Did Dior Walker Get A Scholarship?

The Laney College “Last Chance You” Dior Walker Scott has been on the news for a while now, this is regarding his recent scholarship. It’s no new tale of Scott’s efforts in the Netflix series, of how hardworking he was, and how he put in his best despite the hardship that he was facing during that period.

Truly, his efforts paid off and in February, the news about his scholarship was announced, this brought joy Into the hearts of many, not just Scott alone. Because he had been going through some tough times but now it seems like the heavens have finally decided to smile on him. He got his breakthrough.

Did Dior Walker Get A Scholarship?

Who Is Dior Scott Walker?

Dior is a footballer, he is so passionate about his football career. It hasn’t been a very easy ride for Dior though, he has tried to rise above his countless hardship issues and finally make a name for himself in the world of football. He plays from the WRP(wide receiver position) and he is from Laney College. Scott might be around 21 or 25, he might as well be less or more but no one is certain as of yet. 

What Is The Last Chance You Series All About?

The last chance series is a series on Netflix, which reveals what football is, it talks about the football teams. It began in the year 2016 on 29th July. It is still showing now, Scott Walker happens to be one of the participants in this documentary. He is about 5 to 9 inches in height and weighs up to 79kg, as earlier stated Scott is still trying to make a career for himself in the world of football. Dior was studying in Oakland before leaving it for Arkansas and later ended up in Laney College. He is an American and was born in the United States of America. However, his football career didn’t start at Laney College, it started at Oakland college. Scott is still struggling as a footballer though. 

Does Scott Have A Life Outside Football?

Yes, he does. Scott loves his family so much, his dad particularly is very much supportive and contributive to his football career. Dior has 4 siblings.

When Did The Netflix Series Start?

 The time the college turned up in the Netflix series, which is “Last Chance You”, everyone was so excited and happy. This was just the right platform to reveal how much support and care the coaches and administration had for their students. This was also the right platform to broadcast the theme of Coach John Beam’s programs for the football students. While the documentary was ongoing, there it began, how the tales of some of the participants began to stand out from the rest and that was how the story of Dior Scott Walker came into the picture. During that period, Dior was just working in a simple fast food restaurant. He was known to have been sleeping in his car. Scott had worked hard to attain the Division One Football Scholarship Program. Dior was very happy about his scholarship. And his story is a very inspiring and encouraging one

What Are Scott’s Achievements?

Though Scott had been encountering many challenges, he had some major wins.

In The Eagles Game, Scott helped his teammates on the field, He helped Laney College To Win In The National Championship In 2018. Then in the year 2019, he was chosen as one of the participants in the 2019 Bay 6 Conference. He was included in the team. He had about 40 passes, and 4 touchdowns as a wide receiver. 

He also got a space in the University Of Hawaii’s Football TimeTable. He played about 8 games while he was with the Rainbow Warriors. He was the group’s punt returner while in the second half of the game.

He played four games in 2021. He has made impressive records for a young boy struggling with his dreams.

What Is The Netflix Series All About?

The series talks about a football program at the East Mississippi Community College. This series includes many college athletes that have had it rough while growing up, and who are trying to find their feet and make their careers. This is a Netflix series and an American documentary, the college student footballers will have to play at the Junior College Level, this will be a platform where they get to prove their abilities and be able to get back to their Division. Their coach Buddy Stephen is the one leading the collegiates.


Dior’s story teaches us that no matter the dream if we keep up the effort and believe we’ll get results. Sometimes it may look like you are starting small but just keep believing and working hard.