Who is the person with the highest SAT score?

Before knowing the answer to the title question, you should know about SAT. If you don’t have any idea about the exam then, then, neither the achievement of the toppers will going to give you goosebumps nor you’ll get any inspiration from them. So, the question now is what is SAT and why it is so popular? It is an abbreviated form of ‘Scholastic Aptitude Test’ and was first introduced in the year 1926. Later, it was named as Scholastic Assessment Test but, the original name is still more popular. It is a standardized test taken by students of class 11th and 12th (juniors & seniors) of high school. The score ranges from 400 (Min) to 1600 (Max). Here we will see about Who is the person with the highest SAT score?

Who is the person with the highest SAT score?

Many students scored the perfect, 1600 in the exam.

They are: –

  • Arnav Chopra, a junior at Round Rock High School scored the perfect score in this exam, on the first attempt.
  • Hari Sowrirajan, from Colorado, got the perfect scores in SAT as well as ACT (36 is the perfect score).
  • Sunny Lee from Nevada, Las Vegas also got the perfect score in both SAT and ACT.
  • Andrew from Washington was able to score the perfect in SAT, on the second attempt.
  • Kyle from Wisconsin also attempted PSAT ( Preliminary SAT) before scoring the perfect marks in SAT.
  • Vinh Ton from Mc Neil High School achieved this in the year 2017.
  • Pooja Engala from West Wood High School is the last student until now, to score the highest in 2019.
  • Actor Will Smith and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg also achieved this feat of scoring the highest in SAT (but, the fact is that none of them completed their college studies).

What is the pattern or structure of this exam?

The exam consists of 2 tests:- (i) Maths, and (ii) Evidence-based Reading & Writing.

Each test is for 800 marks. The scores of each subject range from 200 (min) to 800 (max). So, the total marks that can be scored by a student range between 400 to 1600.

Before March 2016, the total marks for SAT was 2400 {consisting of 3 subjects (Maths, Critical Reading, and Writing), of 800 marks each}. In 2016, the two tests Critical Reading and Writing were merged and were replaced by only one test named ‘Evidence-Based Reading & Writing’. 

Optional Essay was also there in SAT, in addition to the two tests mentioned above but, it was discontinued from June 2021.

How to Achieve the Perfect SAT score like Toppers?

You have to work extremely hard to achieve this as scoring full marks is not a joke. But, apart from the hard work, there are many factors to look upon: –

  • Go for some Good Study Material: – The score makes the most out of what you read. If the content of the book or any other means of study is not good, easily understandable, and trustworthy then, forget about aiming to achieve this. Go to the official website and you’ll find the study materials and preparation guides that can help you a lot. Search on the internet and collect some best resources for you.
  • Consistency is The Key: – One has to be very consistent with the study schedule. You can’t skip even a single day from study and regular revision of the concepts is a must. Follow a 3-day revision rule, suggested by educational experts, which means that revise on every 4th day, what you have learned in the past 3 days.
  • Start in Time: – You have to begin your preparations well in time, many months before the actual exam. By this, you have enough time to finish your course and learn the concepts with a clear understanding.
  • Determination: – You should have the strong willpower to clear the exam with good scores. Set small but SMART goals so that they can be achieved for sure. Setting small goals for you will help you in getting satisfaction when you achieve them.
  • Practice Mocks: – Giving mock tests is the most common advice, you can hear while preparing for any exam. But, it’s really beneficial and it helps to give you an overall idea of exam difficulty level, analyzing your mistakes & correcting them in time.

What is the Importance of this exam? Why should I take it?

  • It helps you to get admission to your dream college as many prestigious & reputed colleges are preferring students having a good SAT/ACT score.
  • To measure the capability of a high school student, how ready he/she is to enter college.
  • Foreign students can take this test to become eligible for studying abroad.
  • These scores are considered for Scholarships/ Endowments by schools & colleges.
  • It can help you with fluency in English speaking and enhance your knowledge of numerical ability.
  • It outshines and complements your lower GPA in high school.
  • Some employers can demand the score, so it’s better to take the exam if, you don’t want to lose the job opportunity.
  • Some colleges can offer you fee-waivers on the application for admission, and on submitting these scores with the application.


The purpose of this exam is to test the ability of a student to speak English and solve mathematical equations. These scores are taken into consideration by most of the colleges in the USA, at the time of admission in freshman year. Every exam demands your whole-hearted efforts & determination to score well. It’s possible to achieve the perfect 1600 score. If a few students can do it, why can’t you? Dream Big & Achieve Big.

 Related FAQs – 

Q1. Is there any fee for taking this test or is it free?

  1.   Yes, there is a fee of $104 and $26 as registration charges. There is a late fee of $30 if you are delayed in registering for the exam.

Q2. What is the deadline for applying for the same?

  1. The deadline is usually set 5 weeks before the test date.

Q3. At what time of the year one can apply for it?

  1. Most high schools conduct it in the Spring of Junior year & Fall of Senior year. The test is offered annually in August, October, November, December, March, May & June at the national level.