dirty in city airs. It has its hostel facilities and students from both in and abroad can apply for hostel facilities, which include an in-house gym, sports complex, healthy canteen, and much more in the bucket. It provides all-around security with a strict vigil at guests, and at the same time counsel needy students who at times find it hard to cope with the group. Faculties, Guest lecturers, and notable alumni conduct regular career counseling courses to give first-hand experience of the competitive industries.

The University being a vocal supporter of one’s roots believes not just in education but all-around development of students. It engages students in community engagement and service, on sustainability – how to protect mother earth, in news, events, and stories, in clinical legal programs, art, craft, and culture to bring an overall holistic development to create new age leaders.

Gonzaga University is not just a student’s choice, but parents too. Getting into any of the streams of the University is not an inhumane task if one has a decent record. But it is neither something to be taken lightly too. Students with a below-par percentile, like scoring 25 or below on ACT will invite rejection from the administration office. Here are a few most talked about queries concerning the university –

Frequently asked questions about Gonzaga University:

  1. What is the ranking of Gonzaga University?

According to U.S News & World Report, GU is ranked 4th in West Regional Universities.

  1. What type of degrees does the university offer?

Gonzaga University offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees to aspiring students. It has seven schools under its umbrella – School of Arts and Science, Business Administration, Education, Engineering and Applied Science, Law, Leadership Studies, Nursing, and Human Psychology.

  1. What is the ratio of ethnic and color students, especially based outside the USA?

Around 27% of Gonzaga students are from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups coming from different continents across the globe.

  1. Is the university open to all communities or catholic specific?

Gonzaga University is known for its vibrant multicultural club. It hosts students from various religious groups as well as arranges prayers of respective beliefs.

  1. What is the admission deadline for first year undergraduate students?

The students are expected to submit their application form by 1st December, whereas a consideration till 1st February is granted as relaxation.

For future and further queries, students may approach the university’s helpdesk (800)986 9585, and WhatsApp at 992580102 or visit