Xiamen Airlines Pet Policy

Many international Airlines provide pet policies, especially for business travelers. Xiamen Airlines is one of the most named Airline services which has roots in China and offers pet transportation. Lets know more about Xiamen airlines pet policy.

Xiamen Airlines Pet Policy

Xiamen Airlines has revised its pet policy often. As per the updated policy in 2013, Xiamen Airline banned some specific breeds and categories of animals as baggage. Specially licensed dogs and dogs who have been used for specific purposes are allowed to travel with the passengers. 

Xiamen Airlines

Xiamen Airlines was founded in the nineteenth century as a Chinese initiative. The Fujian Province is set as the Headquarters. It comes under the system of the modern enterprise. Thus Xiamen Airlines are considered to be the primary airline that comes under this labeled system. 

Xiamen is one of the most profitable airlines in China. It has bagged many achievements till now. Xiamen is a system following medium and large-sized airlines which has global routes around the world. The average number of passengers opting for Xiamen Airlines is 30 million per year. 

Pet policy of Xiamen airlines

The passengers can’t bring all kinds of pets inside Xiamen. They set up some limitations. Xiamen Airlines considers pets as the baggage of the passenger. The allowed pets allowed include:

  • cats
  • dogs
  • other domestic animals

For all the mentioned categories, some exceptions and terms and conditions are applicable.

  • The airline has the authoritative power to cancel or reject the application form of pets. It only happens when the passengers don’t meet the requirements as mentioned by Xiamen. The passengers get a refund if he/she cancels the journey itself.
  • The passengers have to take care of their pets. The Xiamen administration will never take up any liabilities for the illness, death, injury, etc, of pets. This applies to both categories. 
  • The airline will take responsibility only in the case where the injury or damage happens due to the fault of any of the airline systems itself.
  • The passengers have to take the whole responsibility for the cause and damages made by their small-sized pets during the travel period. This is also applicable to service dogs.

Xiamen Airlines has different policies for different categories of pets. The main two categories are animals of small size and the other one is service dogs.

Guidelines for animals of small size

  1. Small animals come under the unchecked baggage label. The Xiamen administration should approve the transportation of these small animals under this label.
  1. The number of small animals allowed per aircraft may vary and that solely depends on the decision of the Xiamen authority.

Xiamen Airlines proposed some requirements for passengers who wish to travel with their small-sized animals. Those are:

  • The passengers should obtain prior consent regarding the traveling of their pets.
  • The passengers should make sure that they are aligned with the terms and conditions.
  • The passengers should submit the required certificates on time. Delay submission will make trouble in processing the journey.
  • The service center employee will inform the requirements for specific pets. The passenger should arrange those requirements within the purview of Xiamen’s guidelines.

Guidelines for service Dogs

  • Disabled persons can take the privilege to choose pets as their assistants. These dogs are trained and the special dogs are called service dogs.
  • Only dogs can be chosen as the service animal, other pets can’t be treated the same.
  • Emotional support dogs are different from service dogs.
  • As per the guidelines of Xiamen, under specific conditions, disabled persons can bring their service dogs to the aircraft. Those passengers who have a disability must give a request to the authority to carry their service dogs. The time limit to submit a request is 2 days before take-off. The service dogs have to put on masks. These dogs are tied all the time on the flight to avoid uncomfortably from the passenger. 
  • Besides free baggage allowance, the passengers are exempted to pay fees for containers and food of service dogs, and the dog itself.


There are many policies proposed by Xiamen Airlines. They are not considering all varieties of animals as baggage. Service animals and small-sized animals are the two specifically mentioned baggage. Even though there are limitations to the onboarding of pets, Xiamen welcomes all of its passengers to experience the luxury of the journey. 


  1. Are there any certificates to be submitted to get approval for a pet journey?

The passengers have to submit some certificates of their pets to get approval such as the quarantine certificates for pets from specific levels of authorities. The names of prescribed certificates were issued by the Chinese government regarding the pet traveling policy.

  1. What are the examples of service dogs?

Guide dogs for visually impaired persons, hearing aid dogs for aurally disabled persons. 

  1.  What are the items that don’t treat as baggage?

You can find out the item list on their website, it mostly includes weapons, drugs, etc.

  1. How can I find the detailed data regarding terms and conditions of carriage for baggage?

You can access the website of Xiamen for detailed data on General Conditions.