Best Writing Scholarships For High School Students

Education is a powerful tool that is necessary for everyone. But, passing through high school, college or university requires a lot of money. It can be difficult to pay tuition fees, utility, and feeding bills all at the same time. However, if you enjoy writing and expressing yourself, you may just write a winning essay for a writing scholarship. Let us know Best Writing Scholarships For High School Students.

Best Writing Scholarships For High School Students

These writing scholarships are competitions that award high school students with grants or scholarships in creative writing or academic writing

Writing scholarships may require students to submit an argumentative essay, a personal essay, poem, or other pieces of writing. These scholarships are known to propel students into careers like journalism, story writing, and technical writing. Hence, having a list of the best writing scholarships is essential for all high school students.

Writing and Essay Scholarships For High School Students

Writing scholarships can offer prizes from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of others, publishing opportunities, and even fellowships. Participating in as many of these contests will improve your writing skills and your chances of winning a prestigious prize. Here are some of the top writing scholarships for high school students. 

Rover Scholarship

This scholarship is for interested high school students who are in their graduation year. Rover scholarships can ask for critical, thoughtful, or academic essays. Every year they award $2,500 to the piece having the soundest grasp of the topic. College students are also eligible for this award.

Richard G. Zimmerman Journalism Scholarship

This scholarship of $5,000 is awarded by the National Press Club in Washington, DC. It is a community of journalists and media professionals that are looking to help high school seniors that want to study journalism. It is organized in honor of a member, Richard Zimmerman, who died in 1908.

The Scholarship for Journalism Diversity Honoring School

This scholarship awarded is also organized by the National Press Club(Journalism Institute). It also has similar requirements as the Richard Zimmerman Award. Graduating high school students who want to become journalists and are going to college soon can apply. It awards a $5000 prize to the winner; the winner can also renew the prize money for three extra years towards educational expenses. 

This means that over the course of a 4-year undergraduate degree, the winner will have a total of $20,000.

EngineerGirl Writing Contest

This essay competition is open to elementary, middle, or high school students with a flair for engineering careers. The contest aims to encourage young girls to pursue careers in engineering. Participants are asked to submit a 650-word essay on a given topic and stand to win up to $500.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

These scholarships are eligible for high school students in the U.S and Canada from ages 13 and grades 7 to 12. There are over 25 categories for eligible participants to select from. Students can win prizes from $500 to $10,000. 

The JASNA Essay contest

You must be enrolled in high school at least_to apply for this scholarship. Participants are required to submit an essay that analyses an essential aspect of one of Jane Austen’s novels. Prizes range from $250 to $1000 for the nine finalists. The Jane Austen Society of North America organizes this contest.

Writer’s Digest Pop Fiction Awards

High school students at all levels are required to submit a short story of 4,000 words or less across romance, mystery, horror, suspense, science fiction, or young adult genres. The winning novel attracts a $2,500 prize with other rewards.

Regions Riding Forward Scholarships

:High school students are required to submit an essay of 500 words or fewer or a 3-minute video of a Black American who has motivated them in some way. This competition aims to remember and honor the stories of Black-American heroes. The competition awards $5000 scholarships to 15 written essay submissions by high school students. It also entertains sophomore and junior college student submissions.

YoungArts’ National Arts Writing Competition

This competition is strictly for high school students in grades 10 to 12 or between ages 15 to 18. The competition accepts creative writing across five categories, including drama, poetry, short story, non-fiction, and spoken word. Students stand to win prizes from $10,000 to $1,000. 

Altec Design Web Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to high school students who are preparing to get into college soon. It requires applicants to submit a 1000-word essay on topics concerning digital technology and the internet. The top piece receives a sum of $750.

Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship

High school students are required to write essays on topics related to cyberbullying and how to get rid of it. Multiple winners will be awarded $1,000; essays are judged on creativity, passion, and credible content. 

Goi Peace Foundation Essay Competition

This contest is for young people at all education levels up to 25 years of age. The foundation requires participants to submit 700-word essays on topics that center around promoting peace in society. The winning entries get between $840 to $420 in addition to certificates, consolation gifts, and honorable mentions. 

Voice of Democracy Scholarships

In 1947, the Voice of Democracy Audio-Essay Scholarship Program was set up by the veterans of foreign wars organization. Every year, the association awards US$2 million in educational scholarship awards to high school students in Grades 9 – 12. 

 All winners from each state will get at least $1,000 in scholarships, while the national winner will be awarded a $30,000 scholarship for their college or university students.

Patriot’s Pen Scholarship

This scholarship is also organized by the VFW. Students in grades 6 to 8 can win between $500 to $5000 in scholarships. Contestants are required to submit an essay between 300 to 400 words on a particular theme. 

 The contest is held on a state and national level across America; the themes are meant to get young people interested in America’s history. Essays are judged on originality, straightforward content, and delivery.

A Helping Hand Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the scholarship website ‘Scholarships360’. It is open to high school scholars who want to continue their education in college, university, or technical studies. College and graduate students can also use it. The person who writes the best essay receives a $500 prize.

