St Andrews For US Students

Get into St Andrews from the US

St Andrews is one of the top and oldest universities in the world, having started its journey in 1413. St. Andrews is the third-oldest university after Oxford and Cambridge in the English-speaking world. It is also known as the public research university and the Ancient University. St Andrews University has more than 2,700 academic and administrative staff that work to provide quality education to students and solve their problems. At St Andrew’s University, more than 10,500 students come from around the world to pursue their education and take mighty steps toward their goals. St Andrew’s has 18 academic schools. Four various faculties are operated by St Andrews University. It has three auspicious colleges such as United College, St. Mary’s College, and St. Leonard’s College, which became popular among the students at St. Andrews University. Let’s learn about ‘St Andrews For US Students’.

St Andrews For US Students

St Andrews For US Students

Sometimes, US students find it hard to get accepted at St Andrew’s because the acceptance rate there for American students is only 16 %, while the overall acceptance rate St Andrews is only 8.63%. St Andrews looks for grades A and B in their high school or other previous academic classes from US students for their honors program. The US applicant will be preferred at St Andrew’s if they know the subjects they are applying for at St Andrew’s. According to a report, nearly 1,600 students from them the US are studying at St Andrew’s University.

An American student must score an average of 5 on the AP test to get accepted at St Andrew’s, and the median varies according to the subject you choose for admission at St Andrew’s University. However, according to the official website of St Andrews, it has made the SAT and ACTs optional for the students who apply for admission in session 2022-2023, but the students who have participated in these tests get some benefits in acceptance to St Andrew’s University.

Eligibility for admission for US students in St Andrews:

St. Andrews is a prestigious university, and it is the dream of every student that they will study at such a great university. US students who are seeking admission to St. Andrews University must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • The US student’s grade point average should be an A or a B in their high school for admission to St Andrew’s.
  • Your background should be in the subject you want to study at St Andrew’s.
  • The applicant’s AP score should minimum of 5 points higher than this subject test.
  • US students from America must score 28 or higher on the ACT, and if they have appeared multiple times in this exam, then they should give scores for all ACT scores, and your best ACT score will be considered at the admission time in St Andrews.
  • If you are applying from the US for admission to St Andrew’s, then your SAT score should be above 1320, and the best score on the SAT will be considered for admission of US students to St Andrew’s University.
  • The HL should be six IB certificates. It increases the chance of acceptance of US students at St Andrew’s.
  • If you are applying for postgraduate programs at St Andrew’s, your GPSA score should be from 3.2 to 3.7 according to the subjects.
  • US students should be able to understand, speak, and write UK English for easy understanding of everything at St Andrew’s.

Fees and Other Costs for US Students at St Andrew’s University:

For the students who are zealous to get admission to St. Andrews. They must know the fees and other costs of the school because it will help them plan their budget accordingly.

If we calculate the total cost for US students at St Andrews in USD, they must pay an average of $53,755 in one year. It includes your tuition fees of $32,310, room and board charges of $12,575, travel expenses of $2,717, books and supplies of $1,630, and personal expenses of $4,523 for a year. The fees for international students may change because St Andrews has a committee that determines the stipend for the university, and they may change in any academic session.

The US students and other international students studying at St Andrew’s can get scholarships worth $1,358 in a year as tuition reduction.

How Can US Students Fill Out the Application Form for St Andrews?

If you are from the USA and want to fill out the application form for St Andrews, then you should follow these steps to efficiently fill out the form.

  • You can apply using the Universities and College Admissions Service form because this form is filled out for the various universities in the UK.
  • Applicants also fill out the application form for St Andrews using the common app, in which you can select the options for the application to St Andrew’s and start filling out the application form.
  • Visit the official website of St Andrews and open the admission tab, then choose the option to apply as an international student.
  • Start filling out the details in the admission application form, such as your details, choosing a course according to your preference and eligibility, previous academic details, and a few other additional information required to fill out the application form.
  • Students read the course details and eligibility guidelines before selecting any program at St Andrew’s University and then choose a course.
  • Validate the details, pay the application fee of $57.43, and then submit your application form.

Facts About Why St Andrews Attracts US Students:

St Andrews University is one of the top, most prestigious, and oldest universities in the world. US students get attracted to St Andrew’s University because it delivers excellence to its students and has kept its traditions for more than six hundred years. Its campus is becoming more attractive day by day because it has a touch of the past with the addition of new buildings. Due to its diverse and flexible structure regarding the degree programs of its students, St Andrews became a popular destination for US students getting an education.

The craze for St Andrews University among American students is increasing with each passing year as the enrollment number increases.

St. Andrews cares about its international students, and it provides them with an education-friendly environment no matter from where and which religious background they are coming from. They get friendly neighbors, delicious dining options, a supportive student community, and academic and administrative staff that are helpful to them.

The library facility is world-class at St Andrew’s, as they get all the study materials (books, journals, and newspapers), and besides their syllabus books, students get other books in the library of St Andrews. The fees and costs at St Andrew’s are affordable for US students.

