How Long does a Private Student Loan take to Process?

To know how long does a private student loan take to process…read on this article…!

Private student loan process

I know that there is a long story behind why you decided to take out a loan. Deciding on an education loan isn’t easy. Most students quit reading in this situation. And you also need money so urgently. In meantimes Lots of relatives, friends, neighbors and most probably people rejected you when you asked for money to continue your further learnings.

How Long does a Private Student Loan take to Process?

What are the processes to optimize for taking a loan?

Before you apply for a private student loan process, you need to assure yourself that I am fit for the loan.

Don’t look about too much from a bank. Because the bank also has its terms and conditions to accept the loan request. 

They’ll try to qualify you as much as possible. If you want to get fit for the loan, you must be crossed with all their processes. 

  1. You must have Indian citizenship

This process you’ll overcome easily. A must-have a citizenship certified copy from a government organization as proof. 

  1. Strong Education Background

The bank authority will judge your academic qualification certificate. Is it enough to qualify for higher studies? If your number satisfies them, you will be good to go for the loan.

  1. Education for Technical or Professional purposes

Three are no banks that will provide you with a loan for formal higher education. A tech-oriented skills or professional services related education from a reputable organization is most probably an area where banks are interested in sanctioning a loan. Please ensure that from your financial aid officer. 

  1. Education is Job oriented or not

After completing the education, how many possibilities to get a job is also one of the most important algorithms before they get you the loan amount. They want to be sure after completing their education their income status will change or not. 

  1. Your age should be 18 or above

It’s also a basic criterion Before you apply for a loan your age should be 18 or above. 

Otherwise, your parents should have to apply to your endeavors.

  1. Creditworthy co-signer 

There should be one wealthy person who can take responsibility for being able to repay the loan amount in time. Co-signer’s roll present for several periods. If you don’t repay the loan, the co-signer will reliably determine you. 

If you’re facing difficulty finding a cosigner, don’t worry. There are many other procedures to secure your private student loan approval without adding a cosigner? 

Why you shouldn’t stop yourself from taking a loan 

“I don’t believe in taking the right decision. I take decisions and then make them right” – Ratan Tata

 Borrowing money for educational purposes by taking a loan isn’t an immature decision. Your every activity will always charge up after deciding to take the loan. It will change your lifestyle a lot.

Here are some reasons that you shouldn’t hold your hand to get a loan.

  1. It will teach you not to depend on anyone.
  2. Maturity does not come from experiences, it comes from your decision-making abilities.
  3. If we see a problem as a problem, there is no possible solution for it. If we see the problem as an opportunity it solves. 
  4. The situation doesn’t stay in your hand, how to handle the situation in your hands.
  5. It will teach you not to play safe because playing safe is the most common trap for youths.
  6. You will overcome an undone or half-done mentality (Procrastination).
  7. Growth hacking mindset that makes you a lifelong learner.

How to choose the best loan for students

In the modern era Taking a private student loan is not such an uncommon topic. Many students go for a student loan and secure their future. 

Before banks qualify you to qualify them and choose the best one. But before you apply for the loan application Choose the top 10 banks/organizations and calculate their basic criteria.

  1. Low-interest rates

Compare different platforms and Which bank provides a lower interest rate. Please search a little before you enrol in a loan. If you spend several days, It can save you money. 

  1. Length of  repayment

Does the bank give enough time for repaying the amount? Most banks are holding the repayment only one or two months after completing the education. It’s not enough for any kind of student. So check their loan repayment extension process if there are any difficult situations arising. 

  1. How long does it take

 It is the most asked question: how long does it take to get a private student’s loan?

It depends on different kinds of aspects. 

Several banks answer the question on their own. But It had taken at least 2 weeks to 10 weeks maximum after approval. 

There are two kinds of processes for transferring funds.

 1. For college funds, you will pay directly to the college by the bank itself. 

2. You will pay by yourself, after the loan sanction you will get the money from your bank account. You have to spend all the money yourself.

 It will be a more prominent solution for you. But there are also risk factors available. You can even spend your personal life’s purposes. 


Asking for a private student loan is very easy to acquire. But actually, the field is more different. Kinds of basic requirements are needed for processing before you apply for a loan.

A loan doesn’t come alone, it also invites all the correlated responsibility, results-oriented mindset, independence, challenges handling and lifelong learner.

 There are certain types of research you need to do and choose the best possible one that suits you. But keep in mind that your loan is accrued interest. And give you enough time to repay the loan amount. 

Frequently asked questions: 
  • How long would it take to approve?

Answer:  It depends on which bank you are choosing. It takes 2 to 3 weeks maximum.

  • Is it hard to get a private student loan?

Answer:  Every sweet smell is not so good for health or every bad taste isn’t bad for health. If you’re thinking of getting a loan and paying later then go for it. You can find many banks or organizations Who provided loans for many years.

  • Do banks give student loans? 

Answer:  Yes. Banks give student loans if you’re eligible for all criteria.