Making Waves Scholarship for Women

This is another scholarship offered by the scholarship website ‘Scholarships360’. It is open to women at all education levels, including high school seniors, college, and graduate students. Applicants are required to submit an essay expressing their financial need, and the winning piece is awarded $500.  

Tocris Scholarships

The organizer, Tocris, offers a $1,500 prize to the 500-word winning essays on a given topic. The scholarship is given out twice a year to graduating high school students. The scholarship is an excellent chance to see how well you can write. 

Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarships

This scholarship is open to all students at all academic levels. As a high school student, you are required to submit a 250-word essay on a given theme or topic; because of the short word count, it is pretty simple to write. However, you must be clear, concise, and passionate. 

The Anthem Essay Contest

This scholarship award is one of the three awards by the Ayn  Rand Institute. The scholarships are named after three novels authored by Ayn Rand. The Anthem Scholarship allows high school students from grades 8 to 12 to apply. 

Students are required to write a 600-1200 words essay on one of three topics based on the ‘Anthem’ novel. The winning essays receive from $2,000 to $25. The first place winner receives $2,000, the first and second runners-up receive $500 and $100 respectively, while the finalists and semi-finalists receive $50 and $25 respectively. 

The Atlas Shrugged Scholarship

This is another scholarship award from the Ayn  Rand Institute. The Atlas Shrugged Scholarship allows high school seniors, undergraduates, and even graduate students across the world to apply. Students are required to write an 800-1600 words essay on one of three topics based on the “Atlas Shrugged” novel. 

The winning essays receive from $10,000 to $50. The first place winner receives $10,000, the first and second runners-up receive $2500 and $500 respectively, while the finalists and semi-finalists receive $100 and $50 respectively.

The Fountainhead Scholarship

This scholarship award offered by the  Ayn  Rand Institute is based on the ‘Fountainhead’ Novel by Ayn Rand. The Fountainhead Essay contest allows high school students in grades 11 and 12 across the world to apply. Participants are required to submit an 800-1600 words essay on one of three topics derived from the ‘Fountainhead’ novel. 

The winning essays receive from $5,000 to $25. The first place winner receives $5,000, the first and second runners-up receive $1250 and $250 respectively, while the finalists and semi-finalists receive $100 and $25 respectively. 

All writing scholarships offered by the Ayn Rand Institute are judged based on the participants’ understanding of the themes discussed in the books.

The Antonia Scholarship

This writing scholarship aims to support students who want to pursue  English or History majors. It is open to graduating high school seniors in the United States. The $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a student that shows the highest creative promise and character. It is a yearly award offered by the Willa Cather Center. 

Chairish Design Your Future Scholarship

Chairish offers a $2,500 prize to the participant with the best essay about their dream and motivations. Students in their last year of high school, as well as college and university students, can apply. However, students that hail from cultural minorities and those pursuing engineering and design-related fields will be preferred.

PixedPlex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarship

High school seniors who intend to study STEM or economic and business majors are eligible for this award. Every year, a $2,000 scholarship is given to a U.S student at a high school or college that writes an essay on how technology can solve industry issues. 

Annual University Scholarship

This scholarship award is offered by Antibodies-online incorporated. Two times a year, a $1,000 award is given to high school seniors, undergraduate or graduate students who are studying in or planning to study in a Life-science field. Students only need to fill out an online application and fill in some information about their motivation for learning in a Life science-related field. 

 ServiceScape Scholarship

ServiceScape is a professional freelancing service that connects customers to experienced experts. This organization offers $1,000 to an applicant with the most reflective essay. 

Essay topics are usually based on thoughtful themes about literature and writing. You can apply as a final year high school student or a student in university.


There are many rewards for expressing yourself in writing, and these writing scholarships are one of them. However, to achieve these rewards, you must work hard and put your best into any piece of writing that is required. Writing skills are not only valuable for winning scholarships but also for your graduate or professional life and career.


What if I don’t win the writing scholarship? 

Writing never goes to waste. If you weren’t selected for an award in a particular contest, you should use the experience you got in another competition. You should improve your writing skills, and then you could apply for fellowships or go into freelance.

How can I win a writing scholarship? 

The organizers of contests may have different grading systems, so there may not be a direct way to follow them. Nevertheless, below are some of the most practical approaches:

  • Follow the rules of the competition
  • Avoid grammar errors
  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Do not veer off the topic/theme
  • Do your research
  • Use your unique writing skills and analysis.

What can I do if I don’t send in my essay by the deadline?

Writing scholarships are as strict or even stricter than your college assignments. If you miss the deadline for submission, you may not be considered. Following the rules of the contest are essential to your success. So, it is vital to start planning your essay weeks before the deadline. 

I applied for a writing scholarship, but I have not gotten feedback? 

If your submission has been received, you may receive an email confirmation. But that doesn’t always happen; some event organizers might not send those. Also, some organizers may not be able to contact all participants when the contest results are released. So, only winners may be contacted.