Ranking, name, fame, and a few more facts attract US students to St Andrew’s University.

Documents Required for US Students to Study at St Andrew’s University:

If a US student passes the admissions process at St Andrew’s and plans to join this university, he must keep these documents with him to complete his admissions process at St Andrew’s.

You must have a valid visa and passport for the United Kingdom.

If your parents leave the UK, then details about the address and other personal documents you have to provide to the administration of St Andrews

If you are from the US, you have to provide details of your gross annual house income in the US.

High school or equivalent academic eligibility certificates, mark sheets, and other academic details

Income source and description of how you will pay the expenses of St. Andrews University

If you are employed, then your salary or employment statement, tax certificates, a confirmation letter from the department of work and pensions, updated bank statement, and a few other documents you should keep to get admission to St Andrew’s University.

How Many US Students Apply for St Andrews, and How Many Get?

At St Andrew’s University, almost 16% of students are American, and 45% of students studying there are international students, who came from 171 countries to make their dreams come true.

Currently, almost 1,230 American students are pursuing their courses at St Andrew’s University, and more than 2000 US students are put in for admission there. In some academic sessions, this number goes up, and sometimes the number of US students in St Andrews decreases because they think St Andrews University is one of the tenacious universities for US students because it has only an 8.63% acceptance rate.

Ranking of St Andrews University:

According to the national ranking sites and magazines, St Andrews is one of the top universities in the UK because, according to the rank report of Complete St Andrews, it is in 4th place in the national rankings, the Guardian has awarded St Andrews first rank, and the Times or Sunday Times has also put St Andrews on the first rank among the national universities.

If you see the global rankings of St. Andrews University, then according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the rank of St. Andrews is from 201 to 250. QS has put St Andrews in 91st place in its global university rankings, and according to the ARWU, the rank of St Andrews is between 301 and 400 in the world university rankings.

Some Great Personalities of the St. Andrews Community

When we listen to the story of our idle person and know that from St Andrews he got his education, we get inspired and we also want to study at St Andrew’s and want to earn such a name and fame for ourselves. It attracted US students to St Andrews and its inspiring alums. Here is a list of some of the great personalities of St. Andrews who have worked brilliantly in their field and inspired millions of dreams throughout the world.

  • Thomas Chalmers
  • Edward Jenner
  • John Knox
  • John Napier
  • James Wilson
  • Jean-Paul Marat
  • James W. Black
  • Sir John Pringle
  • William, Prince of Wales
  • Catherine, Princess of Wales

Besides, St Andrews has delivered some more brilliant minds into the world, who became an inspiration for the students and helped St Andrews become a famous and prestigious university.

Facts About the Student Facilities at St Andrews on its Campus:

In every new academic session, St Andrews University makes a Student Association, which represents the student body in St Andrews. The Student’s Association is made to help the students because it works as a communication bridge between the administration and students.

At St Andrew’s, the Student Association has a 10-person representative council that cares about the accommodations, alum, community relations, disabled student network, charity campaigns, annual functions, cultural events, sports events, and other activities that will happen on the campus of St Andrews and will be organized with the help of SRC, SAF, and SSC of St Andrews.

Not only these benefits, but the campus of St Andrews offers some other benefits to all the students who pursue their courses at St Andrew’s University.

Library and Museums Facility for the Students of St Andrews:

St Andrews became famous and one of the leading universities because it has one of the most expensive university libraries in the UK and a colossal collection of books not only related to the programs but also antiques and other crucial books that can teach you. The library at St Andrew’s has facilities such as manuscripts, photographs, and ammunition, which attracts students to the library. You can get articles, journals, magazines, newspapers, and a few more things to read in the library of St Andrews University.

St Andrews University has some museums and galleries that are open to students and the public. St. Andrews does not charge any fees to the public for visits to its museums and galleries.

The Museums of St Andrews University have collections of all its past journeys, like the collection of 15th-century masses and some attractive designs and paintings in the museums that attract people and students.


St Andrews University is one of the top leading universities in the world, and with the fame of this university, American students are also not untouched because they have a craze regarding studying at such a great university like St Andrews. However, it is difficult for them to get admission to St Andrew’s University because its overall percentage is only 8.63 percent. If your minimum GPA score is 3.2, and for US students it is 4.0, then your admission is considerable at St Andrew’s University. US students can apply for St Andrews University using three various methods, and for the students who apply for the 2022–2023 session admission, they have the option of participating in the ACT and SATs or not, but if they appear in these tests, they get an advantage in acceptance at St Andrew’s.

  • Which are the best subjects at St Andrew’s University?

Some of the subjects at St Andrews University are ranked among the best in the UK, such as Classics, International Relations, History of Art, Economics, Physics, and Geography.

  • What is the tranquil course at St. Andrews?

According to a report, the Strathtyrum and Balglove courses are uncomplicated courses operated at St Andrew’s.