Is there a student discount for office 365?

Are you in search of students for Office 365? If you want to get the complete information in one place about the student discount and how to get that discount, then this piece of our creation will surely help those people. As we have arranged all the important information in a very sequential manner, it has the potency to give knowledge not only to knowledgeable customers of Microsoft but also to help the new and young customers. If you consider the fact that you are searching for a student discount, then you will surely have a young mind. So don’t hesitate to move with us. Just follow the steps provided below and get the discount for Office 365. In this article we shall see Is there a student discount for office 365?

Is there a student discount for office 365?

Students who are not supported by the economy are in search of discounts as they need support for their studies. So, all students who require financial assistance or are unable to pay the fixed amount of Microsoft for Office 365 receive financial assistance from Microsoft. But how this financial assistance will help you, you know well. The thing that we can give you is the procedure to get this student discount from Microsoft, and whether you are eligible for this or not. So, by continuing with us, you will get the proper guide in the format of finger holding to move ahead in acquiring the scholarship from Microsoft for Office 365. So now you may get the proper reason for continuing with us. Then what should we wait for? Let’s move ahead.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office is the first thing that any company needs in their employees to be embedded, so it is always a popular software among students to learn. It is not only one software, it is a group of software used to perform various tasks which not only help corporates but also have the software to help organisations manage all the things properly. So, as a student, it helps at both a personal and professional level. But as Microsoft is giving you such great services, it should offer some amount of money. It is about several dollars, which has to be paid for getting their services. But if you are not able to pay and are looking for a discount on their service, then move ahead.

Is there a student discount for Office 365?

Microsoft always has open hands to help students, so they offer several discounts to students. Even if you have fulfilled all the criteria fixed by them, you can get access to Office 365 for free. The only thing that you need to do is fulfil the eligibility. If you don’t know the criteria fixed by them for providing the free grant to students of their Office 365 software,

Are you eligible to get a Microsoft discount?

One other thing that we want to tell you is that Microsoft is not only offering these discounts for students; they have also extended helping hands to teachers, faculty members, and even parents. The other category of individuals who are eligible for these discounts is members of the armed forces, either active or retired. Microsoft is categorising all these as equal and providing such a discount. And if you are from the UK, then you should know that NHS workers are also eligible for these discounts. Now for you, we would like to make bullets of general requirements for getting the student discount.

  • Any student over the age of 13 may apply.
  • Get enrolled as a K-12 student.
  • student in college and parent of a K-12 student

So Microsoft only asks for this requirement to get access to their office 265 in the student discount section. But how to get this free access to it.

How to get a student discount for Office 365?

There are two ways to get access to Office 365 for free; one comes under the physical category and the other goes under the online category. We have two separate sections as they have different procedures for both. 

  • Offline Process: If you are willing to apply for free access to Office 365, then we can assume that you have an authorised Microsoft store in your locality because you have to meet them physically to get the access. The procedure that follows is simple; just visit their physical store and show your student ID like a class schedule, transcript, or acceptance letter. And they will verify it by themselves and get access to the office if you are eligible.
  • Online Process: At this level, you will get access at the initial level and then you need to verify yourself at If you are found eligible, then you can enjoy the access, but if you are found non-eligible, then you have to pay the full price for the 365. So always apply if you are eligible, otherwise, you have to pay a lot for it. And as Microsoft is not a small name, they have a proper system of checking, so you cannot cheat with them.

So, with these methods, you can check as per your needs and get their discounts, especially for students.

Now the thing should come to an end, as we have told you everything about the students’ discount for office 365, who can get these discounts, and how they can get the discount through the online and offline process. So check yourself there and start learning with Microsoft.