How Do I Become a Transfer Student At Stanford?

Attending Stanford University is the dream and heart wishes of many students. This article is enough to give well-detailed information to students who want to transfer to Stanford. Stanford is selective as regards admitting new intakes. However, aside from applying for the first year, one can become a Stanford student through transfer. But what are the needed requirements? 

To become a transfer student at Stanford, the student must make sure he/she is the perfect match for their eligibility requirements. Then the transfer student must provide Standford’s transfer admission requirements. Keep reading to know the transfer admission requirements.

How Do I Become a Transfer Student At Stanford?

Application Eligibility in Details

Before a student can think of proceeding to provide admission application requirements. Here are things they must have;

  • Completed transfer coursework. 
  • The student must have in possession certificates of completion of high school. 
  • A completed record of courses for college credits in a bachelor’s degree program or associate is necessary. Though completed coursework from technical, performance and vocational programs is a big NO.
  • The school exempts students with bachelor’s degree certificates from applying for transfer to Stanford. However, one can email them at gradadmissions@standford edu for more clarifications.
  • Having in possession a high school diploma and a GED or the state equivalent of a high school diploma is a must.

Application Requirements In Details

There’s no need to sugarcoat anything. Stanford is selective when admitting students. It’s the same for transfer students and first-year students. Out of 100 transfer applicants, there could only be one lucky student. 

This isn’t to scare any student. An aspiring student must believe that even if the school’s target is one student. They’d be the lucky student. 

1. Official Transcripts

The student must give two official transcripts. One must come from the high school they attended. While the second should be from the student’s current university, for more info, you can visit Stanford Official Transcript Requirements.

2. Your College Report

This differs from the official transcripts. This college report should contain all information as regards how the transfer student has been behaving in their college. Both academically and physically. 

So if as a student, you’ve been keeping unpleasant records, it’s high time to make restitution. Except you’re okay with your school providing a terrible report to Stanford.

3. Application Fee

Are you buoyant enough to afford $90 right now? The reason for the question is because that’s the non-refundable application fee every transfer student needs to pay. Aspiring students need to pay this fee before they can make it to the list of Stanford’s transfer students’ admission applicants.

4. Recommendation Letters

Don’t get worked up if the school requires recommendation letters. It’s necessary to provide them. As a fresh applicant and as a transfer student. 

As usual, they should come from the student’s college tutors. A smart student should ask teachers they have a good relationship with, who understands them.

5. Get Good GPA, SAT, And ACT scores

Sure, everyone knows having a good academic record is the number one way to stand a chance. Before Stanford will take a second look at a transfer student’s application form, they must have a GPA of 3.5 and above.

It isn’t necessary to provide SAT and ACT marks. However, if you’ve written these tests and you have good scores, please add them to your application right away.

Alongside GPA, SAT or ACT scores, is the student’s credit score. Yes! Stanford University is interested in the aspirant credit score marks.

The least credit score the school can accept is 90. Hence any student serious about Standford should send a credit score higher than 90. 

6. Common Application or Coalition Application Plus Essays

The common application, coalition application, and essays are necessary. This is because they give the student the privilege to have something close to one on one communication with the school. 

Where a student can be honest and tell them their reasons and their goals to become the best. And make the school proud during their stay. 

Answering essay prompts is a must, nevertheless, the school provides options to choose between coalition applications or common applications. They’re pretty much the same.

7. Extracurriculars

This means a record of the aspiring student’s talent exhibitions or any extracurricular they’ve engaged in that earned them some honors. This is optional, so don’t get worked up if you’ve got nothing.


Here you go with every important information needed. Regarding applying to the prestigious Stanford University as a transfer student. Further questions or worries? visit Stanford university admissions requirements for transfer students.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can a community student apply for a transfer to Stanford?

Yes, the application to enroll as a transfer student is open to students from schools across the globe. 

2. Do Stanford University consider dual enrollment for transfer students?

No, the best thing to do in this case is to apply for a first-year program instead.

3. Is Transfer Credit Acceptable at Stanford University?

Yes, it’s acceptable. The transfer student can request and opt for completed coursework for the university level outside Stanford University.