Sororities at Emmaus Bible College


Emmaus Bible College is a place of academic and spiritual growth, where students come to learn and grow in their faith. Among the various activities and organizations that thrive on campus, sororities hold a special place. These sisterhoods provide a sense of belonging, support, and friendship that enriches the college experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of sororities at Emmaus Bible College, taking a closer look at their history, values, and impact on campus life.

Sororities at Emmaus Bible College

The Origin of Sororities at Emmaus Bible College

Sororities have been an integral part of Emmaus Bible College’s campus life for decades, providing female students with a unique opportunity to form strong bonds of friendship and sisterhood. The history of sororities at Emmaus dates back to the early days of the college, when a group of female students decided to form a social club called the “Girls’ Club.” This group met regularly to plan social events and to support one another in their spiritual growth.

Over time, the Girls’ Club evolved into a formal sorority, known today as Sigma Phi Delta. This sorority is still active on campus, and continues to uphold the values of sisterhood, service, and leadership that have defined it since its inception. Today, there are several other sororities on campus, each with its unique history and mission.

The Values of Sororities at Emmaus Bible College

At their core, sororities at Emmaus Bible College are grounded in Christian values and principles. These values guide everything that sororities do, from their social events to their service projects. One of the primary values of sororities at Emmaus is sisterhood. Members of sororities see each other as sisters in Christ, and are committed to supporting one another in their academic, spiritual, and personal lives.

Another important value of sororities at Emmaus is service. Sororities regularly plan and participate in service projects, both on campus and in the broader community. These projects are often focused on meeting the needs of others, and can range from volunteering at a local food bank to organizing a fundraiser for a charity.

Finally, leadership is also an important value of sororities at Emmaus. Members are encouraged to take on leadership roles within their sorority and on campus, using their skills and talents to make a positive impact on the world around them.

The Impact of Sororities on Campus Life

Sororities play a significant role in the social and cultural life of Emmaus Bible College. They provide female students with a sense of community and belonging, and offer a range of activities and events that contribute to the vibrant campus culture. Sororities also offer opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, helping members to develop leadership skills and deepen their faith.

One of the most visible ways that sororities impact campus life is through their social events. Sororities regularly plan and host events like formal dances, game nights, and movie screenings, which provide students with a fun and engaging way to connect with one another. These events are also an important way for sororities to raise funds for their service projects and charitable causes.

In addition to their social events, sororities at Emmaus also have a significant impact on the broader community. Through their service projects and outreach efforts, sororities are able to make a positive difference in the lives of those around them. These efforts are a testament to the values and principles that sororities at Emmaus are built upon, and they serve as an inspiration to others to get involved and make a difference in their own communities.


In conclusion, sororities at Emmaus Bible College are much more than social clubs. They are sisterhoods founded on Christian values, committed to service, leadership, and personal growth. Sororities offer a unique opportunity for female students to form deep and lasting friendships, to make a positive impact on their community, and to grow in their faith. Whether through social events, service projects, or leadership opportunities, sororities at Emmaus Bible College are a testament to the power of community and the impact that a group of dedicated individuals can make.