How bad is a 800 SAT score? 

Having a very low SAT score can be demoralizing as well as discouraging. It can knock one off an academic scaffold and instill disbelief in one’s academic ability. This is because of the competition involved in getting admission. Getting an 800 SAT score isn’t considered a crime and such a score might be good enough if there is a massive fall in performance for standardized tests for a given year.  Here we will see about How bad is a 800 SAT score? 

However, there’s always a smart aleck or group of smart alecks that will perform very high. So candidates are left asking a lot of questions, wanting to know the chance they have in getting admission with an SAT score of 800.

Based on the competition involved, an SAT score of 800 is unlikely to get one into one of the highly-ranked universities. This is because a lot of students above such a score are more than 92%. And more than 50% of 92% who settle for less competitive universities are still unlikely to get in. Therefore admission becomes tough with an SAT score of 800.

How bad is a 800 SAT score? 

Analyzing Sat Score Range

SAT is a Standardized test which means the Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is organized by the college board to test students’ mental abilities on an equal scale. 

SAT scores range from 400 to 1600. This means that a candidate can not go below 400 and cannot go above 1600.

Normally, there are 20 subjects on SAT, but the College board grouped them into 5 major categories:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • History 
  • Languages

A candidate is supposed to get a significant score in each subject category which determines his or her total score. However, the College Board had announced that it is not possible to take the SAT subject test, which means that the grouping of the tests into 20 or 21 different subjects has been stopped. Regardless, the score range remains the same, and the sections of quantitative reasoning which is Math still apply. Also included is the Evidence-Based Reading and writing section.  

If one is to analyze the SAT score range, it would be grouped into 5:

  • 400 – 600
  • 601 – 1000
  • 1001 – 1200
  • 1201 – 1499
  • 1500 – 1600

A candidate getting a 400 – 600 will likely not get into College. This however is dependent on the College’s admission requirement and the general performance of students who applied that year.

Scoring between 601 and 1000 will likely get a candidate into one of the colleges with a high acceptance rate. The score is considered low and not competitive enough to get a candidate into a highly rated university.

1001 – 1200 will probably get a candidate into colleges that although not very competitive, fall within the category of mid-range schools. 

A score of 1201 – 1400 might get a candidate into a highly rated university or college. This however is backed by a lot of factors that might influence such a student being admitted. Factors like GPA, Recommendation letters, College Essays, etc.

Having a score between 1500 – 1600 is simply reserved for the best. Candidates who fall within this score range apply for schools like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, etc. 

Universities that accept 800 SAT score 

These are the list of Colleges that accept 800 SAT scores:

  1. Morgan state university (average composite SAT score of between 700 and 750)
  2. Albany State University (average composite SAT score of between 800 and 850)
  3. Lincoln College  (average composite SAT score of between 800 and 850)
  4. Central State University (average composite SAT score of between 850 and 890)
  5. Wheelock college (average composite SAT score of between 840 and 890)
  6. The University of North Texas, Dallas (average composite SAT score of between 860 and 899)
  7. Rust College (average composite SAT score of between 750 and 800)
  8. Pine Manor College (average composite SAT score of between 740 and 780)
  9. Rogers State University (average composite SAT score of between 790 and 840)
  10. Virginia Union University (average composite SAT score of between 820 and 870)
  11. Lane College (average composite SAT score of between 800 and 850)
  12. Central Penn College (average composite SAT score of between 760 and 790) 

These scores above are strictly dependent on the general performance of applicants, therefore are subject to change.

How to improve one’s SAT score

A candidate who wants to improve his or her SAT score must engage in the following:

  1. Candidates must set target scores for themselves. This will help them to work and prepare to aim for a specific score. It is always advisable to aim very high than midrange. This is because aiming high will make one put more time into studying.
  1. Practice SAT. Candidates must ensure they consistently and daily practice for the SAT. Practicing for the SAT will adjust the mind to possible SAT questions.
  1. Read Read Read as well as write. Candidates should ensure that they are always reading. Believing in hard work is never a waste of faith.
  1. Take the test, if not successful take it again. There’s no harm in trying a second time. Success is built over time. 

In conclusion, having an 800 SAT doesn’t mean one’s future is over. It could be a delay in getting admission to a top university, but there’s no harm in trying again. Just have a winning mentality and give it a try another time. But if one is in a hurry, many schools will gladly grant admission. At the end of the day, no fuss and no worries. Everything’s intact.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the highest SAT score ever recorded?

1600 out of 1600, recorded by Hari Sowrirajan during the November SAT examination in 2016. From reports, Arnav Chopra is also said to have achieved such extraordinary feet.

  1. What is a good SAT score?

A score that would get one into any College despite the heated competition. Between 1500 and 1600. However, a 1200 plus isn’t considered bad.