Who Is A Bad Student?  

 A student is a person which enters into school or any educational institute to gain knowledge. In a human’s whole life there is a stage when he or she is a student or we can say that after infant’s life a person directly become a student because after the age of 4 or 5 parents send their children to the schools. In a student’s life, his or her only task is to gain knowledge from their teachers, environment, parents, etc. Students also participate in co-curricular activities for their overall development of mental and physical health. Let’s know Who Is A Bad Student?  

Who Is A Bad Student?  

A bad student is a student scoring badly in exams held by schools and universities. This is the generalized definition of a bad student. The reason behind this can be either genuine or actually, a student is not preparing for the exams. Genuine students are the ones having some mental issues like ADHD, depression, etc. This makes it difficult for them to concentrate on their studies. Also, it affects their co-curricular activities which makes them score fewer marks on college exams. On the other hand, those students who deliberately don’t want to study can have different problems. They belong to a rich family and then they don’t have to worry about scoring. In both cases, they can do well but their problems are just overwhelming. 

How and when student become a bad student?

Does the question arise that how a student becomes a bad student?  In every college, even in top colleges in the US like Harvard and MIT, there are 10% of students are not doing so well in their respective colleges. So this is well understood that with good students bad students are also present. How do students become bad students? This can be due to some mental issues or physical issues or some kind of addiction. Sadly we can say that a student can have more than one problem which can make his or her condition worst. When the condition gets worst they also lag in the other fields. Some students are of lazy or dizzy nature. They have the stamina and time of doing their best but because of their nature, they aren’t able to score well in their respective exams. Students like them will also consider bad students. 

How do identify a bad student?

The simple answer can be: by their score. But in colleges not only do scores in their respective subjects matter also their performance in co-curricular activities matters. Scoring less in exams will not directly make the student a bad student. This direct judgment can ruin someone’s life. What if he or she is not good at studies but is good at sports? This shows that not only scoring less in the exams will make a student a bad student. Also, students have their capabilities. A student will score according to his or her capability. Scoring less or more will not make them bad students. Also, there are such examples where students who don’t attend their respective classes still score well in their exams. Sometimes they score well they drop out. This also depends on the type of university. Below average student at Harvard University can be the top student in any other ordinary university. Also in universities, you will see the mixed type of students. Also, some students always waste their time on some medium like Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Tweeting and tagging always using phones makes this their addiction and also makes them scoreless in the exam. 


This whole discussion concludes that a student can be a bad student due to many reasons also want to include that this is also according to the perspective of the person and how they think or consider a bad student. Like some people don’t think that students having any family issues or having bad mental health will not get considered in the bad student category if they are scoring less in their respective exams. However, there is sometimes a financial crisis which can make them scoreless in the exams but this will not make them bad students. But if there are obvious reasons why one is not scoring good exams like rich students or those students got engaged in some kind of addiction then they will be considered a bad student. 

Frequently asked question 

  1. Can a bad student become a good student? 

Yes! Of course, if he or she wants to change themselves. This depends on them. Also, they can take the help of a therapist to get solutions for themselves. A therapist can help to get off with some kind in which he or she got engaged. Also by studying hard and wasting less time they can save themselves. 

  1. Does the behavior of a student also make him or her a bad student? 

Yes! The behavior of a student also makes him or her a bad student .like bullying other students in the class also eventually makes him or her a bad student.