How do I qualify for a student discover card?

If you are a college student and having trouble financially then I would like to recommend you student discover card or discover it @student cash back card. Discover card is a credit card brand launched in the mid 80’s, it offers no annual fee and credit limit is higher than other credit card companies which make them way better than other credit cards. There are different types of discover credit cards in which the Discover it @student cash back card is one of them, made mainly for college students to use. In this article we shall see How do I qualify for a student discover card?

How do I qualify for a student discover card?

How do I qualify for a student discover card?

To be able to qualify for a student discover card is pretty simple, you have to be 18 years of age or older, you must be a U.S citizen with a nine digit social security number and must be a college student. Student cards are designed for college students it doesn’t matter whether you are an undergraduate, graduate school. You can also get approved for this card if you are a high school senior but you need to have your college enrollment letter in hand, so when they ask for verification you can show them your college enrollment letter to prove that you are soon going to become a college student. 

Why discover it @student cash back card?

Discover it @student cash back card offers many cash back rewards with no annual fee.

The benefits are as follows:

5% cash back on any purchases on your schooling year on different places like, this product gives you 5% cash back on different rolling categories that change each quarter throughout the year , in 2022 they are giving ,

5% cash back at grocery stores and fitness clubs for the first quarter, 5% cash back at gas stations and target at second quarter, third quarter is restaurants and PayPal , in the fourth quarter you will earn 5% cash back at and digital wallets. The maximum you can earn each quarter in cash back would be around $75 to $300 for the entire year.

If you go above the spending limits, you’re going to earn 1% unlimited cash back on everything else.

The best feature about the discover credit card is the unlimited dollar for dollar cash back match at the end of the first year for example, you earned $500 in cash back in your first year then discover will give you another $500 on top of that.

Discover it @student cash back card has an awesome U.S bases 24/7 customer care service, if you need anything or have a question than you can call the number on the back of your card.

Considering this is a free credit card, discover gives off pretty good benefits for their customers.

Types of discover it credit cards for students?

There are two types of discover it credit cards for students.

Discover it @student cash back card and discover it chrome for students, both of these cards are cash back cards. As we have already seen the benefits of discover it @student cash back let us talk about discover it chrome for students. Well firstly, discover it chrome for students has no annual fee, if we talk about its rewards then it is as follows:

  • Good grade rewards- If your GPA is 3.0 or higher than you will get $20 statement credit for the next 5 school years.
  • Earn 2% cash back- You can earn 2% cash back on gas stations, restaurants on up to $1000 in combined purchases each quarter. Plus, earn unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases automatically.
  • Cash back match- It automatically matches all the cash back you have earned at the end of your first year. There is no signing up and no limit to how much it will match.


If you already have an established credit history and multiple credit cards then I would not recommend you to this product because it is a beginner credit card, but if you are new to credit cards or building your credit history then discover it card is the best, it not only gives you a fast and free way to build your credit score and credit history but it also offers great cash back offers as well.


How do I maintain my credit score?

It is pretty easy to maintain your credit card score, you just need to know how to spend within your budget so that it will be easy for you to pay back on or before the due, keep doing that and automatically your credit score will keep increasing, if you don’t pay back the bare minimum on or before the due then you will have to face penalty for it and thus, lose your credit score.

What happens to my student credit card after graduation?

The company will let you keep the same benefits of the card as of the non student discover credit card but it will be converted to a non-student card. For example, you had Discover it @student cash back card it will be converted to discover it cash back card.