Can Only Students Use the Student Universe?

The Student Universe is one of the Online Travel Agencies that offers to cater to students and other people in online booking of flights. While many students enroll on the Student Universe website, other people can also sign for flights through the Student Universe online website agency. So, to answer the question, can only students use Student Universe? This article will provide every detail to conclude. Let’s see Can Only Students Use the Student Universe?

Can Only Students Use the Student Universe?

Information on Qualification to the Student Universe

Everyone aged 15 years and above has the qualifies to buy a ticket from the Student Universe. However, the set strict consideration of age limit, 15 years old, is the only way for one to get approval for the terms of principle from the Student Universe website. Thus, one needs to consider the age when buying or booking the ticket. 

The Student Universe is a big platform with such third-party providers, including administrators, inns, aircraft, etc. The providers have the power from the platform to set their customized basics for the items so that about one’s age or record type, one may not qualify for everything.

To check if somebody has approved qualification, they may join or sign in. after that, the platform management may show any problems or issues from qualification basics that may arise from applying the ticket to the platform.

Joining the Student Universe  

For everyone wishing to join the Student Universe platform, only the age range might make one ineligible. But if one qualifies regarding the benefits of the website, it is easy to join by signing up for the website. 

It may not be easy for the students under the Prime Student part to join the Student Universe. But for this case, it is as simple as signing in with one’s Prime Student account. Moreover, it is not required to sign up again from the Student Universe website. Therefore, joining with a Prime Students account is also easy and agreeable from the platform. 

Possibility of Pursuing Prime Student through the Student Universe 

It is possible to pursue a Prime Student on the Student Universe website. All one needs is to go to the website’s page on Amazon and sign in or follow a six-month preliminary to benefit from the Student Universe. 

Consequently, the Student Universe account is easily associated with one’s Prime Student account. I assume that one uses an email address related to both websites’ statements.

With any means that an individual wants to join the Prime Student, but with no Student Universe account, the Prime Student platform will enable one to make.

How to Use the Prime Student record to Get More Limits for Those on Student Universe Part

Since the whole part of the Student Universe is to enable its members to enjoy low deals on flight tickets, having more benefits regarding the same is valuable. Therefore, there are many more benefits when one has the Student Universe account and the Prime Student account. 

To use the Prime Student record to get more limits on available benefits, one has to head over to the websites page on Amazon, where they can sign in or pursue a 6-month beginning to Prime Student. 

Moreover, after gaining more practical limits, it is also easy to approach every one of the outstanding limits and other promotion codes one is comfortable with and beforehand made to see, along with other more significant limits with such a Prime Student.

Website Information

Some people might decide to assume that they may have joined the Student Universe previously. When one signs in or make an effort to join, they have an opportunity since the website would confirm that one’s email has attached to the Student Universe participation.

As for the Student Universe website, important information is necessary since any left information will render one an invalid client while entering any MasterCard information. Therefore, the confirmation sequence is constant for many clients and is nothing one would need to stress over.

When applying for or buying a flight ticket, one must pay for it in the Student Universe website account. But since anyone who has the benefits qualifies to have such a Student Universe account and gain benefits, the website is flexible in its hardcopy currency.

The default payment currency on the site is USD. However, relying on the commodity one purchases from the vast website, the third-party provider may resolve (toll the owner’s MasterCard) with another alternative cash.

Otherwise, assuming that the item in the purchase is something other than one in the default currency for the website, the site will message the applicant as required.

In addition, other Visa associations and some banks may charge Exotic Transaction Fee as charges in alternate cash.


To conclude, it is not only students that can use the Student Universe. It is possible for everyone who coincides with the platform’s requirements to join and use the Student Universe company and acquire its benefits, including cheap air tickets.

Is Student Universe Legitimate?

Yes. The IATA accredits the student universe since it is reliable and trustworthy. It is also the global leading booking site for students.

Does Student Universe ascertain Student status? 

The student universe has the power to check a student’s details before issuing the tickets. It also includes additional documentation.

Can no students book with the student universe? 

Yes, the student universe also offers tickets to young youths around 18 to 28 years old.