Which Country has the highest student population?

Students, whether citizens of a country or foreigners, all look out for these things in the institutions of their choice; quality education and career opportunities. Learning institutions that are able to provide both packages would experience a large influx of student population whether they are local or international students. Let’s know Which Country has the highest student population?

Which Country has the highest student population?

The Country that has the highest student population

The United states of America has the highest student population in the world surpassing China, UK, France, Australia and the likes. The US had forged ahead in the area of academic excellence and outstanding student population. Below we see how the US has outshined other countries and the reason behind its high student population.

Countries with the highest student population

Students are always on the lookout for endless opportunities and huge benefits and the countries that are able to make this available get the lion’s share of international student enrolment. 

Some of these countries include;

  1. USA: For years, the US has topped the charts as the world’s most popular destination for studying abroad. The country’s great institutions control the university ranking around the world and this has attracted students from many nations of the world. The United States of America hosts the highest number of both local and international students in the world with a total number of 1,095,299 international students.
  2. United Kingdom: This country has a rich background of tertiary education and many of the most renowned universities are located in the UK. The country has an international student population of 496,570 students. The UK is especially known for improving as well as developing the languages of the students, seeing as English is a universal language that is vital for many important transactions whether academic or business.
  3. China: China has a total international student population of 492,185. Known for their rapid advancement in science and technology, China is a booming economy where many students seek opportunities by studying its economic superpower. Also, students get the opportunity to learn Chinese culture and adapt to Mandarin fluency which happens to be one the most widely spoken languages in the world.
  4. Canada: Perhaps one of the most popular countries in the world among international students especially in Africa and has an international student population of 435,415. Due to its ease of access to even less developed countries, Canada boasts of a very impressive higher education system and also the benefit of exploring the country’s rich and beautiful landscapes and scenery. Canada also ranks as the world’s best in terms of quality of life.
  5. Australia: The country provides a rich variety of programs and its affordable tuition fees. As a country founded on diversity and multiculturalism, the nation welcomes students from all walks of life and cultures with an international student population of 420,501

Reasons why USA has the highest student population

The USA has always drawn a large scale of international as well as local students due to the provision of top notch education, standard curriculum of teaching and a vast number of opportunities for their students. Below are the reasons the US has the highest student population;

  1. Academic Excellence

The US has the best universities and her institutions rank among the highest academic standards. Through consistent and focused strategies to maintain the quality and delivery, they are able to give students the best learning experience.

  1. Outstanding support for international students

The universities in the US have taken into account the struggles of international students and therefore make available workshops, orientations and training to help these students. 

In fact, many universities in the country have an international student office, and this helps the students adapt to the lifestyle and custom of their new environment. 

Whether the students have an academic query, social or even cultural, the staff in the international student office are on ground to help with these problems.

  1. Simple education system

The universities in the US have a large choice of courses for the students to comfortably decide on. 

As a student, you have the liberty to decide on the course structure and content that suits you. Many students at the undergraduate level are given the liberty to experience various courses before they settle for what they want and declare their major at the end of their second year. 

This helps students decide their desired score without hurry or struggle.

  1. Exciting campus life

The universities in the country have made available various exciting activities to keep the students vibrant. Bringing into view rich cultural experiences, amazing social groups, social activities and even competitions this makes campus life in the US an experience for all students. 

Irrespective of the university in the country, students would always have a lively campus experience.


The United States of America has proven to have achieved a mighty feat in terms of an advanced educational sector and student learning experience as opposed to other nations of the world.

It goes to show their dedication to equipping the society and the world at large with skilled and professional manpower that is able and ready to handle the responsibilities placed before them.

The largest student population is not just in terms of numbers but also in terms of trust in the educational system on the part of the student population.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Are scholarships made available for international students by universities in the US?

International students have access to scholarships even as American students are. All that differs is that international students may need to tender necessary documents during their application and the documents differ based on the requirement of the university of choice.

  • Are there cultural biases that students should be aware of when seeking to study in the US?

The US is the country that has a mix of different cultures, ethnicities and races; this is because the country has ensured a diverse environment to ensure there is no segregation and discrimination among all communities. Also, this diversity helps students learn the lifestyle of other students from different regions of the world.