How Much Is Amtrak Student Discount?

Amtrak is a private passenger service that provides long or short-distance inter-city rail service in the United States and Canada. It was first operated on May 1, 1971. In the fiscal year, it has served more than 20 million + passengers. It covers 500+ destinations within 46 states and also in the Canadian provinces. There are penalties for not wearing a mask. Passengers facing Covid-19 symptoms are refrained to travel on Amtrak. Let us know about “How Much Is Amtrak Student Discount?”

How Much Is Amtrak Student Discount?

Amtrak provides a 15% student discount for travel throughout the national network. Students from the age of 17 to 24 are entitled to receive a student discount. Convenient measures, cleanliness and more facilities are offered to the passengers.

Amtrak Student Discount 

Students pursuing college degrees might face debts & fixed budgets. Hence, Amtrak has come up with a student discount. Students between the ages of 17-24 are eligible to save 15% on the purchases made at Amtrak. The purchases shall be made in advance to receive the national student discount. 

Enhanced cleaning, safety measures, comfy & spacious seatings and are allowed to travel more than 500 destinations from small to big cities. Till 30th December it is available. 

How Do I Use My Amtrak Student Discount? 

To claim the student discount, visit the link ( and enter the code V814 or any other codes which are mentioned below. Tickets are booked on the Amtrak app too. Certain terms & conditions are applied. Upon request, a valid student identification shall be presented. 

The Other Student Discounts That Are Available On Amtrak Are –

  1. Virginia Student Fare Discount 

The discount is automatically applied when the qualified travel is selected in the fare finder. The Virginia student fare discount is 25% off. The students between the age of 13 and 25 who have an eligible student ID are entitled to the offer and can travel to Virginia and DC. 

The facilities like free Wifi and no airplane mode, snacks are available in the Cafe car, no charges for carrying your laundry. The rides are relaxing throughout the journey. Kindly refer to the discount code V449 if a student is booking from Amtrak App. These trains are quite effortless to book, board, and take trips. 

California Everyday Student Discount

The students between the age of 13-25 are eligible to receive 15% savings. A passenger must be an adult to make use of the offer. The discount is automatically applied to the fares. The sale is available from 31st December 2023. 

Students between the age of 13 to 15 years are considered minors and are not eligible for the discount. Upon request, the student must display their student identification card. Free wifi facilities, outlets for charging, and more are provided here. 

Midwest Student Discount

Students can save 15% off on Midwest travel with spacious seats, free Wi-Fi, charging outlets, and more. In addition, students can finish off their schoolwork by traveling. Amtrak lets you to carry-ons two to three bags for free. Free laundry is available. 

Students can travel through Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin with a student discount. The offer is valid only for coach seats, and accommodations in business class are available in the total payment mode. A free discount is automatically applied by applying the V307 code on the Amtrak app. 

New York Travel Student Discount

The students can save 15% off on New York Travel student discount. It provides free Wi-Fi, charging outlets, comfy, spacious seatings, and many more. In addition, it lets to bring two to three carry bags for free. Students between the age of 13 to 25 years are eligible for the offer.

Amtrak can do free laundry on Amtrak. Your travel shall get booked at least three days before the trip. Travel from New York to Montreal, Quebec, and St. Lambert is included. 

Terms & Conditions

The student discount is available for 15% off on a regular adult rail fare. It is for the students between the ages of 17-24. A student shall have valid identification and must be displayed upon request. The sale is available till December 30, 2022. A booking/reservation is essential. At least a one-day booking is required. The discount is available on Acela business class or coach seats. 

The accommodation is limited and the seating may not be available every day on all the trains. The fairs are subject to availability. The company has the right to change the fare, routes, and schedules without notice. Other charges and cancelations fees are applicable. 

If the travel has begun, then no changes occur to the itinerary. The offer is not combined with any other student offer. Kindly refer to the discount code through the booking made via the Amtrak app. Amtrak Surfliner and Pacific Surfliner are registered service marks of the national railroad passenger corporation and are used with permission. 


Amtrak is a private passenger service for all ages group in the United States. It provides student discounts of up to 15% to 25% off. The age group from 13-25 years is eligible to receive the discount. The booking must be made at least 3 – days in advance. Comfortable seats, free wifi, free laundry, and more services are provided on Amtrak. The offer is valid only for coach seats. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What to do if my student discount is not working?

It is essential to book from Amtrak’s official website. At times, the tickets may get sold out. If the ticket is not booked through the mobile version then it is not going to work if you book the ticket from the train. 

  1. Can I cancel my Amtrak ticket, will I receive refunds?

Once the passenger books the ticket, it cannot be undone. They may not also combine the 15% off with any other discount. Cancellation charges will apply to the passenger. 

  1. Can I receive a free trip on Amtrak?

A passenger needs to collect 800 points for free train travel. Sleeping accommodations need more points. A passenger needs to spend $400 to reach 800 points. The points are calculated from the Amtrak tickets which are 2 points per $1.