Cablevision Vs Dish Network- Find out

Cablevision Vs Dish Network; The debate on the best TV service provider between Cablevision and Dish Network has been on for some years and it does not look like it is ending soon. The two companies have continued to improve their features and services. This article compares them to ensure you make the right decision when selecting the one that best satisfies your TV needs between two.

Cablevision Vs Dish Network

Optimum by Cablevision is one of the best for people who seek a great TV display quality as channels are available in both HD and SD quality on the TV although it only provides services in only three states in the US (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut). On the other hand, Dish Network is a TV service provider available in all states having many channel selections and a great Hopper 3 DVR to allow users to record their favorite TV programs. However, the comparison is not limited to these features and we will look into them in detail in the next paragraphs under the different features of the two service providers.

Comparisons between Optimum (Cablevision) and Dish Network

Subscription Fee

The first-factor one to look at before going for a TV service provider is your money. This will determine if you can afford the subscription fees or not. Optimum subscription fees are better than that of Dish Network as it gives its subscribers more channel selection for a relatively lower price.

Optimum operates a 3-package system with their pricing plans as shown below:

  • Optimum Core TV- This gives you access to over 220 channels at $59.95/ month
  • Optimum Select TV- This gives you access to over 340 channels at $74.95/ month
  • Optimum Premier TV- This gives you access to over 420 channels at $109.95/month

Similarly, Dish operates a 4-package system that requires a contract of at least 2 years with the pricing plans as follows:

  • America’s Top 120 Package- This gives access to 190 channels at $59.99/month
  • America’s Top 120+ Package- This gives access to over 190 channels at $74.99/month
  • America’s Top 200 Package- This gives access to over 240 channels at $84.99/month
  • America’s Top 250 Package- This gives access to over 290 channels at $94.99/month

Channel Selection

The two TV service providers have a large channel selection with over 420 channels available on the highest package on Optimum and over 290 on the highest package on Dish. However, Dish is better as it provides every subscriber unless those of the lowest package with free NFL and Redzone channels, unlike Optimum, where it is available to specific subscribers.

Both TV service providers have more than enough channels to ensure their subscribers never miss a favorite TV show, movie, or sports game.


The dish is a service provider in the 52 states in the US and can get its satellite dishes installed in all parts of the US. However, Optimum operates in only 3 states which are New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut with a more reliable and faster internet connection.

Network Speed and Stability

Both companies provide TV services through different means; while Optimum makes use of a robust hybrid fiber-coaxial cable network, Dish requires a satellite receptor dish to pick signals. Hence, the Optimum network is more stable as it is not affected by weather conditions and other earth magnetism effects that may disrupt the stability of signals from satellite dishes.

Considering the network speed, the Optimum network is also faster than that of Dish as the company provides its customers with its internet bundle plans of speed band ranges of 10, 60, 100, 200, 300, and 400 Mbps. However, Dish depends on other data providers like HughesNet to provide internet bundle plans to its customers.

Therefore, your Dish Network speed can be made faster by choosing an internet provider with a high-speed band such as Centurylink which provides up to 1000 Mbps in some areas in the US.

Installation Process

It is easier to install an Optimum TV than Dish Network as it does not need any technical work. However, an installation fee of $99 is applied by Optimum installation although this fee can be avoided if you purchase your Optimum TV on the internet.

Dish Network provides its customers with a free installation service; just contact the company when you need a technician and one will be sent to you immediately.

Summary of Cablevision (Optimum) Vs Dish Network (Dish)

Cablevision (Optimum)Dish Network (Dish)
Is available in only 3 statesAvailable in all states in the US
Channel selection ranges from over 220 to over 490Channel selection is from over 190 to over 290
Relatively cheaper with the lowest plan at $59.95More expensive with the lowest plan at $59.99
No contract agreement is neededRequires at least a 2-year contract
Free from signal disruptionMay experience signal disruption
Internet service is primary and fasterThe speed of internet service depends on the data company
Easy to installRequires technical assistance to install the satellite dish
High-quality video recording with Optimum Multi-Room DVRHigh-quality video recording with Hopper 3 DVR


With the comprehensive comparison provided in the article, you should now be able to decide on the best between Cablevision and Dish Network easily. Both TV services are excellent but one performs better than the other in some aspects.

It will be better to go for Cablevision’s Optimum if you live in the 3 states it provides its services and Dish Network if you reside outside these states. It is also essential to look at the other features and factors before making a final decision.

  1. Is DISH or cable better?

Cables are better than Dishes as there have more stable signals but are limited in coverage.  You need to check with the TV service providers in your area for a cable network.

  1. What can replace Dish Network?

Cablevision is a top alternative to Dish Network although it operates in only 3 states in the US.

  1. Is Dish Network worth the money?

Dish Network is worth every amount you spent on subscriptions and other services as it is one of the best TV service providers in the US.