How Many Students Does Washington and Lee Have?

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W & L, an institution that existed before the United States constitution, is one school that any student should be proud of attending.  A student who wants admission into W & L should have in mind that at W & L, the focus is to breed great potential into people of global relevance armed with the right 21st century skills. 

How Many Students Does Washington and Lee Have?

The number of undergraduates at Washington & Lee is over 1,800 students

The University runs both undergraduate and graduate programs. The enrollment figure of a students in a particular year sits at 1,843 ,For more details on the entire population of Washington & Lee read the subsequent paragraphs.

W & L in Brief

Washington & Lee University is confirmed to be one of the oldest colleges in the United States. W & L is ranked the 9th oldest college in the U.S today, a top-rank private University with 273 years of existence sits on 325 acres of land in Lexington, Virginia. 

W & L operates on a liberal arts curriculum system. Major contributors to the sporadic growth and innovativeness of the institute are George Washington and Robert E. Lee. 

The university environment has places like the Shenandoah Valley, Appalachian Trail, mountain areas, and others. A body called Alumni Engagement is the structured body for W & L alumni to connect through their annual events. 

A noteworthy alumnus of W & L includes Bill Brock, Jack Goldsmith, Neal Dunn, Morgan Meyer, Lewis F. Powell Jr, and many more. As expected, W & L ranks top in various rankings. A notable one will be number one in Best Schools for Journalism in the United States. It is known across the United States for its prowess in engaging undergraduates and its high-rated Law School.  

W & L Population

Washington & Lee University is said to be ranked number 47 in the United States out of the 2,575 colleges. Not surprisingly, it also ranks number 2 out of the 73 in the state of Virginia.  The tuition fee is over $59,000 as it is run as a private but there are ways to receive financial aid through a different channel. For more information on methods of receiving financial aid, click this link to pay for College.

The population at W & L is about 2,200 plus

  The gender distribution is moderate as in most cases in which the female gender is more times more than the male gender; the male is 49% and the female 51%. The undergraduate represents about 1800 plus of the overall population while other programs students represent about 700 plus. 

Washington and Lee have different available housing systems to suit the taste of various students. The available housing schemes for students include:

  • First-Year housing; all first-year students are required to stay in this hall 
  • Spring Term and Housing; available at a weekly rate
  • Disability Accommodation
  • Upper-Division Housing; This involves apartments, townhouses, and traditional student halls.
  • Resources for off – Campus Housing

All these available housing systems comfortably accommodate the population size of the Washington and Lee University students. 

Programs Available at W & L 

  • The College program; represents liberal arts as the main objective of the University.
  • The Williams School; W & L claims to be the only liberal arts institution to be accredited nationally to run business programs in the United States. This program ranges from Commerce, Politics, and Economics integrated with the liberal arts curriculum.   
  • The Law School; this school is the only W & L graduate program and high regard in the United States. Under this school, an interdisciplinary program is taught to both law students and other undergraduates. This program is called Law, Justice, and Society program.
  • Distinctive Opportunities; The quest for engaging students outside the classroom created this program. Areas of study include Experiential Learning, Undergraduate Research, Community Engagement, Global Education, and Responsible Leadership.    

Does the Dense Population of W & L affect its Social Activities?

The population of W & L is seemly small but that doesn’t affect campus life and activities. The institution is considered to be a vibrant and active campus. For fresher, W & L organize an event that will ensure the first-year students bond and create memories. 

There are more than 100 clubs and organizations for students to belong to. Activities available include mountain biking, fishing, and hiking are common at W & L, as its location is round mountains, a river, and a beautiful valley.


Some students consider school population size before applying for admission or transfer into any college. This piece has given a detailed breakdown of what the population size of Washington and Lee University entails and how it affects the campus lifestyle. When this guide is used such students can make a quality decisions.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is W & L among the top-ranking institution in the United States?

Washington & Lee University appears in different rankings across the United States, the following are the some of the appearances;

  • Division III wrestler Rankings; #1
  • 25 Best Mountain Colleges; #1
  • 10 of the Oldest Universities in the United States; #9
  • Most Students in Fraternities; #1
  • Best NCCA Division 3 Colleges; #10 

Are there international students at W & L?

Yes, there are international students. Statistics say that 3.9% (87) of Washington and Lee University are international students. 

Is W & L the same thing with the University of Washington?

No, W & L (Washington and Lee University) is dated back to 1749 ( 273 years ago ) and is located in Lexington, Virginia while the University of Washington ( UW or U-Dub ) is dated back to 4th November 1861 ( 160 years ago ) located on Seattle, Washington. 

What is the accepted SAT score for applicants to W & L?

A 1350 SAT score is the minimum to be accepted at W & L. For the applicant to have a greater chance of being accepted, an applicant should target have an SAT score of 1400 and above. 

Are there only whites in W & L?

No, the management of Washington and Lee confirms that other races are students of the institution. The table below gives a good statistics of the various races in W & L:

White 79
Two or more races4
Unknown        1